There's no denying that the past year was tough for everyone and with so many unable to travel, this year's holidays are becoming increasingly important. For many, Mother's Day will be the first time they've seen their families in a year while others might still be waiting it out in the name of caution and safety. Whichever way you're celebrating Mother's Day this year whether it's in-person or from afar, one thing is always the same: choosing a gift for the moms in our lives proves to be a task and a half.


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If the mom you're shopping for happens to be an avid traveler or exudes a sense of wanderlust, then we've got the guide you've been seeking.

Adult Coloring Books

They've been shown to help relieve stress and bring people back to a realm of childhood nostalgia, so why not consider one (or several) of these as a Mother's Day gift? Especially if the mom in your life is currently under a lockdown or isn't able to travel yet, a coloring book might be the way to - literally - bring some color into her life again.

It could be a coloring book featuring scenes from her favorite destination or one that's full of sketches of a place she has yet to visit. Or, if a travel-themed coloring book doesn't feel right, perhaps one that's travel-sized would be perfect for passing the time on a plane during travel downtime.

Inspiring Travel Journal

Etsy is home to many customizable journals and when it comes to inspirational quotes, there are often none as motivational as those spoken by the ones closest to us. Take a chance and get your mom an inscribed journal - we promise she won't be disappointed with something that reminds her of you every time she opens it.

An actual travel journal can be tons of fun as well, especially when it has extras like writing prompts, space for photos, metrics, and conversions that are often needed while abroad.

Airbnb (Or Airline) Gift Card

The easiest way to support any mom's love of travel is to go with a gift card. There are some who believe gift cards can be a bit impersonal but the rules of gift-giving went out the window post-pandemic.

A gift card for Airbnb or for a popular airline might be just the ticket (literally and figuratively) to get her motivated, uplifted, and excited about her future travel adventures. Just make sure there's no expiration date on the gift card or voucher!

Thoughtful Travel Kit With Travel-Sized Products

Sure, you could purchase a pre-stocked travel kid online. Another option, though, is to recall all of your mom's favorite scents and products, and find them in travel sizes. Get a fancy, cute travel bag and stock it with unique items that can't be found in typical travel kits.

Small businesses are a great place to look for these, and they'll often have uniquely scented items as well as personalized face towels, knick-knacks, and essential oils.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Never underestimate the power of blocking out the chaos. Wireless Bluetooth headphones are more popular than ever and this might just be the one thing that the mom in your life needs while traveling.

If she hasn't been introduced to wireless headphones yet then now is a great time for it - no more tangles or uncomfortable earbuds! These also range in price from affordable to high-end now, so it's an option that fits any budget.

Subscriptions To Streaming Or Music Services

Speaking of those headphones, how about a subscription to Spotify or Apple Music? Everyone underestimates the power of music until we realize that it's something we constantly have on in the background and it sounds a lot better when you're not the one paying for it, right?

Streaming services are also a great thing to have on trips so if your mom has an iPod or tablet with no Netflix, Hulu, or Prime, Mother's Day is a great time to introduce these into her life. After all, it is the best way to pass the time while traveling.

Local Experiences

This could mean anything from tickets to a festival or concert to a gift card to a local restaurant or eatery.

Instead of an average cash gift card, this has the careful thought behind it that says, 'I really thought about what you'd like and I think you'd enjoy doing this.' Something that can be redeemed at any time makes it great for future use will remind your mom just how much you pay attention and want her to make great memories.

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