With travel bans starting to lift and more people staying in hotels, it’s necessary to learn new etiquettes on how to treat hotel staff, especially if one needs any special hotel requests. In general, it is always best to plan ahead to let the hotel know of any necessities a guest might need to make their stay a pleasant one but that is not always possible. If there is really something a guest needs during their stay, below is a list of how to ask for the most common necessities (Trujillo & Klurman, 2021). Do remember that hotel staff has a responsibility to try to resolve problems but there are above all human beings with feelings and deserve decency.


Asking For A Room Change

Sometimes a guest may request a room change to get away from a noisy environment whether it be a neighbor or a loud construction site outside. However, it is always advisable to ask questions about the room one is booking as there might not be many available rooms when arriving.

  • What to do: Pick up the hotel phone and call the front desk to ask for a room change. They will most likely move the guest to a quieter option if it’s the noise they are running from. It is the hotels’ duty to ensure their client has a pleasant stay free of disturbance.
  • What not to do: It is advised to call the front desk as soon as the guest wants to change because of noise and avoid waiting until it’s unbearable. Guests should not try to solve hotel problems on their own by trying to go knock on the neighbor's door as that might cause the other person to feel defensive and pose a threat. In general, noisemakers in a hotel room are given up to three warnings to reduce their noise after which they are asked to leave the hotel.

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Asking For A Room Upgrade

There are many instances where people feel the need to change their room but feel hesitant as they might be scared of a negative reaction or lack of accommodation. Sometimes the guest might need the upgrade because they have special needs, or they have a very special occasion which they wish to celebrate in a better room.

  • What to do: When the guest confirms their reservation, they should repeat twice as well as when they check-in at the hotel. However, do this when there is no person within earshot to avoid putting the hotel staff in an awkward position. In most cases, asking for a corner room just gives the guest more space than the rest of the rooms at no extra cost.
  • What not to do: Guests should avoid feeling entitled to a room upgrade and disrespecting the customer service representatives trying to help by yelling, ignoring, hitting, or generally being unpleasant. They should also avoid lying about the reason that they want a room upgrade but stay honest and the staff might just upgrade for you as it’s the straightforward thing to do that would help you one with staff understanding their side.

When The Guest Prefers Adjoining Rooms

In some cases, guests travel with their friends and family, so they might want to be close by if they are visiting each other frequently. In this case, it is best to book way ahead of time because such rooms are usually in demand.

  • What to do: Call the hotel and ask if they offer connecting rooms, and do not book online as most hotels don’t list their rooms as connected. Most hotels will pull out all stops to accommodate families and friends together
  • What not to do: Do not call reservations because they usually do not know whether or not there are connecting rooms in the hotel. It’s important for them to talk to the front desk and remember to get their names in order to refer back to them in case they need anything.

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Asking For A Hotel Room With A View

Everyone enjoys a room with a good view but that is a luxury that comes at an extra cost. If the guest prefers a view they must be prepared to pay a bit more in comparison with a regular room.

  • What to do: The guest should use a travel agency that is familiar with the hotel layout and ask them to help in the booking process. It is easier to say the exact room they want than ask. But since rooms are usually only assigned once the guest is at the hotel, rather talk to the front desk for assistance with that request.
  • What not to do: The guest should not try to book online because they would not know which room has the best view, but booking through an email or telephonically is better where one will be able to talk with a representative.

Asking For Room Service And Utilities

We all most likely try to travel as light as possible but it may not always be the case. However, hotel rooms usually have freebies that travelers carry with themselves like soap to make traveling lighter possible.

  • What to do: Call the front desk and ask for whatever you need and if it comes at no extra cost they will likely give the guest. Alternatively, one may send an email with all the amenities they might need ahead of time so the hotel is aware.
  • What not to do: Do not call the hotel front desk at peak times (checking in and checking out time) when they will not be able to handle any special requests (Harris, 2022)

A Tip You Might Need To Know

There are no guarantees that the guest will always get their special request fulfilled by the hotel staff but seeking help from the right personnel ahead of time can save stress, time, and money.

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