It shouldn’t be up to women to go to extreme lengths to protect themselves from attackers. The onus should fall on society to change the harmful attitudes towards women that currently make travel—something that we all have a right to enjoy—more dangerous for women than it is for men.

Women shouldn’t have to take more precautions than men, but sadly, this is often necessary when it comes to solo travel. While we continue to work hard to challenge sexism and fight for women’s rights, women still have to be extra mindful of their surroundings and committed to protecting themselves.


Safety Basics For Solo Female Travel

The Safest Destinations To Visit As A Solo Female Traveler

The Destinations To Be Especially Careful In

Being female shouldn’t keep you from traveling to any country. But there are some destinations where solo women are sadly at a high risk of being targeted. According to Insider , South Africa is the most dangerous country for a woman to visit alone due to the street harassment that women face, the intentional homicide of women, and non-partner sexual violence.Other countries that solo female travelers should be especially careful in include Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Morocco, India, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.NEXT: Tips For Female Backpackers Who Are About To Travel Solo