Avoiding crowds and hanging out with a bunch of hot young people at the lake is exactly what Tulameen is all about. There are many hidden gems in the Canadian province of British Columbia, such as Telegraph Cove on Vancouver Island where you can kayak with whales, and Tulameen should be included among them.

Over in Europe, there are a ton of tiny villages and towns that are highly Instagrammable. They're full of history and culture, but not always the best place for a summer vacation. The same can't be said for the virtually untouched village of Tulameen on Otter Lake, which is a small community 26 kilometers northwest of the town of Princeton and 185 kilometers from Vancouver.

Without further ado, here is the hidden gem village of Tulameen in B.C., where to find it and what to do there.

10 Getting To This Little Slice Of Heaven Takes Just A Few Hours

When most travelers plan their trip to Vancouver they consider a number of different attractions such as the Richmond Night Market and the Sea-To-Sky Gondola, but they forget about the tiny resort towns found a few hours east of the Canadian metropolis. The tiny town of Tulameen is remote, to say the least, but offers some truly relaxing Summer attractions that shouldn't be missed. For those wondering, it only takes about three and a half hours to get there from Vancouver via the Trans-Canada Highway and Highway 5A.

9 Given That There Are Only 250 Permanent Residents, Amenities Are Purposefully Limited

It's not uncommon for residents of Tulameen to be without mail delivery in the winter due to the remoteness of the area and other factors. This is one of the reasons why there are only about 250 permanent residents in the small town, most of which are retirees. In the summer months, the town attracts a ton of hot youngsters looking for a relaxing place to party. While there is a Skidoo dealer and repair center, skating rink, library, and general store, the town is missing practically everything else. Going to Tulameen means you're hanging out with nature.

8 Book Your Accommodation Early As The Best Places Go Fast

There are only a few different options for accommodation in Tulmaneen, both in terms of camping and more comfortable cabins. In fact, there are only two places you can camp or park our RV in Tulameen, Otter Lake Provincial Park, and Dobie Ville On The River. But this is due to the small size of this paradise. A number of cabins and cottages, ranging in price and quality, can be rented in the area. There's also an Inn, but your best bet is to book a cabin for your family or group, which you can do through TulmaneenBC.com. Just be aware that you need to do so in advance.

7 A Tiny Town At The End Of A Lake That's Ideal For Swimming And Getting Your Tan On

The tiny town of Tulmaneen sits at the southern end of Otter Lake, which is about 20 kilometers north-east of the Princeton and 185 kilometers away from Vancouver. The 6KM long lake covers about 290 hectares, according to the TulmaneenBC website. It's an absolutely fantastic place for taking a dip, water-skiing, and stand-up paddleboarding, which is one of the reasons why so many young people gather their friends and travel there in the summer months.

6 You Have To BYOB AKA "Bring Your Own Boat"

There are no boat rental places in Tulameen, according to TripAdvisor, so if you plan on getting out on Otter Lake, you're going to have to bring your own boat. In fact, given Tulameen's remote location, there isn't any boat rentals anywhere in the area. You'd have to travel to the Okanagan to find one. But once you do bring your own boat, you can launch it from the area located towards the southern end of Otter Lake, adjacent to the town of Tulameen. Boating in Tulameen is utterly relaxing and a great way to take in the heat of the summer.

5 Hiking To The Tulameen Falls Is Absolutely Magical

According to Princeton, B.C.com, the Tulameen Falls hike is one of the best in the area even though it's short and only a moderate grade hike. It's really all about the spectacular waterfall that waits for hikers near the end of the verdant stroll. Due to the presence of two river crossings on the hike, it's recommended that visitors use the Tulameen Falls Trail only in the low water seasons. The trail, which is approximately 30KM on the Tulmaeen FSR, winds through an old-growth forest and steep rocks along the river's edge and takes about an hour to complete.

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4 Old-Fashioned Camping Experiences At The Otter Lake Campground

There are no tricks about the Otter Lake Campground. It is good, old-fashioned camping at its finest. The popular park has two locations, the main picnic and a day-use area in the village of Tulameen as well as a lakeside campground about 5km further north of Tulameen that can be accessed via Coalmont Road. The cascading mountains that surround this lake-side campground give it an isolated and private feel. It also means that you're likely to spot an assortment of wildlife... bears and cougars included, so be prepared. You can make reservations for this campsite at bcparks.ca.

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3 Trails For Horseback Riding And ATV Adventures

There are numerous trails around the town of Tulameen, but not all are exclusively meant for hikers. You could go to the Skidoo/Can-Am dealership and rent yourself an ATV to take through the backcountry. While most of the main trails aren't meant for motorized vehicles, there is a near-endless network of forest service roads that are perfect for cranking it. Additionally, horseback riding is popular and can be done on the vast majority of the trails in and around Tulmaneen.

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2 Jumping Off The Trans Canada Trail Bridge Into That Gorgeous Lake Water

While we're sure it's not recommended, people of all ages love to jump off the bridge over the mouth of the stream that flows into Otter Lake at the southeast side of the lake. It's part of the Trans Canda Trail which is a historic stretch and is part of the old Kettle Valley Railway that runs along the lake and over to the Okanagan. It's a great place for an easy walk, horseback ride, or to take your bike. It has some of the best views of the lake and the lush scenery that surrounds this little slice of paradise.

1 Tulameen Family Days Are One Of The Few Events Held In This B.C. Town

There are only a handful of public events held in Tulameen each year. Most people who travel there just want to spend time with nature or those they've arrived with. But Tulameen Family Day, which is held on Saturday at noon on the August long weekend, is really special for kids, according to PrincetonBC.com. It features tins of activities and crafts for the little ones but also has a beer garden for the adults. It's also really quite charming. You know, in a duck racing, raffle, and horseshoe throwing kind of way.

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