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Located in midtown Toronto, The Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is a mini-ocean. It has the longest marine viewing tunnel in North America that holds about 5.7 million liters of water and over 450 fish and vertebrate species. Visitors enjoy a complete package with its different exhibition galleries of fresh and saltwater marine life. The Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada packages the ocean and brings it to guests as a 135,000-square-foot walk.

Individuals and groups have so much to enjoy in the majestic underwater realm. Each of the exhibition galleries is breathtaking. They represent the wealthy waters of lakes and seas around Canada.


Major Attractions Not To Miss At The Ripley's Aquarium In Canada

The Dangerous Lagoon is the biggest showcase. It contains at least 50% of the water in The Ripley's Aquarium of Canada. The big tanks and high water volume make it the ideal home for the savage tiger sand sharks, green moray eels, queens land groupers, and lookdowns. Found on the upper level of The Ripley's Aquarium of Canada, it gives guests magnificent ceiling views. The moving sidewalks further compliment the thrill of this gallery. Guests who love adventure can swim with sharks by signing up for the exhilarating Discovery Dive.

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Planet Jellies Gallery is another mesmerizing exhibit in The Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada. It is home to three types of jellies; the Moon, Upside Down, and Pacific Nettles. This gallery has an incredible Kreisel tank that creates the ideal environment for jellies to flourish. The changing backlights in the tanks produce alluring views as the jellyfish dance along. Tourists can enjoy an unforgettable ceiling view.

The Waters of Canada Gallery showcases the Flora and fauna of the great Canadian waters. Marine animals such as the American lobsters, giant pacific octopus, paddlefish, sturgeons, and cods are found in the 17 tanks of this gallery. Some tanks represent the extensive Pacific Kelp. A simulation of waves on the Columbia Coast makes the Pacific kelp tanks such a thrill. The diversity of the marine habitats in this gallery makes it distinctive and worth visiting.

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The Discovery Centre and Ray Bay galleries offer guests extraordinary experiences as they can engage with the aquatic animals. Kids and Adults can pet the stingrays at Ray Bay in the upper level, popularly called the Shoreline Gallery. Crawling through the tunnels in the Discovery Centre is rousing. Visitors enjoy proximate views of Wobbegongs, Clownfish, and others along the tunnel. Explorers also feel shells that house bizarre water animals at the Horse Shoe Crab pool. The Life Support Systems gallery is the brain behind the entire Ripley's Aquarium of Canada. Guests interested in water conservation will find this interesting as the institution purifies and recycles 95% of its water.

Tips For Visiting The Ripley’s Aquarium

The Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is a highly sought-after aquarium in Canada that's open daily from 9.00 am to 11 pm, except when it's hosting private events. It is wise for guests to call or check on the website a few days before visiting to avoid having limited time to explore the underwater paradise. Visitors can buy tickets as they enter the Aquarium. This may take a long time on busy days. To avoid the long queues, they should buy tickets online, especially during the high season.

The following are the costs:

  • Children 3-5 years - $12.50
  • Youth 6-13 years - $29
  • Adults 14+ years - $44
  • Seniors 65+ years - $29

Tourists spending a few days in Toronto can buy the CityPass Ticket that allows them to visit The Ripley's Aquarium of Canada alongside other main attractions in the area.

Special Activities To Inquire About

If looking to explore even further, these activities are worth it.

Stingray Tours

This is an exciting experience that ushers guests on an exclusive tour of the Ray Bay gallery. Visitors get a guide and photos in a flash drive to remember this experience. At the end of this tour, each guest receives branded goodies.

Discovery Dive

This one is highly recommended for adrenaline junkies. Visitors swim alongside vicious sharks, sawfish, and turtles. It is one of the most memorable adventures to try at The Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada.

Other activities are limited to specific days. Those looking to enjoy live music aren't left out. The Friday night Jazz takes place every second Friday of the month. All the animals and visitors groove to the soulful sound of jazz music.

Guests visiting the mini-ocean by private means can access parking spaces at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Bremner Street, Blue Jays Way, and Navy Wharf Court, among others. These parking spaces are just a walking distance of the site.

The Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada offers guests an opportunity to explore nature as they learn about different marine life. It has something to fascinate children and adults. Autistic guests can enjoy this underwater haven with ramps on the East and West side.