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Grenada is recognized as the spicy land, thanks to its exotic flavor varieties, including ginger, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and more. Travelers visiting this destination will meet vendors selling these spices, and more often find themselves on spice tours wherever they go. While people affectionately refer to Grenada as “the Spice Island of the Caribbean,” there is more to this island! Grenada is brimming with magnificent white sandy beaches, picturesque blue waters, and an amazing culture. The island may be only known for its spices, but it has plenty to offer visitors, including spectacular resorts, breathtaking waterfalls, and beautiful underwater sculptures. Here is what else to experience in Grenada other than its spices.


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Grenada Magnificent Beaches

Other than engaging in a spice tour, the best places to be are Grenada's magnificent sandy beaches. The island boasts more than 45 beaches, but none of them is as spectacular as Grand Anse. Spanning about 1.8 miles, Grand Anse Beach is the best beach on the island. Situated in a preserved location in the southwest, the beach is lined with beautiful restaurants, hotels, and vendors selling almost everything, from water sports equipment to cold drinks. On this beach, travelers will enjoy incredibly fascinating views, rock-free sand, and clear, warm waters. It is the most loved and famous seaside spot, offering an unforgettable vacation experience. This is the perfect location to relax and get the most out of Caribbean seaside life. It is an excellent place to enjoy the sunshine and beautiful clear waters, and engage in some of the most interesting water sports that attract thousands of travelers to the island every year. Kayaking, parasailing, skiing, diving, snorkeling; travelers will find them there. Other picturesque beaches to explore in Grenada are Mome Rouge, Magazine Beach, and La Sagesse.

The Island’s Picture-Perfect Waterfalls

After the incredible sandy beaches, Grenada’s stunning waterfalls are among the island’s top excursions, which is a perfect option for adventurers. Located near the island’s capital, St. George, the Annandale Waterfall is one of the most visited in the area. Seven Sisters Falls is another picturesque waterfall situated in the Grand Etang National Park. A tour around the falls involves a hike, taking about 45 minutes to complete. Travelers can then take some refreshment in the natural pool after being exhausted from the hiking experience. Concord Falls is another must-see waterfall - and there are plenty of stunning trails to get through this place. It is advisable to visit these falls as a part of a tour, as most of them are difficult to locate. Hiring a guide when going through longer hikes is also an option.

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Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park

One of Grenada’s most iconic attractions is the Molinere Bay Underwater Sculpture Park, accessible by boat, and offers travelers the incredible opportunity of snorkeling or diving below the surface to enjoy the incredible views of the sculptures. Created by Jason deCaires Taylor, a British-born sculptor, the park is considered by National Geographic as one of the World's 25 Wonders. The park was built to protect the coral reefs from damage. The sculptor made the sculptures from rebar and concrete and has brought about marine life over the past years. This underwater art is something incredible that every traveler deserves a chance to explore. It links the explorers with the island's history and culture.

Shopping In Grenada

While enjoying the island’s beautiful scenery, visiting its street markets is also worth the time. Head to a street market and get some spices to make a Grenada trip more interesting. Grenada has been named the "Spice Island" for a reason; it is one of the world's leading spice importers, and shopping for some of these spices will make travelers feel that they are in Grenada. Where to shop? Most of the island’s larger markets are found near Grand Anse Beach. St. George's is a hideout of plenty of beautiful shopping spots to explore, including markets, boutiques, galleries, and shops. One of the places to check is Carenage, consisting of some souvenir shops, restaurants, and bars. Then one can head to Sendall tunnel, connecting Melville and Monkton Streets. Inside the Esplanade Mall on Melville Street, there are small souvenir shops and larger stores, selling almost everything. From this mall, one can head to the largest market on the island, the St. George's Market Square, with plenty of colorful products.

Explore the Island's Historic Forts

Built-in 1705 by the French, Fort George is one of Grenada's major sightseeing destinations, having some of the oldest cannons still present in the area. From Fort George, travelers can enjoy an incredible view of the surrounding, including the Bay and St. George from the top, so climbing the fort is worth the time and energy! Also constructed by the French in 1779, Fort Fredrick is another stunning historical fort visitors wouldn't want to miss. The spot guarantees fascinating views, especially from the top. Both Fort George and Fort Frederick offer travelers a chance of learning the island's history.

Explore The Most Beautiful Capital In the Caribbean

Constructed around a huge natural harbor, many people consider St. George's the Caribbean's most picturesque capital. The city features colorful buildings, stone churches, galvanized roofs, and beautiful streets lined with numerous restaurants, markets, and bars. The bordering blue sea, cruise ships, beautiful sailing boats, and the spectacular mountains are a feast for the eyes. The hills in this town are pretty, some of which are steep but guarantee incredible views and scenes of the surrounding beauty. The locals are friendly, and visitors will definitely feel at home when they receive their warm welcome. Travelers should engage the locals and try to learn something from them, St. George's tour will be impressive and memorable.

There is a lot to experience in Grenada. Whether one chooses to explore its gorgeous beaches, stunning waterfalls, or historical forts, travelers are guaranteed some unforgettable memories to take home.