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In the past, New Jersey has been grabbing headlines for various reasons. The State’s high crime rate tends to undo the very little things the state continues to do to redeem its image. However, there are still a lot of good things about New Jersey.

Currently, several neighborhoods are doing their level best to establish a fresh beginning for the state. The talk of the town today is Cape May’s Washington. Popularly known as Main Street USA, it has the reputation of having a great shopping mall, which is part of its historical landmarks.


Here are key things to know before strolling down Cape May’s Washington Street.

About Cape May: Washington Street

Cape May has still maintained its place as America’s original season resort. From a broad stretch of beaches to boardwalks, the thrill in this city is virtually endless.

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A stroll through downtown Cape May unearths other hidden gems of the city. The gem, in this case, is Washington Street which stretches from Lafayette Street and ends at Ocean Street.

The Moniker Main Street has been coined in the U.S. to mean high commercial activity in a given part of the street. In this case, Washington Street is nicknamed so because of the heightened business activities taking place. At the center of all these commercial operations is the Washington Street Mall. Anyone who has come to this part of the world must have noticed it. The mall is always a beehive of activities, and it is ideally the commercial hub of downtown Cape May.

Apart from the street's commercial activities, this neighborhood is also famous for its unique architecture. Both sides of the street are dotted with Victorian-era structures. The street thus bears both a historical and commercial significance, which has helped boost tourism activities in downtown Cape May.

Washington Street Mall

Whenever issues of shopping are at stake in downtown Cape May, nothing comes closer to the Washington Street Mall experience. This mall is more of a string of shops operating along a significant stretch of the street. Essentially, this mall is a one-stop shop for virtually everything.

Washington Street Mall includes over 75 establishments, all used for commercial services. With the multiple businesses set up within a short stretch, it is now understandable why the street deserves the Main Street moniker.

Part of the mall is a three-block stretch of the street housing all manner of business setups. From usual shops to unique boutiques and fine dining restaurants, this street automatically becomes a darling for Cape May vacationers.

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What does the holiday shopping experience mean? Shopping while on holiday has nothing to do with the day-to-day basics. Even when they are there, they are packaged to sound better. The shopping experience along this street introduces vacationers to the amazing world of holiday goods. From authentic sportswear to unique gifts for various occasions, vacationers will truly enjoy the shopping experience.

Washington Street Mall is the best place to get a souvenir to bring back home. This souvenir may be in the form of artwork, jewelry, personalized gifts, or just clothing. Throughout the street, there is a series of stores leaving vacationers spoiled for choice.

Where To Dine On Washington Street

Cape May has never run out of dining options. From small cafes along the street to big restaurants in the Washington Street Mall, vacationers have quite a variety to choose from. This street is one global village specializing in global cuisines. From fine Italian dining to spicy lobster rolls, vacationers have a lot on their sleeve to explore.

Cape May Fish Market

With Cape May’s proximity to the sea, there is no question about the existence of a fish-oriented restaurant in the area. The seafood menu here is so rich that vacationers may never have enough time to explore it to completion. In short, one dining experience is never enough in this restaurant. Vacationers will need to frequent it more and more to get the best out of its menu. Char-grill burgers from this outlet are heavenly.

  • Price Range: $11-30/Serving

Tisha’s Fine Dining

Tisha’s Fine Dining is another worthy mention in the category of Washington Street's restaurants. It is the ideal choice for vacationers willing to indulge in Italian cuisine. For some reason, Italian chefs have mastered the art of mixing seafood and pasta to bring out a worthy delicacy. The seafood risotto served here is worth every penny.

  • Price Range: $20-25/Serving

Delaney's Irish Pub & Grille

Delaney's Irish Pub & Grille is among the few joints serving authentic European dishes. This restaurant has stuck to the Irish vibe despite being miles away. Some delicacies to watch out for here are the Irish meatloaf, corned beef, and roast pork loin.

  • Price Range: $12.99-26.99/Serving

Cape May continues to gain popularity among vacationers largely for its holiday shopping experience. Thanks to the Washington Street Mall, vacationers can find almost everything they need within a short stretch. Also, it is the best bet for seafood delicacies.