Mexico has some of the most beautiful waters in the world. From beaches to hot springs, it boasts its natural wonders which draw tourists every year. The hot springs in Mexico are due to natural occurrences and have been preserved by the communities and locals. The hot springs look ancient, and they sure offer adventures never before experienced. Here are things that tourists should know about the hidden springs and some of the best ones in Mexico.

10 Geothermally Maintained

Hots springs are generally due to geothermal activities underground. In Mexico, this is due to the surrounding presence of volcanic mountains that heat up the water around it. The water comes out hot because of the activity between groundwater, rock, and magma. These mineral-infused waters are proven to improve general health by eliminating toxins, relieving stress, improving skin conditions, and helping blood circulation. Some of these hot springs in Mexico are hanging on the side of the cliff like waterfalls or composed of layers of the spring pool.

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9 There Are Unique Kinds Of Hot Springs

Hot springs are usually characterized as pools of various sizes. Although hot spring pools are the most popular hot springs in Mexico, there are definitely more than this kind. There are waterfall hot springs, under caves, on the side of cliffs, and underground. These hot springs can be found in various locations in Mexico, which means, tourists can choose which one suits their kind of adventure of a tour around the country to witness all of them.

8 Where To Stay

Choosing the best hot spring adventure varies from family to single travelers. Hence, where to stay depends on which hot spring location is chosen. Each of these hot springs offers accommodations from the simplest to the grandest. Hot springs in these areas are particularly not that hard to reach if accommodations are a ride away. Another alternative is spending the night in tents.

7 El Gaiser, Tecozautla

Overlooking forests and mountains, El Gaiser in Tecozaulta might have one of the best views that tourists can enjoy while relaxingly soaked in warm water. This particular hot spring location is in between a public swimming pool and a water park with multiple pools of different sizes. They also have additional activities tourists can enjoy like slides, motels, a barbeque area, a zipline, and more. El Gaiser also boasts the world’s biggest volcanic vent which spews steam 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Other amenities like a communal pool, children’s sections, beauty treatments, and spa are also available for all tourists.

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6 Las Grutas Hot Springs Tolantongo

Hidalgo hot springs have one of the most unique forms. It is not the typically hot spring pool because it is built into the side of a cliff. Hence, every group of tourists can enjoy a pool on their own. These pools are heated through a never-ending supply from the hot spring stunning river. It is hidden in the forest of San, Cristobal Colon. It is also perfect for nature lovers who want to indulge in nature adventures rather than just dipping in the pool. The place is definitely open for all for a stay depending on their own preference.

5 Agua Blanca

Unlike other hot spring destinations, this resort gets few tourists every year. Hence, the community around Agua Blanca resort has managed it well despite the few numbers. Although Agua Blanca is just as beautiful as any other hot spring. The water here could get as warm as 90 degrees and if tourists find pools a little boring, the resort has waterfalls that offer nature adventures to anyone who seeks the challenge. Tourists can also enjoy the zipline, the animal farms, and many more.

4 Hierve El Agua, Oaxaca

Hierve El Agua has the most stunning view of mountain ridges and an exhilarating experience from dipping on the side of the cliff. Although hierve means boiling in Spanish, the water is not actually boiling but just heavily carbonated. This water reservoir was used to supply water to neighboring valleys of Oaxaca until it was abandoned in the 1300s. It is totally safe for swimming and tourists can hike to check out the grand and small waterfalls on the sides of the cliff pushed through the karstic limestone. This destination gets pretty crowded, hence, tourists might want to consider dates and peak seasons.

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3 Los Azufres, Michoacan

Located in the middle of the forest of San Andres, Los Azufres boasts a waterpark that is perfect for nature lovers and adventurous tourists. It has an elongated pool and nice small cottages with built-in grills perfect for cook-outs. Its sulfurous water is proven to have healing properties, especially for skin conditions. It has both natural and artificial pools to choose from depending on which suits best for the visitors. Since the place is in the middle of the forest, it is quite tranquil and away from the buzzing noise from the city.

2 Balneario El Carrizal, Veracruz

On the shores of the Fish River of Apazapan, is where the tourist magnet El Carrizal is located. It is an aquatic park that features its hot springs with sulfurous water which can reach up to 39 degrees celsius. Other than the thermal water, the resort has a spa that extends every visitor’s relaxation for as long as they like. Get a taste of Mexican cuisines at the resort’s restaurant and comfort in hotel carrizal. Admission starts at $75 and children below 2 years are free.

1 Ojo Caliente, Aguascalientes

Aguascalientes was named after the abundance of thermal waters in the area. Just 15 minutes away from the city proper, tourists can reach the Ojo Caliente hot springs. It is surrounded by rocky mountains which gives the perfect orange hue to the view. They have a spa that uses natural remedies to improve skin conditions. Tourists would not need to worry about the accommodations because Ojo has Mexican-styled rooms that add ambiance to the Mexican adventure.

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