Traveling in a business class is a luxury. Whether the traveler is a frequent flier or flies only once in a while, taking a business class is like spending some lavish time at a luxurious place. But, affording this luxurious flying experience is not everyone’s cup of. The reason behind this is the hefty airplane tickets.

However, there are a few airlines that pamper their travelers without digging a hole in their pockets. One of them is Air Canada’s business class. It is one of the best in North America that offers chauffeur service, lie-flat seats, and chef-curated meals.


What To Expect In Air Canada’s Business Class

The Signature Class experience was launched in 2018 in Air Canada, offering travelers a lot more than expected. Even though the services offered by them before were also excellent, Signature Class has raised the standards. It has made travelers go gaga about flying in Air Canada business class.

Lying in flatbeds, ordering the food and drinks with a remote, and getting them delivered directly to the seat are some perks that travelers enjoy. Additionally, the soothing lighting that claims to help with jet lag is an add-on. Furthermore, there is a chauffeured car service to impress the travelers to the core. Here’s what travelers get in Air Canada business class:

Facilities in Air Canada Business Class

Exclusive Cabin With Comfortable Seats

The business class features an exclusive cabin where travelers can access a window or aisle. The seats are larger extra spacious, with more recline than economic class. Extra legroom ensures more comfortable no matter how long the journey is. Travelers also get adjustable heads and footrests. However, the seats vary according to the plane.

For instance, Boeing 777 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner have executive pods in a 1X2X1 configuration. Boeing 767 and Airbus A330 have classic pods in a 2X2X2 setup.

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Air Canada CleanCare+ For Extra Safety

Amid Covid19, Air Canada is taking all the measures to make its traveler’s journey safe. Passengers get a CleanCare+ kit comprising a mask, hand sanitizer, and antiseptic wipes. Earbud headsets are also provided to them. Pre-departure, travelers get a water bottle.

Priority Service At Every Checkpoint

People traveling in business class can enjoy an exclusive full-service check-in space. It not only features comfortable seating but dedicated self-service check-in kiosks too. It helps business travelers save time and effort. It makes their entire voyage hassle-free.

The priority check-in counters are present at all airports to accelerate the services. Additionally, at selected airports, travelers can find trained Premium Agents. They offer personalized check-in services to them. Passengers taking a domestic flight can find TouchFree Bag Check kiosks in most Canadian airports.

Apart from priority check-in, business class travelers also get priority security clearance where they can access the exclusive lanes and speed through at various security screening points. Likewise, priority baggage handling will ensure that business class travelers’ bags arrive first at the carousel on arrival.

So, when it is about business class, the traveler is at the top of the priority, getting all the premium features and services in Air Canada.

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Baggage Allowance

Passengers in Air Canada’s business class get the chance to enjoy two pieces of free checked luggage of up to 70 pounds each. However, passengers traveling in economic class need to bear the additional cost that varies as per the destination.

Quick Boarding

There are dedicated zones (Zone 1) at major airports at different locations allowing only business class passengers to board first.

Lounges In Air Canada Business Class

The amazing Signature Lounge facility provided by Air Canada makes every traveler fascinated. The 22 global Maple Leaf Lounges are super comfortable, providing a relaxed space for travelers to take a breather. They are luxurious and give travelers a lavish feel.

For instance, the Maple Leaf Lounge at Heathrow is one of the airline’s flagship lounges made of marble and hardwood from Canada. Opened in 2014, this lounge is stretched in a 700 square meter area featuring a quiet zone with personal TV screens and reclining pods. Travelers can find Sony noise-cancellation headsets, USB ports, a business center with PC, printers, and scanners, along with a shower area.

The introduction of new bio-safety measures in the Maple Leaf Lounges ensures maximum safety of travelers amid the pandemic. Here, the travelers get facilities like complimentary Wi-Fi, a place to access digital magazines and newspapers, and complimentary food and beverages.

All that travelers need is to provide their boarding pass at the entrance to access the Maple Leaf Lounges and enjoy the services wherever they are flying.

Food In Air Canada Business Class

The delicious food served in Air Canada business class can tempt every traveler to visit all over again. For flights over 2 hours, the business class features an all-inclusive meal tray that will have a hot casserole, salad, bread roll vinaigrette, and dessert. However, for shorter flights that cover the distance of fewer than two hours, the travelers get pre-packages cold meal boxes. Some snack items or cold breakfast is generally served for shorter flights.

At bar service, travelers can enjoy bottled water, Lavaza coffee, Perrier, black tea, beer, and a wide range of juices. They can also get individual-sized bottles of white, red, and sparkling wine to enjoy their travel.

For entertainment, there is plenty of top-rated movies, music, TV, audiobooks, podcasts, and whatnot for the passengers. Additionally, the passengers can receive BMW chauffeur service when flying through Toronto. With so many services and features, Air Canada’s business class is one of the best to fly. Booking the tickets well worth the time can help grab them at a reasonable price.

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