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The Jersey Devil is a mythical creature said to live in the forest of Pine Barrens in South Jersey - it is often described as a flying biped with hooves. Naturally, that has little relevance to the Jersey Devil Coaster - or does it? The newly opened rollercoaster in New Jersey is the highest single rollercoaster in the world and is not for the faint-hearted. It is the newest addition to Six Flags Great Adventure in central New Jersey.

The Jersey Devil is now arguably the flagship attraction at Six Flags Great Adventure - but it is far from the only heart-stopping adventure. Six Flags is the adventure park that has everyone gearing up for ear-piercing screaming thrills.


The Jersey Devil - The Highest Single Coaster In The World

"The world’s tallest, fastest, and longest single rail coaster... The coaster hits 58 miles an hour with a 130-foot drop. Towering 13 stories high, the coaster takes riders over 3,000 feet of track."


Not everyone has what it takes to hop on the Jersey Devil's 130-foot plunge at almost 60 mph. If one is asking "What in the devil are they thinking?" - well perhaps they are possessed. The Jersey Devil Coast is adorned with statues of the mythical demon-like Jersey Devil. And more than that, the coaster itself is in the shape of the Jersey Devil, the whole coast in a mix of deep yellow oranges and reds.

  • Drop: 130 Feet
  • Speed: Almost 60 MPH
  • Records: Tallest, Fastest, and Longest Single Rail Coaster In The World
  • Opened: June 13, 2021

The Jersey Devil Coaster opened to the public in June 2021 at Six Flags Great Adventure in central New Jersey.

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The Jersey Devil Is A Devilish Single-Seat Ride

While most coasters are double with passengers sitting side-by-side, the Jersey Devil is single-file. There's no holding the hand of one's friend for comfort.

  • Type: Single-File Seat Coaster
  • Capacity: 12 Passengers

Being a single-track coaster means that the ride can take tighter maneuvers with a smaller radius to rotate around. The ride is dynamic and doesn't give its passengers much time to get a break and get their bearings.

Take the ride multiple times and feel how the sensations change depending on if one is upfront or at the back.

Seating is low, and each train can hold 12 passengers. The coaster gets off to a devilish start too - straight out of the station the coaster immediately begins its rapid ascent. Enjoy the calm before the storm as one crests the first hill with commanding few of the park and the surrounding New Jersey countryside.

Then feel one's stomach come up into one's mouth and adrenaline pumps and course through every vein in the body as one plunges down the 87 degrees track. The ride only grows more intense as one goes up the next hill being thrown about in twists and inversions.

The Highest Conventional Coaster Is The Kingda Ka

The Jersey Devil is not actually the highest rollercoaster in the world - only the tallest single-rail. It is dwarfed by the Kingda Ka - the highest coaster in the world at 456 feet (139 meters) which is also at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. This monstrosity reaches speeds of 128 mph (206 kph).

  • Highest Rollercoaster: Kingda Ka
  • Located: Also At Six Flags Great Adventure
  • Height: 456 feet (139 meters)
  • Speed: 128 mph (206 kph)

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Visiting The Six Flags Great Adventure

Opening times for Six Flags vary seasonally and from day to day. Summer hours range from 9.00-10.30 am to 7.00-9.00 pm during the summer months.

Like many other adventure parks, one can choose from one-day passes or annual passes (more ticket options are listed on their website).

Six Flags Great Adventure:

  • One-Day Admission: From $44.99/ea

Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure:

  • One-Day Admission: From $44.99/ea $19.99/ea

Annual Thrill Seeker Pass:

  • Cost: $115.00/ea (Or 12 Payments of $9.62)
  • Valid: 12 Months
  • Includes: Six Flags Great Adventure, Hurricane Harbor New Jersey & Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure on Select Dates
  • Bonus: 1 Single-Use Skip the Line Pass

Annual Extreme Pass:

  • Cost: $ 175.00/ea (Or 12 Payments of $14.62)
  • Valid: 12 Months
  • Includes: Unlimited Access to All Six Flags Outdoor Parks
  • Bonus: Two Junior Passes and Food & Merchandise Discounts

Next time heading out to the East Coast, stop by in New Jersey and have the thrill of one's life on the world's highest rollercoaster. One thing is for sure, these rollercoasters are going to have everyone screaming for their lives.