As we leave history behind us and advance into the future, Cuba is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination. But it’s not the sort of country you should visit unprepared. Check out everything you need to know about visiting Cuba below.

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The Must-See Destinations In Cuba

The most obvious destination that you have to visit while in Cuba is Havana. Be sure to check out the stunning historical architecture, as well as the Cathedral Havana, Castillo el Morro, and the Malecón esplanade.The Viñales Valley is also a must-see, boasting plenty of opportunities for hiking and biking is the pristine farmland. Here, you’ll find tobacco fields, a Cuban dance club, and an organic farm.Another must-visit destination in Cuba is the coastal town of Cienfuegos. The charming locality offers a collection of art galleries and a world-famous bay.NEXT: 10 Best Adults Only All-Inclusive Resorts In Cuba