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What better way to experience the remote Scottish Highlands and the tempestuous Atlantic Ocean than with a stay in an old Scottish lighthouse? One of the unique accommodations in the Scottish Highlands is the Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage next to the Lighthouse at Noss Head. It is in the far north of Scotland surrounded by Neolithic history and archeological sites.

The lighthouse is dramatically situated on a stunning location at the end of a promontory off the north coast of Scotland. The Highlands of Scotland are some of the most iconic parts of the United Kingdom and is a place everyone should visit next time visiting Scotland. But better than just day-visiting the Highlands is staying in the Highlands (and better still is to stay in a lighthouse in the Highlands).


The Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage - Scotland's Ultimate Retreat

It should be noted that this accommodation is just for the Principal Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage - it does not provide access to the Lighthouse building itself. The lighthouse itself is no longer in use, but the building set among the uninterrupted seascape offers a unique place to get some much-needed tranquility and escape.

The cottage does have access to the garden and comes with natural unspoiled grounds and an enclosed courtyard. At the lighthouse cottage, one can enjoy uninterrupted views of the ocean (as most lighthouses generally do). There, one can ponder the mysteries of the wild North Atlantic Ocean.

  • Location: Strathy, Near Thurso In The Highlands Of Scotland

The Keeper's Cottage is now a holiday home that's equipped with a TV, Wifi, a dishwasher, bathroom, and other necessities. There is also private parking for one car.

Families especially should be aware that there are unfenced cliffs, grassy slopes, and the sea only around 50 yards away - so it may be hazardous for small children.

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Facilities And Staying At The Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage

The cottage was built over 60 years ago for the Principal Lighthouse Keeper and his family and so has plenty of room to host a group. The cottage has accommodation for up to 10 people (six in the actual bedrooms), although pets are not allowed (pouch will need to stay at home). The cottage comes with two double bedrooms and a single bedroom with more sleeping areas in the living room.

  • Accommodates: Up To 10 Guests
  • Pets: Not Permitted
  • Smoking: Non Smoking

The cottage's kitchen/dining room enjoys breathtaking views over the grassy cliffs and the Atlantic. The cliffs are cropped by the local sheep while seabirds colonize the cliffs.

  • Check-In: After 6.00 pm
  • Check Out: Before 9.00 am

One should consider booking the accommodation directly. The Keeper's Cottage prices range from four-night and eleven-night stay options.

  • Prices: Range From £350 ($422) to £850 ($1,030) For Four Nights -

One will also need to make a £150 cleaning and recycling deposit that's returned two days after check out.

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What To See And Do Around The Lighthouse

The area is great for hiking, fishing, wildlife watching, and just sitting and gazing over the tempestuous waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. Perhaps one will even be able to catch a glimpse of the whales, dolphins, porpoises, or seals that frequent this part of the Scottish shoreline.

  • Puffin Colony: At Nearby Melvich

If one is in the mood for a drink or a bite to eat, there is a pub and café in the village of Strathy just 2 miles down the road. 20 minutes drive is the town of Thurso with a much larger selection of shops like restaurants and supermarkets.

  • Village of Strathy: Two Miles Drive
  • Town of Thurso: 20 Minutes Drive

The lighthouse sits on the North Coast 500 route that meanders its way through some of the UK's most dramatic scenery. Along this coast, one can explore the many Brochs - the "ancient skyscrapers" of prehistoric Scotland. Explore the remote Highland town of Caithness and its magnificent (but chilly) beaches and many Neolithic sites.

From here it is also possible to take a day trip to Orkney and discover some of the best preserved neolithic sites in Europe.

Naturally, this is Scotland, so taking a tour of the distilleries in the area is always on the bucket list.