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Boston is one of the most historical and important cities in the United States of America. It is known as a sports city, being the home of many successful sports franchises. Boston is also known for its food scene, especially the rich seafood that comes out of its harbor. It also is home to some of the world's most renowned universities, but what really brings travelers to Boston is the beer.

Boston is home to over 30 breweries, with many more in the surrounding areas. Boston Brew Tours, a part of City Brew Tours, offers visitors to the city a chance to partake in a fully guided and all-inclusive tour of Boston’s finest breweries.


Boston Brew Tours - Massachusetts’ Original Brewery Tour

Travelers to Boston, Massachusetts, can experience the state's rich history through its delicious craft beer! City Brew Tours Boston, more commonly known as Boston Brew Tours, invites travelers to join them as they take behind-the-scenes looks at the craft breweries, taste local beer, and sample some deliciously paired food.

Original Brew Tour (Public)

The Original Brew Tour is the popular all-inclusive craft beer experience that first started making Boston Brew Tours famous. Travelers will be guided through an exploration of historic Boston breweries while also discovering some wondrous new breweries that have popped up. They are some of the most innovative craft breweries to join the Boston beer scene. Travelers on tour will be able to enjoy the knowledge of their guides, some great food, comfortable transportation, and a lot of tasty beer.

  • Includes - Behind-the-scenes tours of our favorite Boston breweries
  • Sample - up to 16 beer styles across four stops
  • Guided - beer pairing meal
  • Transit - Comfortable round-trip transportation
  • Availability - Thursday & Friday at 11:45 AM. Saturday at 11:00AM & 11:45AM
  • Duration - Approximately 5 hours
  • Price - Starting at $85
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Sip Of Boston Brew Tour (Public)

The Sip of Boston Tour is smaller in breadth than the original tour but serves as an excellent introduction to Boston’s impressive and world-renowned craft beverage scene. This is a more compact adventure. However, travelers will still be spending a few hours visiting and going behind the scenes at three of Boston’s local craft alcohol producers.

  • Includes - VIP access to the history and inner workings of three Boston craft alcohol producers
  • Sample - Up to 12 samples
  • Food - Craft beer pretzel snack
  • Transit - Comfortable round-trip transportation
  • Availability - Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:45 PM. Saturday 5:00PM & 5:45PM
  • Duration - 3.5 hours
  • Price - Starting at $59
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Private Tours

Boston Brew Tours offers its guests the best possible way to celebrate or commemorate an occasion with friends, family, or coworkers. Travelers can work with Boston Brew Tours to customize an evening of beer-tasting adventure. They can possibly handle anywhere from 5-500 guests and can figure out what will work based on the traveler’s budget.

It could be for a special event or a corporate gathering; those who wish to plan a custom tour can work with City Tours to find out which breweries are perfect for this group and what kinds of food will best be paired with the alcohol that will be shared. This is an incredibly special opportunity that travelers to the area should take advantage of.

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The Breweries In Boston

Boston Brew Tours has been a part of Boston for a while now, so they can be trusted to find the best brews. They can help visitors to the city find the smallest independent nano-breweries that brew those unique, small-batch releases to the major regional brewers who help craft beer, especially in Boston, become as well known and popular as it is today. Boston Brew Tours has relationships with all these places, so travelers can trust them.

It is one thing to drink craft beer. It is another to experience the origin story of a great beer and the brewery it came from. Boston is home to some of the best and most award-winning breweries in the world. Travelers would be hard-pressed to find a better way to dive in and experience the world of craft beer than with Boston Beer Tours.

Safe And Sober Transport

Travelers who want to dive into Boston’s beer scene should leave the driving to Boston Brew Tours. Boston traffic is crazy, and the roads are a challenge to navigate. Travelers don’t want to worry about having to get from brewery one to brewery two. With their 15-passenger vans and luxury tour buses, Boston Brew Tours is set to take on a tour of Bean Town. There are so many craft breweries, distilleries, and cider houses in this beautiful and historic city that travelers must check them out. They should just make sure to do it safely. All drivers for Boston Brew Tours have clean driving records as well, so there won’t be much to worry about.