Throughout 2020, the housing market became somewhat explosive as people began realizing that the more time they spent in their homes, the more they wanted a different lifestyle. Real estate agents saw anything from people looking to get out of the rental life and own a home, those who were looking to downsize, and those looking to upsize for the sake of more space. Rental properties also saw a rise in applicants as people were looking to jump states or cities, seeking a new background or, again, a different lifestyle.


Whatever the reason is for the move across state lines, the rules are always the same: If you do things right, think out every move, and are confident in your ability to begin a new life, it's true: anything is possible. Everyone has thoughts on what to do when it comes to moving but it seems like no one ever discusses what not to do... So we will.

Don't Move Without Checking Out The Area You Plan To Live In First

There's a difference between spending time in the city that you're committed to and spending time in the location of a potential apartment or house. Many times, people fall in love with a city or town but end up having to live just outside of it, and this can lead to a bit of mystery when it comes to the future a person will have there.

Do some scouting around affordable neighborhoods and be sure to spend a morning and an evening there, even driving around will give you a clue as to what vibe you can expect if you commit.

Don't Consider It Offical Until A Lease Has Been Signed Or House Reached Closing

It's expected that moving will cause excitement - it's a new life! However, this excitement shouldn't really kick in full-blast until everything is official. It's super challenging to keep emotions under control until that confirmation comes through, but it'll be worth it... celebrating in the name of a newly-signed lease or a new home is far better than celebrating the potential that it has.

Don't Wait To Communicate The News To Family And Friends

You don't need to have a confirmation on a place to live until you communicate the news to family and friends. Of course, it's a personal preference on exactly when a person chooses to tell their loved ones about the move, but there's a good reason for telling them early on.

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For starters, the moving process, as a whole, takes some time - packing boxes, doing research, contacting new jobs, etc., - and it might limit the amount of time one originally thought they'd have to spend with people before moving. Secondly, this gives others ample time to reach out and arrange get-togethers, plan going-away parties, or simply get used to the idea of one's absence.

Don't Forget About The Three P's: Paper, Projects, And Purging

This is a very important thing to remember. Paper accounts for any important documents that might need to be organized or placed into a folder or filing cabinet so they aren't misplaced.

Projects refers to anything that needs to be done prior to moving, such as address changes, touching up an apartment or cleaning, shopping for new furniture, and the like. And, finally, purging is in regard to going through any clothes, personal items, or anything else that could be sold, donated, or upgraded.

Don't Forget To Pack A 'First Night' Bag

Many people are so excited about the move that they forget to pack a 'first-night' bag. While it's true that you could just go to the local pharmacy and pick up things such as overnight items, it's much nicer to have a bag that was thoughtfully by a pre-moving-stress you, rather than having all-new, extra items and no fresh clothing (that's reachable, anyway - there will be a lot of boxes).

Don't Hire A Moving Company Without Getting Multiple Estimates

It's easy to just sign off on a moving company because it fits in your budget but where there's one, there are many.

Some companies will still sit far outside of your budget but might offer services that perfectly fit your moving timeline or situation. Others might come back at a lower rate than the original bid you'd planned to accept. It's a matter of research and persistence.

Don't Forget To Find The Basics: Doctors, Auto Repair Shops, Gas Stations, Grocery Stores

These are all things that it's easy enough to push to the back burner and say 'I'll get to it later on' and then never really get around to it. Somehow, in the midst of all the moving excitement, months will go by without any of these things getting checked off the list. These can even be found prior to moving if you've already secured a job and a place to live, which makes them virtually stress-free.

Don't Be Afraid To Meet New People Right Away

There are many apps out there now such as Meetup and Bumble BFF that are helpful for meeting people in your area. While the pandemic made doing this that much tougher, it just means there will be plenty of people out there waiting to say hello when this is all over.

Plus, FaceTime and Zoom make it pretty easy to be face-to-face with someone, and it can take the stress out of meeting over coffee or planning an extensive outing. Knowing even one person can make the transition that much smoother!

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