Lake Louise is beautiful year-round, but winter is the most impressive time to explore this gorgeous destination. The Canadian Rockies are world-famous, and many travelers prefer them for summer getaways, Lake Louise is special in winter, coming with endless outdoor opportunities to explore.

The blue waters' gorgeous look disappears, and some hiking trails aren't available, but what travelers get in return is something they can only imagine. There are plenty of fun adventures to catch. Planning a winter vacation in Lake Louise? Here are the 10 things worth braving the cold for.

10 Go Ice Skating

Ever thought about going skating on a frozen lake? There is no better skating in the Canadian Rockies than on the gorgeous lake Louise.

The rink is spacious enough for skaters to roam and play freely, even speeding up whenever they feel like it. While there are many skating rinks vacationers can find in Banff, the one in Lake Louise is the only well-maintained rink.

From the rink, travelers will enjoy magnificent views of the Victoria Glacier. Warm up by the fire pits set at the lakeside or sip some coffee at the nearby Fairmont.

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9 Wander The Gorgeous Lake Louise Lakefront

Walking the shoreline of Lake Louise is one of the most impressive ways to explore the surroundings and take in the lake's breathtaking winter views.

While the lake is frozen in winter, travelers can still stroll through the boardwalk and some open trails to experience the beautiful area from different angles.

The paved area of the boardwalk is found at the lakefront and stretches to the Lake Louise Lakefront Trail's trailhead, where vacationers will get spectacular views of the bordering mountain peaks.

8 Hike The Fairview Lookout

Most of the hiking trails around Lake Louise are either closed for being too dangerous to hike in winter or not suitable for some groups of tourists.

Fairview Lookout is one of the most accessible trails in winter, and it comes with beautiful surprises, including fascinating views of the lake and the famous Fairmont Hotel.

Generally, this trail is moderately challenging to hike and takes about an hour to complete on normal days. It is a popular area for not just hiking; people also go running and bird watching.

7 Go Cross Country Skiing At Lake Louise

Cross-country skiing is definitely worth braving the cold if visiting Lake Louise in winter, and it is a perfect place, even for travelers with less advanced skills.

The route goes all the way to the frozen waterfall behind the lake, and vacationers can always find their way back. It takes some time to get used to cross-country skiing, but the best part about it is that the opportunity comes with lots of fun, especially if in groups of beginners trying to learn together.

Lake Louise area boasts 11 track set trails for Cross Country skiing, and more if six in the Pipestone and Bow Valley Parkway areas are included.

6 Explore The Charming Sunshine Village

Located right in the middle of Banff National Park, travelers visiting Lake Louise can reach Sunshine Village in 40 minutes!

It is the only ski resort in Banff — and offers visitors perfect snow and landscape for skiing, thanks to its position high in the alpine of the Canadian Rockies, giving an incredible snow quality and sweeping vistas.

A tour of Sunshine Village ski resort is bound to be incredible and wouldn’t be forgotten.

5 Go Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing in Lake Louise is fun and is one of the best winter activities, worth braving the cold. Thanks to numerous routes and mixed winter climbs, this area attracts thousands of ice climbers every year.

Louise Falls, for instance, is frozen in winter, offering travelers a perfect ice-climbing experience. Being one of the most popular routes for winter vacationers, one will definitely find others doing ice climbing, especially over the weekends.

Even ice climbing beginners will have the best winter vacation, thanks to several adventures available to offer the necessary guides.

4 Snowshoeing At Lake Louise

Snowshoeing is one of the favorite winter activities at lake Louise, and travelers will find plenty of tours offering guided trips for the best experience.

Lake Louise area has about six snowshoe trails, each covering different distances and elevations. The trails are well-maintained, making them safe and exciting to explore.

Mirror Lake via Lake Agnes and Taylor Lake are some of the most impressive snowshoe trails, as they promise incredible experiences, with gorgeous views of the surrounding.

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3 Visit Peyto Lake

Visiting one of the most magnificent lakes in the Rocky Mountains is definitely worth braving the winter cold.

The lake is located on the Icefields Parkway, and many vacationers prefer exploring it on a drive to the viewpoint, just off the parkway.

From this viewpoint, travelers will enjoy unmatched views of Peyto Lake and its gorgeous surrounding. It takes about thirty minutes to get to Peyto Lake from Lake Louise, making it one of the winter-must-sees.

2 Grab A Drink At The Lake Louise Ice Bar

This bar only operates in winter, from 20th December till the end of the season, and grabbing a drink from it is one of the most fun things to do in Lake Louise in winter.

There are varieties of hot and cold drinks there, including hot chocolate, ice wines, coffee, liquors, and Jägermeister.

For vacationers into mash mellows, the bar offers gas fire heaters where travelers can catch some warmth and enjoy roasting marshmallows.

1 Go On A Winter Scenic Drive At The Icefields Parkway

The Icefields Parkway is undoubtedly one of the most scenic roads in Canada, and even more spectacular in winter, thanks to the magnificent views along the way.

The driveway extends for 232 kilometers and starts from Lake Louise to the world-famous Jasper.

A non-stop winter drive along this gorgeous route takes three hours to complete, but a whole day, as travelers make several stops to enjoy the breathtaking surrounding would be perfect.