A Spiritual Mecca, Heritage Site, Hiking Spots With Incredible Scenic Views, Art & Craft Village, Wildlife Park all rolled into one underlines the destination, Sedona in Arizona. If Spiritual Metaphysics have always gravitated you, this place will enrich you with pure enlightenment. Sedona has always intrigued people with its vortexes, which are prominently known for its soul-nourishing abilities.

About Sedona

Sedona, a city in Arizona is a true oasis, exuding the charisma of red rock mountains and canyons. Home to 10,322 people (2019), it has verdant green vegetation, mammoth stone formations, and the vast blue sky turning to tangerine and red, caffeine for the mind. A spring ceremony is celebrated every year at Boynton Canyon by the indigenous tribe of Yavapai-Apache. It is deemed that the Great Spirit Mother gave birth to the human race over here. The mysterious facet of raising the consciousness of humans and psychic energy is the enchanting feature of this place. UFO sightings and Tales Of Bigfoot have also been discovered in the desert.


But, if you aren’t allured by metaphysics, Sedona offers plenty of other things to do as well. There are an array of cafes, restaurants, spas, resorts, fine art galleries, and also interesting activities like bowling, wine tasting, floating in hot air balloons, electric bike tours, casinos, and a few art classes.

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So, What Is A Vortex Exactly?

A physical vortex is when a gas or liquid swirls around in a circular direction around a centerline. Examples of physical vortexes are cyclones, tornadoes, and water whirlpools. On the other hand, Sedona is deemed to have vortexes that are metaphysical, that cannot be explained with concrete science.

These vortexes are centers encompassing energy contributing to healing, meditation, and self-exploration. Surprisingly, there are some places on earth where we feel alive with energy in terms of inspiration, energy upliftment, or healing. The energy in a vortex is akin to the energy in an individual's core body and thus people come to tap this energy. The vortexes are considered natural geometric points exuding energy from the earth's surface.

Up-flow vortexes, known as electric or masculine sites, instill us to soar high in terms of spiritual perspective. The masculine side of energy strengthens traits such as reasoning, decisiveness, and self-confidence.

Inflow vortexes help us to reach inwards and go deeper with meditation or healing past issues. The feminine side strengthens traits such as patience, kindness, and compassion.

A combination of vortexes enhances the recovery space for spiritual seekers. In simple terms, vortexes are deeper dimensions where one's soul can soar and roar.

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The Main Vortexes in Sedona

Sedona is prominent for its amplifying energy due to numerous vortexes. But, few vortexes have magnetism more than the others. These four vortexes are:

Airport Mesa

Airport Mesa is deemed to have up-flow energy (i.e masculine and electric energy) which helps the spirit to have a higher perspective. Also, it has unbeatable views such as Cathedral Rock, Courthouse Butte, Bell Rock, Chimney Rock, and Coffee Pot Rock. These places give the best views of rock formations, sunrise, sunsets, and also juniper trees. The trees over here are seen visibly twisted owing to the force towards energy vortexes. Meditation is seen as very effective if practiced in the mornings over here.

Also, there are many luxurious vacation properties available at this location.

How To Reach Airport Mesa: One needs to start from Sedona by taking North State Route 89A south towards Forest Road. Later, a second exit at the traffic circle and after a mile, stay on AZ - 89A. Finally, turn left on Airport Road. Either you can hike later or persist through the road itself.

Bell Rock

This rock has the shape of a huge standing bell and is deemed to have the strongest vibrations on the north side. It entails masculine, feminine, and balanced energy. It is an up-flow site too and surprisingly, people have experienced a tingling sensation on exposed skin at this place.

How To Reach Bell Rock: It is located off of Route 179 between Sedona and Oak Creek. After The Bell Rock formation, an entrance to the parking lot for Courthouse Vista is seen. Trails such as Bell Rock Pathway Trail and Courthouse Butte Trail follow from here. The former trail starts easy and later descends into difficulty. The latter is a moderately mid-hike and gives views of a few other rock formations over there.

Cathedral Rock

This hike is short and makes it a suitable choice for everyone. A 1.2 miles round trip with 700 feet of total ascent, it's easy amongst all. One needs a Red Rock Pass for hiking over here and the pass costs $5 per day and $15 for one week. The best time to visit it is fall to spring.

How to Reach Cathedral Rock: One needs to head south on the junction of 89A and drive 179 south for about 3 miles. One will reach Back O Beyond Road on the right. Continue for 6 miles and the parking lot is on the left. Continue the hike with a valid parking pass.

Boynton Canyon

The most challenging vortex to reach is the combination of inflow and up-flow energy. The best of Sedona can be viewed from here as it surpasses a series of amazing Red Rock buttes succeeding a forested box canyon.

The hike is pretty flat, sometimes circuitous but a perfect trail for amateur level hikers.

How to Reach Boynton Canyon: It is located in West Sedona and can be reached by taking Dry Creek Road off Highway 89A. Drive 3.2 miles west on this road and turn right on Dry Creek Road. By moving ahead, you will reach the entrance of Enchantment Resort and one needs to reach the parking area. This is the start of the Boynton Canyon Trail.

The raw physical beauty of Sedona regardless of its vortexes can captivate anyone and make them feel energized. Sedona has a lot to offer for every individual with a promise to make their heart feel lighter and energy higher at the end.

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