Greece is endowed with interesting history, charming scenery, and rich culture. Many people visit to explore some of the worldโ€™s most famous attractions such as the Acropolis and Parthenon as well as beautiful destinations like Santorini but its rich culture is also one of the interesting things to know about this island. Like any other country in the world, it is beneficial to learn about the culture before visiting to connect more with the locals and also avoid awkward situations. Without further ado, here are some of the things to know about Greek culture before visiting the historic country.

10 Be Prepared To Haggle

Things can get expensive in Greece no doubt but in some cases, itโ€™s just the seller trying to rip off the buyer and it's in these cases that the skill of bargaining comes in handy. Do not be afraid of throwing in a price lower than the one given by the seller as it often leads to an agreement in the middle and a fun conversation with the locals.

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9 Greeks Love The Beach Live

Tourists should be assured that they are not the only ones heading to the island's beautiful beaches during the weekend. From the most popular to the most secluded, Greek people can always be seen on their beaches. During summer the people flood the beaches to enjoy their favorite time of the year. Most of the beaches are suited for families but others known to host topless people are not. Despite the conservativeness of the people, they are pretty open-minded and one can even find beaches that allow those yearning for the touch of the sun on their bare skin.

Up to 90% of Greeks are Orthodox Christians and Easter is the most beloved celebration here. This week-long celebration for the Greeks is all about lighting their candles before midnight of Easter Sunday and then eating Greek lamb, cracking red eggs, and sipping delicious wine during the day (with the family of course).

7 Tipping Is Appreciated

If the service was good enough, then consider leaving a tip to show appreciation. The approach to this issue may vary in different countries but in Greece, a tip is usually expected although it's not an obligation. Sometimes, the bill may include a little service fee which can dig deep into the wallet. In this case, one might want to avoid giving out more money. If the bill and service were fair enough, then those servers will appreciate those few Euros they get to keep. Be sure to give all tips in cash so the manager does not take the tip of the server you may be trying to appreciate. 10 to 15% is not bad.

6 Drink But Donโ€™t Overdo It

Greeks drink socially but overdoing it is considered unruly. One has to stay in consciousness to flow with the occasion. Anyone can drink alcohol here but only those above 18 can buy it. Children are entitled to some quantity of wine with their daily meals. Usually, the drinks are consumed with meals and the people perform toasts looking themselves straight in the eye saying the word โ€œYa masโ€ which means - โ€œto our health.โ€ before clinking the glass. Breaking eye contact with the next person when making a toast is also considered rude so get used to it.

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5 Drivingย Can Be Difficult

Driving in Greece is something travelers have to consider before renting a vehicle in the county. Roads in Greece are rough and narrow and many local drivers make it hard and dangerous by frequently driving over the speed limit and implementing dangerous road practices. Defensive driving might be the only way to stay safe from the impatient driving of these Greek drivers.

4 Greeks Are Hospitable

They make guests feel so relaxed that one has to find out what makes them so caring. Like many Greek traditions, it all comes down to an ancient Greek concept known as - Philoxenia. According to their culture, showing friendship and love towards foreigners is a moral obligation. Greeks will often invite people to their homes and offer them good services to make them feel at home because the strangers could be gods roaming the streets in disguise like a helpless stranger just like the Ancient Greek gods were fond of doing.

3 Coffee Is A Staple

In Greece, coffee often precedes the main course or just about anything else at social gatherings. The beverage is so loved in Greece that the country now ranks among the top coffee-consuming countries in the world. Greek coffee is also unique and strong and can be found in almost every street in many Greek cities. It's not uncommon to see people working from coffee shops here while taking one cup of coffee after the other - itโ€™s a daily routine.

2 Family Is Important

Family is the most important part of Greek society and the people approach this institution as such. They eat together, hang out together and it's easy to become drawn into this family culture. In Greece, it's not uncommon to see old people staying with their families or married couples staying with their parents.

1 Greeks Are Traditional People

Greeks love upholding their traditions whether religious or paganistic. Most of these traditions are so in-depth that one can feel more Greek when participating in them. Some popular Greek traditions one can explore include - the name day celebration, easter, and Carnival.

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