A travel site once hailed Memphis as the best destination of 2019 because it offers a kaleidoscope of activities for tourists. This Tennessee city has it all — from museums, art galleries, and parks to entertainment and sports centers. However, there’s one Memphis landmark that stands out: Graceland, the former home of Elvis Presley, the "King of Rock and Roll."

Graceland is one of the most-visited private homes in the United States, attracting more than one million people annually. That figure is not surprising because even non-Elvis fans want to get a look at the music icon’s mansion. So famous is the place that it was declared a National Historic Landmark. The home of Elvis Presley welcomes everyone.

10 Why The Name Graceland?

One thing tourists want to know when visiting Graceland is why it was named as such. The estate was once a farm owned by the family of S. E. Toof, a businessman. One of Toof’s children was Grace, thus the name. The mansion was built by the heirs of Grace in 1939 and quickly became a local attraction, even before the arrival of the King. Elvis was living at 1034 Audubon Drive in Memphis when he shot to fame. At first, the neighbors were overjoyed they had a rockstar in their midst, but they slowly grew tired when fans and the press flocked to the area day by day. In 1957, the singer then asked his parents to find a new home for him, which turned out to be Graceland. And as they say, the rest is history.

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9 Even Celebrities Visit The Estate

As the former home of a global icon, even celebrities visit Graceland. The place, after all, is more than just a tourist attraction — it’s a historic place. Aspiring and established musicians all have their chance at Graceland, especially now that it has a performance hall. Celebrities visit the place not just to perform, though. Many of them went there to learn more about Elvis. Graceland is one attractive place to explore. The music is inviting, so it's no wonder A-listers and politicians are among the thousands who troop this Elvis paradise.

8 What’s Inside Graceland?

The mansion is the main attraction, but the whole Graceland complex is home to other exhibits that feature Elvis’ legacy. In the career museum, tourists can check out photos and memorabilia about the musician's career and important life events. Tourists can also check out Elvis' cars, including his famous Pink Cadillac. There are also exhibits about his love of football, musical influence, Hollywood movies, and his only child, Lisa Marie. Graceland even has interactive and immersive exhibits that let tourists be like the King.

7 It Has Unique Rooms

The two-floor Graceland mansion is composed of many rooms, much of which can be visited by tourists. The most famous is the Jungle Room, the tropical man cave of Elvis. Right from the foyer, guests can enjoy appreciating the living room, dining area, the stairways, and the room of Gladys, Elvis' mother. There are also other buildings in the estate, like the humble office of Elvis' father Vernon, the memorabilia-filled Trophy Building, and the place where the legend played racquetball. The area is big and guests will have a fun time being the number one fan.

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6 There Are Airplanes In Graceland

The Graceland complex is so big it has two planes parked in it — a Convair 880 named Lisa Marie and a Lockheed JetStar named Hound Dog II. The planes were customized to include a bed, a stereo system, bathroom fixtures, and even a conference room. The planes are now part of Graceland tours, impressing guests with their limousine-level features. It’s amazing to be inside a plane often used by Elvis and his gang when on a concert tour. Both the aircraft are parked, but fans will be in seventh heaven when inside.

5 There’s A Hotel In The Estate

Located in the heart of Graceland is a resort hotel where guests can enjoy rock and royal treatment. It’s popular not just among visitors of the estate, but also among those traveling to Memphis to enjoy its sights and sounds. A couple once sued the place because of its alleged role in hurting their marriage. That’s not what makes The Guest House famous, though, but its rooms which are inspired by Elvis. The hotel is a home away from home and might as well be nicknamed the house of rock and roll.

4 A Chimp Once Lived In The Estate

Graceland once housed a barn filled with horses, but there’s another pet most favored by Elvis: Scatter the chimpanzee. Before meeting the King, Scatter was already a star on his own, appearing on Memphis television shows in the 60s. When it was time for a rest, the monkey's owner decided to sell it to Elvis, and Graceland became his new playground. Scatter was one naughty chimp who liked beer and whisky and was playful with the ladies. He even reached Hollywood. Elvis wanted to be remembered even for his type of pet.

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3 Everyday Is Elvis Day In The Estate

Even without a museum, Elvis will surely always be remembered by his fans worldwide. He is still a known global icon to this day, with his songs ever the classic and an inspiration to many young musicians. Such legacy is what Graceland wants to protect and share, that’s why there’s an abundance of Elvis events on the estate. Every August, they celebrate Elvis Week — the largest of their activities. Come November, a lighting ceremony kickstarts Graceland's Yuletide celebration and ends it with a concert come Christmastime. January, meanwhile, is all about the King’s birthday celebration. In Graceland, the music never stops.

2 The Elvis Merch Looks Good

A tour anywhere is never complete without a souvenir. Graceland is teeming with such merchandise — official, authentic, and screaming rock and roll. The most noticeable product design is the TCB logo. The classic look of that thunder and the letters is something die-hard fans would know, and there’s a bunch of merchandise featuring it. From necklaces, CDs, sunglasses, and key rings to shirts and caps, it's raining Elvis. The King is busy taking care of business even today. Fans might wait longer, though, if they want a pair of blue suede shoes.

1 Graceland Is Also The King’s Resting Place

Some would be surprised to learn that Graceland, aside from being the former home of Elvis, is also his resting place. The musician died at the young age of 42 and was buried at Forest Hill Cemetery next to his mother. Graverobbers attempted to enter the Presley mausoleum, so Lisa Marie decided to transfer the remains of her father and grandmother to the estate. The meditation garden in Graceland now serves as the resting place of Elvis and his parents. It’s a shrine visited by thousands of fans, especially during the musician’s death anniversary. Long live the King, indeed.