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Water is life and has a way of enabling one to de-stress, and the immaculate Wekiva River is no exception. This divine river has a lot to offer, from the panoramic vista, recreation, and wildlife to geology. Boasting pure charm and tranquil waters, it's no wonder it's a treasured zone among watersport and outdoor aficionados.

With all the good things this precious stream beholds, it can be challenging for visitors to decide when to tour or what is required before venturing on this incredible voyage. The following are things to remember while planning an expedition to this majestic locale.


What And Where Is The Wekiva River?

Wekiva is a Greek word implying "a spring of water." The dramatic Wekiva River is found in Central Florida, the northern region of Orlando. Commencing in Apopka, it is one of the two rivers in Florida tagged as a National Wild and Scenic River. Besides this squeaky-clean river being an Aquatic Preserve, it is an exceptional Florida waterway and a delegated Florida State Canoe Trail.

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Joining the St. Johns River, regarded the longest in the state in DeBary, it entices travelers from across the planet. Each year, tourists stream to this 16-mile-long mystical stream to experience its outdoor adventures such as kayaking, paddleboarding, bird watching, hiking, tubing, or unwinding and absorbing the fresh air and breathtaking views. Its serene location makes it ideal for sightseers to chill and let go of the city's tension.

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As a recreation harbor, it puffs of activities that tourists can engage in all year long and have a great time. In addition, its pure waters make it perfect for swimming and paddling, among other sports. Also, tourists can try horseback riding and biking from this charismatic spot. Campers are not left behind as this fabulous place gloats several private and public camping sites.

  • Entrance fee: $2 per person, $4-$6 per vehicle
  • Camping: $5 per person per night for primitive camping.

Tips For Visiting The Wekiva River

Taking a trip to any location with the knowledge of what is required and what happens there is one of the best ways to prepare and have an excellent time. There are things that tourists need to take into consideration during their pilgrimage to this majestic zone, such as arrival time. During summer and weekends, this spot gets crowded fast. Guests are urged to arrive early in the morning to get the best this shelter offers. Also, getting to this place earlier allows visitors to park effortlessly as parking spots are limited. Booze devotees are not allowed to bring liquor from outside. However, with a bar around, travelers can still purchase drinks and have a fantastic time. Besides offering plenty of spirits and wines, this outdoor/indoor bar also has excellent music and ensures guests have fun and create new unforgettable memories. Visitors interested in drinking are instructed to get a wristband at the entry.

For their protection, guests must stay away from the weeds as snakes and gators hide there. Additionally, swimmers should only relish the waters from the selected spots. Paddleboarders and kayakers can bring their pieces of equipment if any or can rent from the site. With cabana rentals available, tourists to this fabulous spot are encouraged to reserve a couple of weeks or months before visiting this idyll. What's better, with grills appropriated for the cabanas, food zealots can bring their food and have a picnic with their loved ones. The food truck puffing some delectable dishes, on the other hand, ensures the bellies of foodies with no time to cook are satisfied and happy.

Speeding into this place is prohibited, and travelers that don't abide by that rule could easily get fined. With all said and done, guests at this place can be sure to absorb the serene aura, have massive fun, and create special remembrances.

How To Kayak Down Wekiva?

Nature lovers have a lot to do in this destination, including water sports. Whether longing for the spine-tingling thrill of a roller coaster or the tranquility of getting lost in the moment and soaking in nature, adventurers can always get inspired by what Mother Nature offers here. And what better way to explore the jaw-dropping vista of this location than to kayak the sublime Wekiva River. With several guided tours at this sacred spot, kayakers are guaranteed to explore and have a terrific time.

Travelers can bring their vessels or rent at a fee depending on the size. During the trip, explorers get to see the rare black bear, manatee, alligators, and various wading birds. The directed tours help sightseers learn about the surroundings from the guides. Besides sightseeing and being close to Mother Nature, kayaking is one way to make new pals or strengthen the bond among buddies and families. Apart from being a great way to have fun, adventurers can also participate in fishing on this beautiful excursion.

If looking for a place to visit in Florida, the Wekiva River is an excellent pick. Whether on a romantic date or looking forward to a day full of relaxation, one cannot go wrong in this utopia. Better yet, tourists have a memorable day without breaking the bank.