Cancun is a beautiful city in Mexico known for its pristine beaches and numerous luxurious resorts that cater to just about anyone. Tourists will find fun-filled days of water activities, exceptional food, and massive pools to relax in and take in the sun.

Before booking a trip to Cancun, travelers should read up on a few things before finding themselves in stressful situations. Will you be traveling with your significant other or are you bringing the kids along? Travelers should be aware of adult-only resorts if they are planning on bringing their 5-year-old.


One of the main concerns before booking a getaway to Cancun, Mexico is safety. While Mexico is known to have its dangerous spots, sticking to the resort is the best bet to ensure tourists and their families are safe and enjoying everything that the resort offers.

Read up on these five important things that travelers should know before choosing Cancun as their next vacation destination.

Cancun Is Safe

There are areas in Mexico that are not safe and should be avoided, but if tourists stay within their resorts they should never feel uneasy. Cancun is one of the safest places in Mexico with resorts catering to not only young people but to families with small children. With a plethora of resorts to choose from, travelers should do their research and find the one that is perfect for them or their entire family.

The U.S. Department of State has given Mexico a Level 2 warning for travelers, meaning that they should still exercise caution, however, tourists should realize that popular destinations in Europe like Italy and Germany also have the same warning level. Overall, traveling to Cancun should be a fun-filled getaway for travelers as long as they stick to the resort and popular areas.

Don't Worry, It's Not Always A Wild Party

Cancun, Mexico has received a reputation for being a party city with boozy spring breakers and a wild nightlife. While there are certain resorts that cater to those people looking to party all day and night, Cancun offers so much more to those who just want to relax and feel stress-free.

Adult-only resorts like Le Blanc Spa Resort Cancun is perfect for tourists who are looking to enjoy some peace and quiet but can still enjoy numerous activities at their leisure. Secrets of the Vine Cancun is great for couples who want to take a cooking class or have a drink by the ocean. And, those traveling with the kids will love Moon Palace Cancun with its playroom while parents check out the spa.

If Traveling With Children, Take Advantage Of The Resort's Childcare Options So You Have Fun Too

Cancun is extremely welcoming to travelers who want to bring their children and they do a great job in offering numerous amenities for families. One amazing option that most family-friendly resorts offer is nannies that will look after young children while parents check out the spa or indulging in some other adult-only activity. These nannies or babysitters are professionals at what they do, so not only will children enjoy their stay, so will parents.

If leaving your child with a nanny or babysitter isn't your thing, there are always children areas, playrooms and kid centers that will keep kids busy all day. For example, Moon Palace Cancun has a fantastic indoor playroom that features a fashion catwalk, a dollhouse, video games and more, that'll keep kids entertained four hours.

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Do Not Drink The Tap Water

It's very important that tourists stay away from tap water at all costs and stick to drinking filtered bottled water. Most resorts and hotels offer free bottled water or even large jugs of purified water if you'd rather refill your bottle, so there shouldn't ever be a need to drink tap water.

According to a survey by the Inter-American Development Bank, a whopping 81% of Mexicans do not drink tap water because of the lack of trust in its quality with potentially deadly bacteria and parasites that can be found in the water. So if the locals aren't drinking it, neither should tourists.

You Can Use Dollars, But Stick To Pesos

Most places in Mexico will accept the U.S. dollar, but you'll want to stick to pesos. Oyster explains that travelers should always convert their money at the bank before going on their trip because it will give you the best exchange rate. Tourists should never exchange money at their hotels or airport vendor because they are known for having the worst exchange rate.

Credit cards are usually accepted just about anywhere, except at small markets, street vendors and cabs, so to be on the safe side, exchange your dollars to pesos and you won't have any stress while on vacation.

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