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From the Sunset Strip to Hollywood, passing by Universal Studios and the Walk of Fame, Los Angeles offers more chances for thrill and excitement than simply those top attractions. Los Angeles is the hub of a beachfront paradise, Long Beach. In this city, tourists can enjoy multiple kinds of activities, and it is guaranteed that they will not get bored. Whale watching during a tour in the ocean, a deep-sea experience at the marvelous Aquarium of the Pacific, shopping in one of the city's many distinctive districts, a thriving gourmet scene, a tour of coastal breweries, and much more can all be experienced in Long Beach. Visitors can also discover the city's vivacious art and architecture, which is the best way to get to know it. They can visit the East Village creative cultural hub, enlightening murals, world-class art museums, and a variety of majestic and historic buildings in their Long Beach getaway. Tourists also shall not miss seeing a construction that is a recognized local landmark and is included in Ripley's Believe It or Not and the Guinness Book of World Records as the United States of America's Skinniest House. Here is some information they need to know about it.


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History Of The House

In 1932 after receiving the property as payment for a $100 debt he had taken out the previous year, Newton P. Rummonds constructed the yellow-stuccoed Tudor-style home on a lot of 3 meters (10 feet) by 15 meters (50 feet). By building the 80-square-meter (860-square-foot) home after losing a wager that he could not construct a livable home on such a small property, Rummonds defeated the East Coast's narrowest houses in Boston and New York state. Later, it was discovered that the house had slanted 100 mm (4 inches); in consequence, some work has been done to it to be straightened. In 1983, California's Skinny House was officially recognized as a municipal monument.

Between 1977 and 1981, public interest attorney William John Cox continued to practice law at Skinny House, where he also pursued the Holocaust denial lawsuit. In 2001, during an interview with then-owner Laurie Atherton, she declared to the Los Angeles Times that the house is extremely habitable but is not a novelty. However, the next year, she sold the house. Nowadays, it is one of the main attractions in Long Beach. From all over the world, people come to take pictures and see this Guinness Book of World Records landmark.

How To Get To America's Skinniest House

There are different ways to get to the skinniest house, depending on where tourists are coming from. Fortunately, Long Beach citizens are friendly and assist visitors in locating this hidden gem. If visitors are coming from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), they need to take the 405 south, then the 710 south. If their start point is John Wayne Airport in Orange County (SNA), they have to take the 405 north, then the 710 south. If tourists are coming from Long Beach Airport (LGB), they need to take the 405 north, then the 710 south. At the terminus of the 710 freeway sits downtown Long Beach.

When coming from Southern Orange County (405), they shall take the Santa Ana Freeway (5) north to the San Diego Freeway (405) (710). Then, they have to follow the Long Beach Freeway south until they reach the Downtown Exits. Later, Shoreline Drive becomes 710 (710) and leads them to the city center. If they are coming from North Orange County through the San Gabriel and Pomona Valley, travelers have to take the Orange Freeway (57) or San Gabriel Freeway (605) to the Riverside Freeway (91) and then the Long Beach Freeway (710). After that, they shall follow the Long Beach Freeway south until they reach the Downtown Exits. Then, Shoreline Drive becomes 710 (710) and takes visitors to the city center.

  • Location: The wonderful Skinny House is nestled on the east side of Gladys Avenue, north of 7th street, in the beautiful Rose Park neighborhood of Long Beach.

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Other Activities Nearby The Skinny House

The magnificent Long Beach offers beautiful beaches, fantastic dining options, and thrilling activities for visitors of all ages. On the city's southern edge, Queensway Bay is visible from the Downtown Waterfront. When locals and visitors are searching for amusement, they frequently go there. The area is full of interesting attractions. Furthermore, the city's nature is beautiful for strolls next to the ocean and day trips. While discovering the splendid downtown, they can visit the astonishing Aquarium of the Pacific for an unforgettable experience. Visitors will see more than 12000 ocean animals, including penguins, octopuses, seals, and many others.

They can also take a tour of the Naples canal in a gondola. This quaint area is situated on three islands that are surrounded by lovely waterways. Naples has a manicured plaza and ornamental fountain at its center, which is flanked by expensive residences and streets with names that reflect the Italian heritage of the area. If they are more interested in theater and exhibitions, they can head to Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center, which is frequently the launching hub for some of the biggest events and expos in the city and offers various theaters, an outstanding plaza, and a huge conference and exhibit space.