The great Mount Everest is hailed as the world’s tallest mountain. It is found in the mountain ranges of the Himalayas and is located in the northernmost part of East Nepal. It is also considered as the Roof of the World. Some people even regard it as the Third Pole.

Indeed, this mountain has received a lot of praise and admiration for its beauty and magnificence. No other mountain can even compare to this beautiful natural work of art. It is primarily because of this that many people find this to be their conquest. It’s as if the only way to beat its grandeur is by climbing to the top of it.


That is why mountain climbers commonly associate themselves with this great mountain. This often led many people into thinking that Mt. Everest is only for mountain climbers. But they’re mistaken. In fact, there is a lot more to Mt. Everest than just merely mountain climbing.

The beauty and grandeur of Everest are not only blessed to mountain climbers. Tourists who want to discover this magical place by doing things other than mountain climbing can enjoy the time of their lives by also doing the following activities.

Sleigh Rides In Mt. Everest

Because of the spectacular vistas of the mountain and also given the spacious area, Mt. Everest is also conducive for sleighing. For some tourists, sleigh rides that are drawn by horses can be the most comfortable way to explore the beautiful landscapes of Mt. Everest.

Horse sledding rides in such mountains is a perfect way to exercise with leisure. It’s an ideal way for you to move your muscles and tendons while at the same time enjoying the beautiful mountains of Nepal.

Most local villagers in the nearby areas offer this kind of activity. While it may be true that it is not as famous as mountain climbing, you will equally have the same feeling of rush and excitement as you ride on horse sleighs.

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Skiing On The Slopes Of Mt. Everest

The great Mt. Everest lies on the Himalayan crests. It has an enormous height of about 29,016 feet which makes it an exciting and challenging place to ski. Not all people may be brave enough to do so because it is, in itself, a giant force of nature. But if you like to feel the adrenaline rushing in your veins, skiing will indeed keep you on your toes.

There are several trailblazers who have skied on Mt. Everest. There may be some difficulties and roadblocks along the way. But getting to the final destination is considered a personal conquest of the mammoth Mt. Everest.

Planning A Winter Trip

If you’re thinking about skiing on Mt. Everest, remember that July is the snowiest month on the tall landmark. So, you should consider May through June as your ideal months to take a vacation in the Himalayas. It is during this period that Mt. Everest snows but not to the extent that it is too cold. Since May to June is the best transition to snow, you can still feel some warmth and it is less windy. So, it is a great opportunity for you to ski.

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If you want to enjoy the scenery more when exploring the great Everest, hiking should be included in your trip itinerary. Ever since the great slopes of Mt. Everest were exposed to the public when the first climbers in 1953 braved the mountain, more and more people are drawn to visiting the mountain. Since most of them are not athletes and are not particularly inclined to do extreme sports, hiking is the best way to do it in Mt. Everest.

When hiking, you will get to go through different villages. The trail is long but very exciting. All throughout your hiking experience, you will have the opportunity to see majestic views not only of Mt. Everest but also of other mountains, such as the Nuptse or Lhotse.

And since you are just trailblazing, you get to see different Himalayan animals in close range. If you’re lucky, you get to see musk deers, Himalayan goats, and even the controversial snow leopard, which most villagers believe to actually exist.

Experience The Unique Culture Of Nepal

Above all the many things and activities that you can do in Mt. Everest, the experience by far is the unique familiarity of the rich culture and tradition of Nepal. There are indeed a lot of things that you can experience in Nepal that will speak of the very culture of the Himalayas. Being the very peak of the Himalayan Mountain, exploring it is a culmination of getting to know various ethnic cultures in the area.

There are a lot of locals who you may come across. You will know that these people may belong to different ethnic tribes. These are the Tibetan, Sherpa, Nepalese, and a lot more. Because they have several ethnic groups, Mt. Everest also celebrates various ethnic festivals. Witnessing such festivals allows you to appreciate the traditions and culture of the Tibetan locals. It is, after all, a great way for you to explore Mt. Everest – and that is, meeting the locals that live there.

Embracing The Experience Minus The Climb

Having finally toured Mount Everest can be a very life-changing experience. Not all people get the courage and the opportunity to even come close to the world’s tallest mountain. So why not surmount the omnipotence of Mt. Everest in a fun and entertaining way through these different activities!

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