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Alaska is known as the Last Frontier and is the perfect place for outdoor activities. Its landscape is filled with mountain ranges, unique wildlife, and natural attractions. On top of that, the cities offer a glimpse of its story, especially for travelers interested in exploring their old mining.

There are many ways to explore Antarctica, and it's possible to dive into its wildlife while having a luxurious experience. Explora Journeys, a luxury lifestyle brand operated by MSC Group, will launch three different itineraries to Alaska in 2014, promising to take the definitions of luxury travel to a new level. The company has announced a fleet of four ships that will offer exclusive itineraries. The first ship, The Explorer I, will be launched next year.


The Expeditions

The Explorer I promises to take travelers to the "edge of civilization" and the chance to explore "untouched wilderness from a unique perspective." The expeditions will happen between May and August 2024 and have three different itineraries, all leaving from Vancouver for a 10- or 11- night travel.

The Explora Journeys aims to reach a public that enjoys luxury experiences, and they are ready to exceed the expectations of this demanding public by combining technology, leisure, gastronomy, and adventure.

The Remote Wrangell

The inaugural travel for Alaska's expeditions starts on 6 May 2014 and ends on 17 May. During 11 days, travelers will explore lesser-visited places in Alaska, including sailing next to unexplored mountains and exploring barely untouched areas. During those days, guests will be surrounded by nature, and they can fly over Mount Edgecumbe and kayak on the Sitka Sound, among other activities.

The itinerary includes Passage, Wrangell, Tracy Arm Fjord, Juneau, Sitka, Skagway, Ketchikan, Misty Fjord, and Victoria.

Price: $6,080

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Spectacular Sitka

The itinerary also lasts for 11 days and includes the same ports along the way, including the Icy Strait Point (Hoonah and the Hubbard Glacier. The highlight of Spectacular Sitka and Remote Wrangell is discovering Alaska in a new way, including closer contact with native cultures in Alaska.

Price: $6,080

Sailing The Whale's Highway

The focus of this 10-day-itinerary is the coastline, which includes navigating along with islands and glaciers. The itinerary includes Vancouver, Sailing the Inside Passage, Ketchikan, Icy Strait Point (Hoonah), Sailing the Hubbard Glacier, Valdez, Juneau, Sitka, Victoria, and Vancouver.

Price: $7,000

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Culture And Gastronomy

The history of Alaska dates back to 10,000 years ago, and the cruises at Explora Journeys give people the chance to learn more about it. The itineraries were also planned so travelers could have contact with native cultures and learn more about their history and culture through the centuries. Travelers will also learn more about their modern history, including fur trades with Russia.

The dishes served onboard are also carefully chosen, and gastronomy is another highlight of this cruise. The menu is prepared with local seafood, and travelers can taste the Coho salmon or Dungeness crab.

The Ship

The Explora I is a milestone for the MSC Group, as it's their first product in the luxury market. Despite the marine tradition of the brand, the Explora Journey and its new ships are bringing lots of innovation to the table. Their first two ships, Explora I and II, are currently under construction. The first one and one will be launched in 2023, and the company plans to add two other similar ships to its fleet, proving that the MSC group is investing seriously in the luxury business.

The ships feature 456 suites with a private terrace. While traveling, guests can choose among the nine restaurants on the ship and enjoy amenities such as a spa, gym, four swimming pools and cabanas where they can schedule a sunbathing session.

Guests can also expect luxury in their cabins, where they can find a walk-in closet and floor-to-ceiling windows. There's no doubt travelers will feel like they're in a five-star hotel.

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Explora Journey Invested In Sustainability

ESG has been at the front and center of discussion for companies in different areas, including tourism. Cruises are responsible for severe environmental impacts, but some are committed to changing things. The Explora I was also designed to mitigate environmental impacts while traveling. The company claims they won't use single-use plastic on their cruises, including during the excursions outside the ship.

The ships also took advantage of the most modern marine technologies, including tools to reduce the underwater noise, so they could mitigate its impact on mammals inside the water. They have also invested in ESG, aiming to reduce the CO2 output. On top of that, they'll use shore power systems and has an area for battery storage.

Other Itineraries

The Explora I will be launched in May 2023, bringing passengers to discover the European coast from Barcelona to Athens. In September, the travels are focused on Canada and New England. Travelers can escape the winter by joining them on a trip to the Caribbean and South America. During its inaugural year, the Explora I will visit 40 countries and stop at 132 ports.

Before heading to Alaska, the Explora I have a perfect itinerary for travelers who plan to explore Hawaii differently.