Let’s all agree: There’s something special, a little more ethereal, about traveling by train. Of course, airplanes and cars, the air and the road, all have their charm. But the laborious movement of a train as it cuts through varied landscapes is just out of this world. The views of trees and shrubs as they speed past the gazing eye—to bring to sight new vistas, which also quickly roll by as if avoiding eye contact, is worth savoring. Unlike a plane or a car, a train provides a larger, clearer window into the great beyond. And isn’t this what adventure is all about?


So, whether one’s going to have a bite of some of Missouri’s mouthwatering cuisine or on a long dreamed-about trip to the haunted town of Hanibal, a train ride will make a journey literally come alive. And for those afflicted by wanderlust, here’s a railway to plan with.

Here’s Why St. Louis Iron Mountain & Southern Railway Is Special

It’s a mouthful, but this railway has the ability to smother travelers with much fascinating history. Then, as one rides above the steel, a window opens to reveal a surreal outside look that’ll gift travelers an experience of a lifetime. And the humming of the train, like the continuous whizzing of a bee, even though slightly jarring at first, with time infuses beautiful melody and rhythm—making a trip distinctively musical. Yet, many railways can provide this experience. So, what exactly makes St. Louis Iron Mountain & Southern Railway special?

St. Louis Iron Mountain & Southern Railway is unique for many reasons. For starters, this is a heritage railway. A heritage railway, unlike a typical one, is a railroad that has been intentionally repurposed to preserve or re-enact railway scenes of the past. And true to fashion, St. Louis Iron Mountain & Southern Railway is a traveling history museum. That means learning interesting historical stuff about the railway and the related ecosystem in which it operated in years gone by—as the steel rattles along through breathtaking scenes of rolling hills and distant valleys. . History buffs will therefore enjoy a delectable feast all while on the move.

Yet, it’s not just about history. This railway line is also special because it’s the only one of its kind that’s entirely run by volunteers.

  • Where Does St. Louis Iron Mountain & Southern Railway Ride To? The train rides start from the city of Jackson, Missouri, to Gordonville, Missouri.
  • How Long Is A Train Ride On St. Louis Iron Mountain & Southern Railway? Saturday train rides are 2 hours long. The rides start at 1.00 PM and end at 3.00 PM.

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Other Things To Enjoy On A Ride On St. Louis Iron Mountain & Southern Railway

As part of a thrilling historical flashback, passengers riding the train will get to ride in passenger cars that are over 95 years old. The look of these cars, their design, and layout will—in no slight way—intrigue those on board. The image of these cars are memories many will want to treasure. That’s the reason travelers must have their cameras on this exciting adventure. But just’s that a tip. One of the most exciting experiences is the re-enactment of the Iron Mountain James Gang Train Robbery. This historic robbery was spearheaded by a self-assured, intriguing man known as Jesse James. 31st January 1874 was the date. It would go down in history as the first train robbery in the "Show-Me" State. Passengers riding the train are subjected to the experience of a real robbery, just as was experienced by their counterparts—about 150 years ago. What’s exciting about this re-enactment is the palpable suspense: Passengers do not really know what to expect and at what time.

For would-be travelers, it’s important to note that this experience must be booked in advance. It’s not an everyday offer.

  • How Much Is A Train Ride On St. Louis Iron Mountain & Southern Railway? Adults on the Saturday 1 pm train ride pay $17. Children (2-12), on the other hand, are charged $10.

Aside from the James Gang Train Robbery, passengers get to experience intrigue, drama, and food in a show appropriately christened Murder Mystery Dinner. Trying to identify murder culprits on this show turns out to be an exciting puzzle. This show, which includes wine tasting, can be enjoyed at only $45 per person. Other exciting offerings include the Chuck Wagon Dinner Train and the Santa Express. Then there’s a special package called Ride In The Engine. It’s where passengers get in the cab with engineers—learning about the train engine and technical aspects of how a train is operated. And then, seeing that birthdays are one of the most cherished moments in our lives, this railway gives passengers the chance to celebrate their birthdays while on a ride.

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Here’s the truth: St. Louis Iron Mountain & Southern Railway offers historical experiences and real-time re-enactments that can be enjoyed as one rolls through beautiful scenes amidst humming train sounds.