There are beautiful places in the world with special qualities, and Culebra Island in Puerto Rico is one of them. Culebra is a secret, having so much to explore and share. There are plenty of activities travelers can enjoy here – from snorkeling, kayaking, and scuba diving to fishing and sightseeing the breathtaking scenes surrounding this Island. It is an ideal place to connect relax and connect with nature. The attractions here are some of the best ones can ever experience. Planning to explore Puerto Rico's Culebra Island? Here is everything to know.


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Visiting Culebra Island

Because Culebra is situated at the end of the Virgin Islands archipelago, it is sometimes referred to as "Ultima Virgin," which translates to the last virgin. Cayetano Escudero discovered this Island in 1880, and it has been a major tourist attraction ever since. To get to Culebra Island, visitors can board a ferry from Fajardo to the Island.

  • Cost of a ferry from Fajardo: $4.50 Travelers can also access the Island through flights available at the small airport on the Island. The airport offers transportation services to and from San Juan.
  • Cost flight: about $120 (to and fro).

Culebra is known to be a weekend safari destination – thanks to the many beautiful beaches found here. This area has some of the most spectacular coral reefs, allowing snorkelers to wander and experience the best of these beaches. Travelers can also explore the cays surrounding the Island, although the Fish and Wildlife Service requires every visitor to provide permits.

  • Fish and Wildlife Service Address: Box 510, Boquerón, PR 00622

Culebra National Wildlife Refuge administers and regulated the area’s visits to ensure that the Island’s resources are well protected.

Top Tourist Attractions at Culebra

Flamenco Beach

Flamenco Beach is Culebra’s most famous beach and is considered the best in the U.S. and on earth. It features white and soft sands and beautiful coral reefs, making it an ideal spot for swimming and snorkeling. Visitors can camp on the north side of Flamenco Beach. The campgrounds here are run by the government.

  • Contact for Reservations: Autoridad de Conservación y Desarrollo de Culebra, Attn: Playa Flamenco, Apartado 217, Culebra, PR 00775.

Zoni Beach

This beach is one of the most breathtaking beaches on Culebra Island and is a great choice for visitors looking for a place to have peace of mind since it's never crowded. The drawback of visiting this place is one cannot snorkel or enjoy sports as no facilities are supporting such activities. But exploring this beautiful beach can still be worth the time.


Eco tours combined with jet skiing allow visitors to explore the natural treasures of this stunning island, including the most hidden spots. Explore the island's vast marine culture and the most breathtaking beaches on earth, as well as the natural reserves and the greenery. Eco-tours offer a luxury safari, allowing travelers to engage in snorkeling, swimming, and enjoying basking in the sun. The waters sound pleasing, and it's an experience no traveler would want to miss. When going on eco-tours, bring a towel, some set of clothes, and sunscreen. Don't bring an underage child to this kind of tour, as it is not allowed. One can come with their snorkeling equipment or get them at a fee. It is important to listen to the guides assigned during eco-tours.

Culebra Historical Museum "El Polvorín"

Visitors can learn the unique history of the Spanish Virgin Island of Culebra. El Polvorin Museum offers an insight into the Culebra peoples' past. It is an interesting history that children, as well as adults, would enjoy. The museum also stores the memories of the times when Culebra was used as a bombing testing area. There are Navy artifacts to tell that history. There are photos taken as early as 1930 as well as documentaries explaining the Island's history.

  • Opening days: Friday to Sunday
  • Admission Coat: $1

Carlos Rosario beach

Carlos Rosario Beach is an ideal safari destination for travelers looking for the best snorkeling spot in Puerto Rico. Although it is not as popular as Flamenco, Carlos Rosario Beach is not always crowded and is perfect for those seeking peace and serenity. Its beautiful coral reefs allow for the best snorkeling experience. Please be careful not to get hit by local powerboats and water taxis cruising on the beach.

The Culebra National Wildlife Refuge

The United States Fish and Wildlife Department manages and administers these wildlife refuges, alongside many others. Other than a wide variety of bird species, extraordinary wildlife and a diverse range of plants thrive in this mind-blowing environment. Theodore Roosevelt built this refuge in 1909 – thanks to his long-term dream of constructing the world’s largest wildlife.

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Where to Stay in Culebra Island

A safari to Culebra Island means enjoying the island life at its best. Vacation rentals and inns in this place are plenty to make your experience unforgettable. Club Seabourne, the only boutique hotel on the island features basic and deluxe rooms with plasma TVs, private balconies, and fully-equipped bathrooms. One can have a moment's relaxation under palm and mango trees found here.

Visitors traveling as a family or a group can use the Culebra Ocean Front Marbella and get access to two guestrooms as well as bathrooms. This house offers a beautiful space where travelers can even host gatherings while enjoying the peacefulness and quietness of this spot.

The Hillbay View Suites offer travelers a spectacular view of Culebra’s Bay. Up to four visitors can stay in its spacious setting. The rooms are equipped with luxury bathrooms, queen beds, and flat-screen TVs offering satellite channels to entertain travelers. Hillbay View Suites offer an incredible view of the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean. There is free Wi-Fi here; travelers can browse as they wish throughout their Culebra Island safari.

Exploring Culebra’s attractions is the best experience one can ever have. The beautiful beaches, bays, and luxury hotels will make every traveler want to build a house and remain to explore this place forever.