The Amazon Rainforest is the largest jungle in the world covering 5.5 million square kilometers. There are thousands of species of plants and wildlife and millions of insects! So there is a lot to learn before visiting, especially to help tourists keep safe and prepared. So it is very important for visitors to learn these tips before visiting.

10 Vaccinations

Before visiting the rainforest, all travelers will need to make sure to get a full set of vaccinations for preventing many common diseases including malaria, meningitis, rabies, and many more. If tourists catch these diseases, they can develop serious problems and become ill. Being in a jungle, there will be limited facilities for medical and urgent transport.

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9 Eating And Drinking

Tourists need to make sure they only drink bottled water and nothing from the tap or a source from the forest. Foreigners often don’t have the ability to handle different bacteria which can be present in the water. Eating food from the streets here is not recommended as the Amazon has unique bacteria which will cause fevers and an upset stomach.

8 What To Wear

When in the Jungle, tourists need to prepare and always cover the skin to protect from the bites and stings from the insects that are here as well as rashes caused by the many plants, trousers, and a long sleeve t-shirt will be fine. A very good pair of waterproof boots are essential for exploring the forest and it is suggested to always check boots before putting them back on as poisonous creatures can hide in them. Always tuck the cuffs of the trousers to reject pests from crawling up.

7 Mosquitoes

The rainforest is full of insects including mosquitoes which can be quite dangerous to humans and is a main reason why all tourists need to make sure they are vaccinated. Mosquitoes are known for carrying and passing harmful diseases which is why visitors should be prepared. Tourists should pack a mosquito repellent and keep this topped up and sprayed all over and sleep in a mosquito net to avoid the insects biting and stinging the skin.

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6 What To Take

There are many things tourists should pack for the rainforest but the most important things include a hat, to avoid sunstroke. Hiking boots are essential. Sunscreen is needed and will need to be re-applied constantly to avoid burning. Bug spray is recommended to keep bugs away but sometimes they still get to the skin and bite or sting so after bite lotion should be packed too along with a flashlight which will really come in handy as there is no electricity in the rainforest.

5 The Best Time To Go

The Amazon jungle can be visited all year round and the weather never really changes with it usually just being warm, humid, and rainy. The wet season is from January to June and rain showers happen daily during this time which makes it feel cooler but river levels are higher and it will be harder to get around and explore, unlike the dry season which is July to December.

4 Where To Stay

The most used accommodation in the jungle is the jungle lodges which are all over the jungle. The lodges usually include single or shared rooms with en-suite bathrooms and rooms are usually accommodated with mosquito nets and sprays which is a big bonus! Another option is to stay on a riverboat or cruise where tourists can sleep onboard instead of inside the jungle and these last around 10 days.

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3 Tips For Exploring

Tourists should always make sure to pick up any rubbish they have and never leave it lying around the jungle! Tourists should also respect that they are in the home of all the wildlife there and should keep a good distance from them, especially the dangerous and poisonous ones. Always carry a water bottle that can be filled up and taken along when exploring and most importantly tourists should always listen to the guide and follow the routes they suggest to stay extra safe.

2 How Long To Go

The Amazon Jungle has a lot to be explored, tourists can decide to stay in one place or explore different parts each day. About one week is enough time for a trip here, this would leave around two to three days for traveling and five days for exploring and activities. To walk around the whole of the jungle would take 869 days! So tourists should choose wisely about how to spend their trip.

1 What To Do

There are so many choices of activities, things to see, and places to explore in the Amazon jungle, which is the largest jungle in the world. A long jungle walk is one of the top things to do here since it is full of wildlife and greenery to admire and explore. Tourists can also go on a kayak down the Amazon River, and spot all the marine life too. There is also a very high canopy bridge here, which is an exciting experience, tourists can walk across and see all the beautiful scenery below them.

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