Australia is proud of its coastal cities like Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. It also boasts of its iconic Sydney Opera House and the stunning Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest reef system. All are must-visits, but there’s one other outstanding Australian wonder: Gold Coast.

Almost 10 million people visited this Queensland destination in 2021, proving that the city is one of Australia’s most precious gems. Why so? It has stunning beaches, a majestic skyline, and vibrant culture. Add the hospitality of the locals and the engaging nightlife, and tourists are sure to leave this city with endless memories. Much so that they will surely return for more.

10 Plan The Trip To Australia

It’s almost back to normal when visiting Australia and the only restriction that remains is the use of face masks during the flight versus COVID-19. Proof of vaccination, quarantine, and travel declaration are not required anymore, but a visa is needed for non-citizens. There are three visa options for tourists from the United States that allow them to stay up to 12 months and can cost AUD150 to AUD380. Processing time can last for more than a month. After all the visa processing, the only plan tourists need is how to enjoy much of Australia’s wonders.

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9 Why Visit The Australian Gold Coast

Why visit the Gold Coast? Because it’s Queensland’s most popular destination, travel junkies should visit it at least once to understand its charisma. Tourism is a major part of this thriving city, so travelers won’t have a hard time exploring it. It has an airport, so visitors who are excited to explore it can relax knowing they can easily reach it. Really, why Gold Coast? Because it has a kaleidoscope of travel options from its urban areas to pristine nature spots.

8 When To Visit The Australian Gold Coast

There's a constant supply of sunshine on the Gold Coast, so tourists are assured of sun-kissed moments whenever they visit. However, its peak season is during autumn, from June to August, and winter, from September to October. As such, travelers who want to avoid the crowd should visit during spring and summer when they can even score cheaper rates. The city’s temperature reaches 69°F to 83°F during summer, an exciting prospect for those who want the perfect tan. With all that, the best time to visit the city is whenever the tourist is ready for an adventure of a lifetime.

7 What To Bring

What guests should pack when visiting the Gold Coast depends on what they plan to do or when they intend to visit. Aside from their usual travel needs, visitors should prepare to layer clothes when touring during winter. Sunseekers, meanwhile, should be ready with their sunscreen and the appropriate footwear for beach walks and hikes. Surfers and divers can bring their gear, but they can opt for rentals, too. However, the most important thing tourists should bring when visiting Gold Coast is their excitement to explore and enjoy new things.

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6 Public Transportation

Since Gold Coast is a tourist-friendly city, visitors won’t have a hard time going around. Primarily, there are plenty of buses, and the train system is dependable, too. Taxis and car rentals are viable options, as well. However, those who want to explore this vibrant city can take a bike as there are over 370 miles of trails for them. There are also ferries and water taxi services for tourists who want to go beyond the shore. Lastly, the city is walkable day or night, so strolling is always a ready option.

5 Where To Stay

Tourism is a major part of Gold Coast’s economy, so tourists should expect lots of accommodation options. Hotels and resorts dot the area but what visitors should consider are hostels and bed and breakfasts, especially those who plan to stay longer. That way, they can save money and can spend more on activities. For even cheaper options, tourists can look for homestay options or by booking an Airbnb space in or outside the city. The choices are endless, just like the tourists’ smiles when they are good to go.

4 What To Do

Gold Coast is most famous for its surfing, so hanging ten is always an option, thanks to the friendly and challenging waves. Of course, beach-hopping is another popular activity as the city has 44 miles of shore. Sun-worshippers can visit such beaches as Snapper Rocks, Rainbow Bay, Currumbin, Burleigh Heads, Tallebudgera Creek, Surfers Paradise, and Kirra. Wherever tourists plan to place their beach chairs, they’ll enjoy the views of the Coral Sea and the Pacific. From the usual watersports to whale watching, Gold Coast is filled with surprises.

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3 Places To Explore

Gold Coast is more than just the beach because it also has theme parks where thrill-seekers can fill their adrenaline cups. Such parks include Dreamworld and Warner Bros. Movie World, plus Wet'n'Wild and WhiteWater World for those who want more water fun. They can also visit the country’s tallest building, SkyPoint, for a stunning view of the cityscape. Those who want a learning experience can drop by museums, while nature lovers can explore the hinterland, where they will be surrounded by a lush ecosystem. Wherever tourists go, the Gold Coast has something for everyone.

2 Where To Eat

After filling their eyes with Gold Coast’s beautiful scenery, tourists will enjoy filling their tummies with tasty treats. Restaurants abound in the area, so wherever visitors look, they’ll find something to their liking. Travel company Expedia lists ocean trouts and Morton Bay bugs as must-try, while Australia’s official travel website recommends such restaurants as Jimmy Wah's, Rick Shores, and Social Eating House, among others. Tourists should not miss the taste of local drinks, too, courtesy of breweries and distilleries. It’s always an exciting culinary journey on the Gold Coast.

1 Nearby Areas

Tourists who want to explore beyond the Gold Coast are lucky because there are scenic spots in the area. A visit to the Scenic Rim is recommended as it’s home to lush rainforests, particularly the World Heritage Site of Gondwana. Brisbane is another option, too, thanks to its interesting attractions like the Riverwalk. In New South Wales, there’s more beach courtesy of Byron Bay. Another must-see spot is the Glass House Mountains, with its 11 peaks inviting guests for an outdoor experience like no other. Gold Coast and its nearby areas are indeed a treasure.