Beautiful beaches, beautiful people, and more sun than anyone can handle - not to mention parties. Where is this paradise? Nowhere other than sunny Miami, Florida. Situated in the southernmost part of the United States, Miami is a melting pot of culture, cuisine, and crazy parties. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea as a permanent lifestyle but memories can be made in Miami that will last a lifetime. Let the inner-party diva out, and invite Miami in! In such a raucous place, these tips will go a long way in helping visitors prepare to maximize their time in Miami:

10 Don’t Forget The Sunscreen

The sun rays of Miami are extremely intense. It may not feel hotter, but tourists who are

not used to being so much closer to the Equator are very likely to experience burns. Even when bringing sunscreen, make sure to apply it often and liberally. It’s easy to forget when having fun and napping on the beach. But no one wants a trip spoiled by a nasty sunburn so heed this warning! Miami is all about fun in the sun and sunscreen can help this mission.

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9 Miami Is Very LGBTQ+ -Friendly

Some say modern LGBTQ+ culture originated in Miami and the amount of open and progressive clubs and bars for the community seems to prove it! It is perfectly acceptable to be openly gay in Miami - it’s even encouraged. Visitors might wish to make the nightlife part of their trip memories, so try some famous clubs such as Bar Gaythering, Azucar Nightclub, or Twist Nightclub for absolutely everyone! Regardless, Twist is also known as one of the best and most extravagant times one can have on a Miami night.

8 Avoid Eating Out Or Drinking On Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive has amazing views and some good sit-down restaurants. But they are very pricey and the rest of the food is more of a fast-food quality. It isn’t worth it. Go to other beach locales where it is easier to imbibe and enjoy the excellent food Miami has to offer. Although Miami is technically one city, it is sprawling and diverse so it’s smart to read up on any potential additions to the itinerary.

7 Bring Lots Of Swimwear

One swimsuit won’t cut it in Miami - it’s a bit of a fashion show and that can be part of the fun. Bring a few suits with you to change up the beachwear. Miami is also a terrific place to show off the more daring suits one might not wish to wear around family or to a community club or pool. Get crazy with the vibe and immerse into the Miami experience!

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6 Public Transport Can Be Tricky

Miami has good public transport and many locals avail themselves of the Metromover and Metrorail. Traffic in Miami is awful and public transport makes a lot of sense. However, like many big cities, the transportation systems can be difficult for newcomers to grasp. Vacations are notoriously limited on time and no one wants to waste precious hours being lost after getting off at the wrong place - lots can go wrong for the unprepared, especially at night after a few drinks. If possible, try and get a local to help navigate. Or stick to cars.

5 Be Well Dressed - Especially At Night

Miami is a place to see and be seen. Being well-dressed is always a good option but it is especially important at night. There aren’t many places where a beautiful gown can be both daytime and evening wear so take advantage of the fun to be had while dressing to the nines! When stepping out as a couple, try enjoying coordinating outfits. Photos last a lifetime, so make them amazing by dressing up.

4 Take Advantage of The Amazing Cuisine

Uniquely situated near island nations and diverse locales, multicultural Miami attracts people from all around the world. This is reflected in the amazing food. Cuban, Haitian, Caribbean, and nearly every country in South and Central America is well-represented in Miami. Try the official dish of Miami: ceviche! This is not a town to grab a burger from fast-food chains. Make the food a part of the trip itself.

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3 Miami Traffic Is Intense

No one likes traffic - and no one likes it while on vacation. Being unprepared for the sheer amount of vehicle traffic in the city is a recipe for missed reservations, messed-up plans, and a whole lot of road rage. Do not travel during rush hour but keep in mind all hours of the day in Miami are basically like rush hour wherever any given visitor is from. It’s just a reality but it helps to know before making itineraries for the day. Rideshares and cabs are plentiful so it is not necessary to rent a car if one is unsure of driving in a major city. But adjust traffic times accordingly.

2 Miami Loves To Party - Drink In The Fun!

Day or night, Miami is in party-mode 24/7. This makes for an exciting getaway from regular life; tourists find it easy to lose themselves completely in the experience of the city. A party isn’t mandatory for visiting Miami but it sure gives a more complete picture of the citywide vibe. Some clubs are extremely exclusive and VIP-only. One must truly have connections - or a lot of luck! - to get through the doors of a place like LIV Nightclub where lines are extremely long and only a very few people ever get through the ropes when they open. Go on a Saturday to try and get into LIV. E11even is another hotspot and, in true Miami style, it is open 24/7.

1 Cheek Kisses Are Normal In Miami

A large amount of Latin influence in Miami means some cultural norms are different and even unexpected. Unless one is traveling from Europe, the tradition of the cheek kiss is not something most North American people are familiar with in greeting friends and even strangers. Be prepared for this moment so it can be navigated smoothly and with style - Miami is the epitome of cool, and it helps to fit in right from the start. Enjoy Miami and try to make new friends! It’s definitely the place for exciting new vacation memories.

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