Love Valley is one of Cappadocia's most fantastic and remarkable canyons. The canyon got its name after the fascinating enchanted chimney rock formation and is widely known to lovers for wedding proposals. Love Valley is also near one of the most renowned hot air balloon rides in Cappadocia. Furthermore, the land in the area seems to be very rich in natural resources, making it the perfect location for raising vegetables and fruits. For further information, here are the things tourists should know about Love Valley in Cappadocia, Turkey.

10 Legend Of The Love Valley

There is a myth that two contrasting households before lived in Love Valley. There's also a union between these two antagonistic households, and one of them murders the man. Also, such a natural marvel is located in the center of modern-day Turkey on a mountainous area beyond a thousand meters above sea level in altitude. Its valley is a prominent spot to experience the setting sun in Cappadocia, thanks to its fantastic scenery. Also, it is suitable for those who enjoy photography.

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9 Local’s Warm Welcome Towards Tourists

Love Valley's nearest human settlement is the tiny village of Göreme. Even though tourists might assume massive crowds to explore such a location, that's not the scenario. Turkish citizens are outgoing and yet humble. Tourists will, however, discover an authentic and peaceful environment, as well as warm hospitality. Even though it is highly improbable that they'll be lost, it is deemed acceptable to hire a personal guide while going outside to view the neighborhood's natural structures.

8 Made Originally From Volcanic Ash

If visitors would like to witness an unusual rock location, then Love Valley seems to be the spot to go. These formations are super important. Such peculiar cornerstones were formed by weathered volcanic debris and were not created by Mother Nature. Tourists must also be reasonably fit to take advantage of this all, as most people would prefer to walk all over the valley instead of driving. But unless tourists aren't physically active strolling, they can consider hiring a hot air balloon and view the entire geological site from the clouds for their own expense.

7 Foreign Landscape And Crops

The terrain of Love Valley appears strange and foreign. Tourists can almost foresee a round edge accompanied by a reptile's opponent in the area. Even though the terrain appears desolate, the land seems to be extremely rich in minerals. Thus, it makes it an excellent location for growing veggies and fruits, and the region of Kapadokya overall fulfills a large portion of Turkey's crop production. Moreover, Turkish wine is gaining popularity, and Kapadokya has a wide range of wineries and vineyards, surprising in a Middle Eastern country.

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6 Open-Air Museum At The Edge Of Love Valley

Love Valley has a large outdoor museum that's around a kilometer away beyond the village, and tourists can be toured by taking a walk for about something like a minute. Tourists who are in for a treat can see such magnificent sites, like seven hundred years of Religious prehistoric art. Monks created them beneath underground monasteries constructed from hard rock. Overall, it is also considered among the world's most bizarre museums. It would be a little pricey, but every Turkish adventure is worth spending.

5 Glide Over Hot Air Balloon

Love Valley is well-known for its hot air ballooning activities. Balloons, however, usually end up taking off around the bottom part of Rose Valley and glide more toward Love Valley, or simultaneously, depending entirely on the direction of the wind. The vistas are spectacular no matter what way the tourist chooses to glide. It's pricey, but it is worth the price. Rides are available at dawn and dusk around peak tourist season. It may be enticing not to get up before starting. However, sunsets are somewhat more prone to be breezy, resulting in trip cancellations.

4 Having A Drive On Love Valley Road

A minor route with an uneven surface path leads to a Café nestled as one of the most picturesque destinations in Love Valley. There's also some space for a handful of cars to find a spot anywhere along the highway about a short walking distance from the coffee house. Also, it is legal to drive in and out of Love Valley on a quad bike. However, because Turkey somehow doesn't permit such automobiles mostly on main streets, tourists must stick to the relatively small rough terrain that runs across Sword Valley before accessing the valley.

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3 Viewpoint At The Cliff Of Love Valley

Views and coffee houses mark the cliffs high above surrounding hills. There are plenty of tourists and guided tours who come to the area, and therefore it is predicted to be crowded. For Instagram - worthy pictures, the cafes have goofy props like a huge heart-shaped couch. Also, it is highly suggested that tourists consider taking a balloon ride. However, if that is out of their financial reach, the area is still perfect, where people come early morning to witness the balloons flying over through the canyon.

2 Entrance Is Free!

Love Valley, like some of the other breathtaking valleys in Cappadocia, has always been free to visit. Whether tourists visit the scenic viewpoints or even the area's platform to do a little trekking, individuals will never have to spend to enjoy the scenery. It also is a great way to carry some Turkish currency to avoid complications. Tourists could also emerge throughout a few nearby shops, such as coffee shops and gift shops, that they would like to support.

1 Best Time To Visit Love Valley

Love Valley in Cappadocia, much like the rest of the region, is best explored between April and May and September and November. The tour throughout the day was vibrant, pleasant, and welcoming, and so it is the perfect weather for a stroll across Love Valley Cappadocia, Turkey. Moreover, the snowfall in Cappadocia can also be very pleasant, so tourists should not hesitate to list Love Valley on their bucket list. In addition, if tourists arrive between December and March, they must carry warm clothes to combat the extreme cold.

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