The Seychelles is one of the most idyllic and stunning island nations of the Indian Ocean. They are made up of 115 tropical islands and are a paradise that is often overlooked. If one is looking for an exotic tropical island destination famous for its stable government and laidback environment look no further. They are one of the greatest paradises for relaxation.

The Seychelles are stunning and unspoiled with stunning beaches, virgin jungles, thriving corals, and more. The islands themselves are the peaks of a vast underwater plateau in the Indian Ocean. The Seychelles is notoriously expensive, but there are some tips on how to visit on a budget.


What To Know About The Seychelles

Seychelles is unusual in that it was uninhabited before the arrival of the Europeans in the 16th century. For many years the French and British interests jockeyed for influence with it eventually coming under full British control after the Napoleon Wars. Today Seychelles is a high-income economy and a magnet for tourists around the world.

  • Independence: 29 June 1976 (From Britain)

The Seycelles is around 1,500 kilometers or 800 nautical miles off the coast of Africa and is one of the world's least populated countries with a population of less than 100,000. Their capital is Victoria which their tourism website terms the "world's tiniest capital."

  • Population: 98,000
  • Capital: Victoria
  • Official Languages: French, British, and Seychellios (Crerole)

The neighboring island countries are Mauritius, Comoros, Madagascar, and the French overseas regions of Mayotte and Reunion.

The Seychelles have a high level of endemism and have allocated 42% of its territory for conservation. Like many other formerly isolated islands (like Hawaii) the islands have seen a loss of biodiversity after the arrival of humans. Most of the giant tortoises have disappeared from the islands.

  • Conservation: Around 42% of the Country's Territory Is Protected

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What To Do In The Seychelles

The largest island in the Seychelles is Mahé which is also the point of entry into the country. On this island one will find world-class resorts, great restaurants, and fabulous beaches. It is also the busiest island but if one would like to visit other islands, consider visit Praslin and La Digue a short boat ride away or other lost-world islands further out.

  • Tip: Explore Forgotten Further Out Islands

Popular activities in the Seychelles include hiking the mountain trails, sunbathing on the beaches, rock climbing, diving, snorkeling, sailing, surfing, and enjoying the mouthwatering Creole cuisine - all the typical tropical island paradise attractions.

If one is into fishing, the Seychelles boasts some of the richest fishing grounds in the world. One can find exclusive fishing lodges on Alphonse Island and Farquhar Atoll.

The islands a very small so be sure to plan one's trip before one goes. list all the island's accommodation, attractions, and tours. Be careful that the island's don't effectively book out!

The Seychellois Culture

"The Seychellois are a colourful and harmonious blend of different nationalities from across the globe, all of whom have brought something of their own customs and cultures to create a well-integrated, harmonious and vibrant modern island state with a distinct culture enriched from many continents."the Seychelles Islands

The culture of the islands is an electric mix of French, British, and African influences together with Chinese and Indian influences. The population is mostly of African heritage that came over to work on the plantations on the islands.

The official languages are English, French, and their Creole-derived language Seychellois. Seychellois is an adaptation of 17th-century French with a range of words and expressions coming from African languages and Malagasises. It functioned as the lingua franca of the islands. Today one can find Creole music, dance, literature, and poetry.

The gastronomy of the islands is a fusion of cultures and offers innovations on French cuisine as well as the piquant flavors and exotic culinary combinations of the East.

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Visa Requirments For The Seychelles

Visa requirements are very straightforward for the islands. No visas are required to enter the Seychelles regardless of one's nationality. But one must have a return flight, proof of accommodation for at least three nights, and sufficient funds for one's length of stay.

If one is planning to visit the islands, be sure to budget ahead as they are not the cheapest option in the Indian Ocean. Upon entry, one will be issued a three-month-long Visitor's Permit.

  • Visa: No Visa Required
  • Visitor Permit: Valid For three Months