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Yellowstone is a wonderland like none other - it's no surprise it was America's very first national park. Yellowstone is regarded as America's very best wildlife hotspot and is a place where one can see the best of American wildlife year-round. While summer is the peak season, winter brings with it a completely different world.

In the winter, most services are shut, the crowds are gone, the bears are hibernating, and many birds have flown, but there are winter attractions one just can't see during the summer. It is the perfect time to explore the park. There is no best time to see the Yellowstone wildlife as it all changes, and each season is a unique experience. One should plan one's trip to Yellowstone around the park's wildlife mating, behavioral, and migration patterns.


Yellowstone Snowshoeing Tours

There is a selection of snowshoeing tours in Yellowstone during the winter. Yellowstone Guides offers private snowshoeing tours that unlock otherwise inaccessible parts of the park for adventurous photographers.

During the summer months, wildlife is spread out throughout the park, but in the winter, it groups together in the lower valleys (like Lamar Valley).

For over 6,000 years, the native peoples of America have made snowshoes to handle otherwise impassable conditions. It enables people to explore a landscape covered in blankets of snow.

  • Includes: Professional guide, Transportation, Lunch, Snowshoes
  • Excludes: Yellowstone Entrance Fee


  • 1 to 2 People: $675
  • 3 to 4 People: $725
  • Additional People: $75

The tour beings with a pick-up from one's lodging and enters the park through the north entrance. The guide will explain many things about the area - including its winter ecology, history, geology, and winter wildlife. Keep one's eyes peeled for wolves, elk, moose, bison, and coyotes.

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Yellowstone Backcountry Ski Tours

Unlock the snowed-in Yellowstone backcountry with a ski tour. Yellowstone Ski Tours offers tours designed for people of all abilities and specializes in guiding high-quality backcountry ski trips in the northern region of the park. They aim to promote knowledge, skills, and experience with these immersive ski tours.

The ski trips are also educational with wildlife and winter ecology, avalanche education, learning useful backcountry skills, and more.

Ski Guiding Rates:

  • 1 Person: $475 Per Day
  • 2 People: $325 Each Per Day
  • 3 People: $250 Each Per Day
  • 4 People: $200 Each Per Day

If one would like to make it a multi-day excursion, then an additional $150 is charged per day per participant. Enjoy the thrill of camping in the wintery Yellowstone overnight.

  • Includes: Gear, Transport, Optional Use of Shelters/Tents

Ski tours are an opportunity to ski amongst the herds of bison, past packs of wolves, to other wildlife - like elk. Wildlife one may see include moose, fox, coyote, marten, ermine, elk, bighorn sheep, eagles, and wolves.

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Yellowstone Winter Wolf Tours

While this Yellowstone Winter Wolf Tour is not necessarily a snowshoeing or skiing tour, it is still an unmissable Yellowstone winter tour. In the winter, non-hibernating and non-migratory wildlife are bunched up into the low valleys. This means it is feasting time for the famed wolf packs of Yellowstone.

Winter is the best time for wolf photographers and the best opportunity to film them exploring, hunting, and playing with their pack.

  • Includes: Professional guide, Transportation, Lunch, Binoculars
  • Excludes: Yellowstone Entrance Fee


  • 1 to 2 People: $675
  • 3 to 4 People: $725
  • Additional People: $75
  • Over 7 People: Call Them

The tour leaves early from one's lodging before the crack of dawn so that one can see the first rays of sunlight in the park.

  • Tip: Bring Telescoping Lens

Other Winter Tours In Yellowstone

There are plenty more options for exploring Yellowstone during the winter, with lots of companies offering winter tours. Another type of tour to consider is a wildlife safari with an enclosed, heated snow coach. Alternatively, take a snowmobiling tour.

The National Park Service lists dozens of recognized winter tour providers in Yellowstone - so the only issue one will have is trying to choose one from all the many options.

There are single-day tours and multi-day tours that include camping out in the snow under the stars. Many of the lodges also offer accommodation/tour winter packages that can save money on the experience.