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There are plenty of interesting accommodations around the world - there are accommodations in caves, in trees, in old airplanes, ex-factories, and former prisons, and in Idaho, there is even a well-traveled Airbnb potato. Having interesting accommodation is a great way to spice one's trip up and make it all the more interesting and memorable. With some imagination and some research, one will be surprised at some really bizarre options out there.

Venture into Missouri and one will find a laid-back and relaxing family-owned Missouri Farm. This farm is complete with Nigerian Dwarf goats, cows, chickens, miniature donkeys, and more. It is one of those fun places to go with a family or just as a couple.


Enjoy A Memorable Silo Stay On Missouri Farm

The Missouri farm's accommodation is not one's normal Airbnb farm accommodation. On this farm, one will spend the night living in an old converted silo. While this accommodation is peculiar - it is not fully unique. In New Zealand, one can also spend the night in an adorable silo accommodation in the stunning Banks Peninsula of the South Island.

Missouri farm's silo apartment has everything one needs for unforgettable self-catering accommodation on a Great Plains farm. The apartment comes with a full kitchen - including a microwave, stove, refrigerator, and the usual pots and pans. Included is a coffee maker with beverage pods and tea.

  • Dining: Self-Catering Accommodation

This is no ordinary silo, it also comes with its own onsite bathroom. The bathroom has a shower, hair dryer, and linens. The place also has a TV, washer, dryer, and air conditioning.

The silo has an occupancy of four people - so one can bring the family along. There is a queen-sized bed up in the loft as well as a futon that expands out into a double bed down below on the ground level.

  • Occupancy: Four People
  • Bed: Queen-Sized Bed Plus Futon

Note that one should use caution going up and down the staircase as the unit has been furnished within the confines of the available space and is narrow.

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Activities To Enjoy On Missouri Farm

One's hosts are kindly farmers. They live on the farm and are flexible and encourage their guests to call for anything they might need. Guests are also welcome to sit on their patio or on their big wrap-around porch.

Guests are also free to go and see the animals over behind the farmhouse. These animals are all friendly and love visitors - some visitors have even left reviews that the hosts gave them animal feed to feed the animals. Another great thing to enjoy on the farm is fishing - there is fishing available in their pond, and they have fishing poles available for guests to borrow.

  • Farm Animals: One Can See Some Of Their Friendly Farm Animals
  • Fishing: The Farm Has A Fishing Pond For Guests
  • Biking: They Have Bikes For Rent

Another great activity to do while on the farm is to go biking. They have bikes available for rent for those who would like to explore the local Katy Trail.

Finally, there is a fire pit and charcoal grill for camp cooking - one can mix one's experience to have a bit of camping feel to it.

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Booking The Silo Stay

The Silo Stay can be booked on Airbnb and one's hostess will be Wendy. She is an Airbnb Superhost who is highly rated, experienced, and committed to providing great stays for her guests.

  • Hostess: Wendy - A Superhost
  • Booking: On Airbnb
  • Location: Green Ridge, Missouri
  • Rating: 5.0/5.0 Stars from 242 Reviews

As of the time of writing (July 2022), the silo stay has received 242 reviews on Airbnb and has enjoyed an impressive 5.0/5.0 stars. The guests also report the breakfast is delicious.

As one guest put it:

"The silos were absolutely amazing! We loved all the details that made this place unique. It is a very peaceful setting. Wendy and her husband were so welcoming. Our kids loved petting all the animals. They are already asking when we can go back again."

Ashley, June 2022 Review

The silo is available for around $168 per night but be sure to plan ahead as they can sell out!