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Yellowstone is famous for being the hydrothermal hotspot of the world with far more geysers than any other location and for being the wildlife hotspot of North America. Yellowstone is the perfect blend of wildlife and some of the most dramatic natural features in the country. The national park includes mountain lions, grizzly bears, black bears, elk, bison, bald eagles, gray wolves, big-horned sheep, and scores of other iconic American wildlife.

One of the best ways to capture the magical moments of Yellowstone is with a photography or painting tour. Go with a professional photographer from the park and capture the best moments on camera. Yellowstone has plenty of photography tours - there are day tours and week-long tours to choose from.


Day Wildlife Tour Of Yellowstone

If one only has a day and would like to have a private photography tour, then Yellowstone Wildlife Tours offers a private tour with a local professional wildlife photographer. This tour is flexible as it is private and customizable. On tour, one will see vast, wide-open landscapes and abundant North American wildlife.

The tour is designed for photographers of all skill levels. The tour is more than just photography; the guide will also interpret wildlife activities and behavior.

The tour spends the day photographing in the wildlife-rich Lamar Valley area of Yellowstone. Imagine snapping pics of bison in the morning fog or a mother grizzly bear tending to her cubs. Come in the autumn and see the malt. One should plan one's trip to Yellowstone around the animal's mating and migration patterns.

Explore Yellowstone's Northern Range and see the predators and their prey (dawn and dusk are the best times when they are the most active).

  • Duration: 8 to 10 Hours
  • Ages: From 8 and Over
  • Type: Private Guided Photo Tour
  • Cost: $800 For The First Guest (for Additional People, $50)
  • Max Guests: 6 Max

Breakfast is provided with hot drinks, and a full picnic spread lunch is provided during the day.

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Yellowstone In Winter - Five-Day Tour

If one would like to come in the winter and see how Yellowstone transforms into a winter fairyland of beauty, consider a week-long tour. Barbara Eddy Photography offers a five-day tour of Yellowstone from the comfort and safety of a snowcoach.

In the winter, the park is quiet. The crowds have gone, the bears are hibernating, and many of the birds have moved on, but many animals remain, and the park is completely different from summer.

Come in the winter and see bison and elk warming near the hot springs. See how the wolves and other residents of the park tough out the winter.

  • Guests: Limited to Five Guests
  • Meals: Included (Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)


  • Six Nights Lodging in West Yellowstone
  • Five Days Of Guides

Barbara will be one's guide who provides intensive photographic instruction in the field.

On this tour, the days being early and ending late - one will be getting the most out of their time in the park. It also includes admission to the Grizzly Bear and Wolf Discovery Center.

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Summer Backpacking / Geyser Basin Photography Workshop

Another tour example is offered by Yellowstone Tour Guides. They offer Yellowstone's only backcountry photography workshop and include camping for two nights under the stars. The tour also includes porters to carry the gear, so one need only carry a camera and a daypack.

The tour is held on the 1st week of August and lasts for three days and three nights. On the first day meet at 320 Ranch in Big Sky at 6.00 pm. At sunrise, the tour heads into the backcountry.

  • Cost: $3,000 Per Person
  • Camping: 2 Nights of Camping
  • When: First Week of August
  • Camping Gear: Included

These are only a few of the many photography tours offered in Yellowstone. The National Park Service has a list of businesses offering photography and painting tours in America's oldest national park. Some of these tours are only offered at specific times a year, while others are offered every day.

Photography tours are not all about photography; one can also relax and enjoy Yellowstone much as one would on a scenic tour of the park.