A few locations have something to offer at all times of the year. Among them is Jasper National Park. The park is a mesmerizing utopia in the summers, with lush foliage. But when the cold months approach, it transforms into a pure white paradise.

In Alberta, Canada, Jasper Nature Reserve is a vast mountainous region. The biggest national reserve in the Canadian Rockies is a genuinely unique site with a superb grid of hiking routes, spectacular scenery, and natural attractions. Snow-covered Alpine peaks, cascades, rivers, thermal springs, and icecaps are all part of the park's natural paradise.


Reaching Jasper National Park

Via Air

  • Nearest Airport - Edmonton International Airport- 392.5 Km
  • Visitors can hire a taxi which takes around 4 hours and 15 minutes to reach the park.

Via Train

  • Nearest Railway Station - Jasper Train station
  • Visitors can hire a taxi which takes around 30 minutes to the park.

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Top Things To Do At Jasper National Park


Mount Edith Cavell Trail

The Cavell Valley Trail is a Jasper favorite that takes hikers through blooming meadows, icecaps, and mountains. As hikers approach the tree line, the floral arrangements in Cavell Meadows become fairly rich.

While the sights of Angel Glacier are excellent all along this section of path, hikers can cautiously step up on the rocks to gain an even clear view of Cavell Pond when they are right across from it. The trail next traverses a woodland and squiggles its way back up to Cavell Meadows.

Valley Of The Five Lakes Trail

The Meadow of the 5 Lakes is a pleasant, moderate hike that takes visitors past five distinct colored lakes.

The five lakes are different tints of blues and greens caused by glacier stone dust.

Whitewater Rafting

Rafting expeditions are a fantastic opportunity to visit several of Jasper National Park's most isolated places while providing an adrenaline rush. Rapids rafting is now among the top summer sports in Jasper National Park due to the abundance of streams.

  • The Athabasca River provides a good beginning to white water rafting, with many Type 2 white water thrills.
  • The Fraser River's raging rapids are guaranteed to immerse every rafter, and also provide opportunities to see animals and seasonal breeding salmon.
  • Visitors wade into the greatest whitewater segment of the tour after a brief detour around Rearguard Waterfalls.

Ice Adventures

Visitors can take part in one of the top thrilling winter activities, ice climbing.

Ice climbers flock to the area in the winters. Climbers of all ability levels can find everything from alpine snow climbs to small bolted mixed and dried probing climbs.

Tourists can enjoy a sleigh ride at Pyramid Lake, which is a typical winter adventure, with paired teams of horses, synched bells, and coaches with comfy seats and cozy throw quilts. Visitors can also enjoy ice skating on Lake Mildred's pristine rink, which includes the round circuit and a hockey arena for bouts.

Enjoy A Skytram Tour

Visitors should expect to be astonished when they acquire a fresh viewpoint on the park.

The informed flight crew is on board to highlight the various sites along the trip.

Leap out into a clifftop adventure that guests will remember as the SkyTram gracefully comes to rest at the alpine Higher Platform.

With vistas of six high snow-covered peaks, frozen ponds, streams, and the mountain village. A ride on the Jasper SkyTram will awaken all of the sensations.

Relax And Unwind In The Thermal Springs

Miette Hot Springs is the warmest natural spring in the Rockies. It is a wonderful complement to the generally physically intense activities in the region.

The water rushes from the hill at a scalding 54 degrees Celsius until being reduced to a more tolerable 36 degrees Celsius. There are many hot baths and magnificent landscapes in this place.

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Where To Lodge

Pyramid Lake Resort

An on-site beach, restaurants, and accommodations with electric fireplaces are available at the Pyramid Lake Resort. In all places, there is free Internet access.

  • The resort offers cable television in all of its rooms.
  • In every room, there is a kitchenette and an espresso machine.
  • The resort has a fitness center and a heated pool.
  • The Pines dining offers breakfast, luncheon, and supper with breathtaking views of the area.
  • There is no charge for parking.

Overlander Mountain Lodge

  • There is a dining, a pub, and a seasonal porch on-premise. There is complimentary internet access available throughout the facility.
  • Each bedroom at Overlander Mountain Lodge has a four-piece bathroom.
  • A gas heater can be found in some rooms.
  • There is no television or phone in the tranquil accommodations.
  • Brunch and supper are served every day at the lodge's Stone Peak informal dining.
  • In the Fireside Bar, guests can relax with a cocktail in front of the campfire.

Maligne Lodge

A steam room, an infinity pool, and an open-air hot pool are available at the Maligne Lodge. There is an espresso machine and a minibar in every room. There is complimentary internet access available all across the facility.

  • Cable television is included in each bedroom at Maligne Lodge.
  • A hairdryer, laundry facilities, and complimentary local phone services are also available.
  • Kitchenettes are available in some units.
  • A fitness room is available to visitors.
  • The lodge also has a reception desk and concierge services for the guests' convenience.

Jasper Inn And Suites

The Jasper Inn and Suites features an infinity pool, heated bath, and an on-site restaurant.

There is a sauna and a fitness room. All guest accommodations include complimentary internet access.

  • All rooms at the inn have cable television.
  • Every room is well decorated and includes espresso and tea-making appliances.
  • There is also a refrigerator available.
  • Evening supper is available at The Inn Grill, which serves traditional Canadian food.
  • Visitors can enjoy their food on the heated patio throughout the summertime.

Jasper National Park, famous for its immense wilderness, high peaks, plentiful wildlife, and scenic wonders, is the ideal winter visit for any nature lover.

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