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Located only 55.6 miles from Miami, the small Bimini Island stretches over 14 miles and is the Bahamas' westernmost district. This tiny island is one of the most beautiful places travelers can visit in the Bahamas, and its new port makes the island accessible for those traveling on cruises. For those in Miami, it's possible to plan a day trip to Bimini, making it one of the most convenient destinations in the Bahamas.

The best time to visit Bimini is between November and May (winter), when the temperatures are around 75°F. When traveling to Bimini, tourists expect to find coral reefs, a healing blue hole reportedly connected to Atlantis, and colorful fishes. On the island's northwest side, travelers will find the best beaches, where they can easily spend the day.


What To Expect To See At The Pier

The Resorts World Bimini Cruise Port was inaugurated in 2021, boosting tourism on the island. The port allows cruises to dock directly in Bimini, where travelers can walk through a large pier and catch a tram run by Resorts World. This service is available for everyone visiting the island, not only for travelers on an onshore excursion.

The port is located north of the island, within walking distance of many amenities, including shopping, restaurants, resorts, and some of the most beautiful beaches. It's possible to start exploring the beaches in Bimini by crossing the bridge at the port.

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Free Beaches In Bimini

Obviously, the beaches are the main attraction in Bimini, and it's possible to explore them using a free tram or foot. Although some beaches belong to resorts and are only available for guests or travelers willing to pay for the entrance, people can visit other beaches in Bimini for free.

The beaches at Bimini are often described as paradisiac, and travelers can find popular sports with lots of bars and more secluded beaches.

Kayak Beach

The closest beach to the port is Kayak beach, and it's also the first tram stop. It's a glimpse of what Bimini has to offer, and, as the name suggests, it's a place where travelers can rent a kayak and explore Bimini's calm waters. Although it's a great way to start discovering the island, Bimini has other beaches that are more popular and impressive.

Radio Beach

Travelers can rent a golf cart to explore the north part of the island, where they can find fantastic spots like Radio Beach. Located in Alice town and very close to the center, travelers are often mesmerized by its clear waters and visibility.

Radio beach is an urban beach, so it's easy to find bars and restaurants around, making it the perfect place to try seafood dishes and drinks. The trees along the shore create natural shadows, and visitors can easily spend the whole day here. Unsurprisingly, this is one of the busiest sports on the island during the peak season.

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Blister Bay

Blister bay is also located in Alice town and not far from Radio Beach. This spot receives fewer visitors, but it's just as beautiful as Radio beach. It features a long stretch of white sand and everything a visitor can expect of the Caribbean sea with its pristine waters.

This beach is mainly visited by locals, and it's possible to find some vendors selling drinks along the way.

Spook Hill

Spook Hill received this name because it's located near the island's cemetery, but the place would never be described as scary. The palm trees along the beach create natural shadows, and the shallow waters are perfect for children and people who want to relax. This is also one of the most popular beaches in Bimini, and travelers can expect to see many other tourists around.

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Porgy Bay Beach

For travelers trying to find a quiet beach, they should head to Bailey town, where they can discover Porgy Bay Beach. This small beach receives fewer tourists, but it's gorgeous and has an intimate atmosphere. It's an excellent spot for couples looking for a secluded beach or people who want a quiet place.

Tiki Hut Beach

Although the most beautiful beaches are concentrated in the north part of the island, travelers who head to the south won't be disappointed. The place to be in this part of Bimini is the Tiki Hut Beach, a two-mile-long beach surrounded by vegetation. Tourists can expect to see palms, sisal, and many flowers, depending on the time of the year.

Other Ways To Get To Bimini

The cruises are a great way to discover Bimini, but they aren't the only way to reach the island. The fasted way to arrive at Bimini is catching a 30-minute flight from Fort Lauderdale or Miami. For travelers who don't have much time, Tropic Airways has seaplanes with daily round-trips to the island, and it's also an excellent strategy to avoid commercial flights. Their plane has room for eight passengers, so it's possible to organize a trip with friends. The prices start at $162.

Travelers who prefer traditional flights can choose between Bahamas Air, Silver Airways, and Elite Airways. In Miami, it's also possible to book a ferry, and the journey takes approximately two hours.