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What makes an exhilarating getaway are the memories that come with it. And Silver Dollar City effortlessly brings all the fun, thrill, and fulfillment in just a day. This 1880s-themed attraction in Branson, Missouri, is an award-winning theme park that packs dozens of shops, restaurants, and rides, all waiting to be explored by adrenaline appetites and risk-averse travelers.

However, with many spots to explore, it can be pretty challenging for guests to know what activities to try first. After all, they have 24 hours to make memories of their lifetime. These are the top activities adventurers can do in one day.


Hop On Some Thrilling Rides: Powder Keg Roller Coaster And Outlaw Run

For adrenaline-seekers yearning to start their day with a hair-raising experience, this place doesn't disappoint. The coaster takes only 2.8 seconds to switch from 0 to 53 miles an hour. Later, it merges its gravitational forces and compressed air launch to hit a top speed of 63 miles per hour. And all riders can do is make faces and scream in both scare and excitement.

The Powder Keg traverses down the hill before flying adventurers high through the trees, where they can soak up outstanding views. In the end, the coaster places everyone upside down before returning to the launching station. While it’s an activity that gets everyone praying for their dear lives, it’s one ride every adrenaline junkie shouldn’t miss.

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Outlaw Run is another ride that lets daring souls test their bravery. And there’s a reason it’s in the Extreme Thrill category. Besides reaching a top speed of 68 miles per hour, this wooden roller coaster delivers a steep first drop of 162 feet. Throughout the ride, adventurers experience moments of unexpected turns, blazing speed, and other insane occurrences that will have them screaming for help. But, the hair-standing moments and minutes of desperation will be worth the panoramic views of the mountain terrains.

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See Demonstrations From Local Craftspeople

While the rides and scenery are fascinating, there’s something fulfilling that comes with watching talented artisans. And every thrill-seeker deserves to experience it while here. Well, craftsmanship among the people of the Ozarks has been a thing since back in the day. And today, Silver Dollar City is home to over 100 artisans who bring authenticity to the park. No wonder it was declared ‘The Home of American Craftsmanship!’

Demonstrations happen throughout the park, where blacksmiths, glass-blowers, furniture makers, and candy-makers showcase their God-given talent and traditional art of making unique handmade wares. The end products, including glass pitchers, ceramic pots, and cutting boards, are open for sale, so travelers can buy whatever pleases their eyes to take home. Guests may also be lucky enough to find a special gift for someone they treasure.

The admission fee caters to all craft demonstrations, but tourists must pay another amount for culinary classes. Children can also take sessions with their parents, which offers an unforgettable family bonding.

Tour The Spectacular Marvel Cave

Opened in 1894, this landmark is why Silver Dollar City exists today. So, there’s no better way for guests to honor it than take a guided tour. The wet formation cave is 500 feet above the surface and has a breathtakingly beautiful Cathedral Room where people can admire ever-growing formations.

The excursion lasts for an hour, where adventurers spend most of their time ascending and descending nearly 600 stairs and ramps on the trails. As such, it can be pretty strenuous for vacationers with weak knees, aching backs, and heart conditions.

There are a lot of fascinating things to learn, like how the formations came into existence. Fortunately, tourists don’t have to pay an extra fee to tour this spot as the charges are included in the admission ticket. However, it’s one of the park’s most popular attractions, so travelers should make reservations in advance. But it's worth noting that kids aged eight and below aren’t permitted.

Sample Some Tasty Treats

For tourists on vacation in Branson wondering what to do, visiting Silver Dollar City should be on the list. Talk about mind-blowing rides, unforgettable events, and now eateries that offer savory and candied treats. A renowned spot to beat the park’s heat is Cokes And Floats. Here, adventurers can fulfill their sugar cravings with delectable ice cream, fountain drinks, and snacks. That’s not all. Travelers can head to Eva & Delilah’s Bakery for coffee and freshly baked cinnamon rolls.

No visit to this destination is complete without travelers passing by Aunt June’s Peanut Brittle. It’s located at Brown’s Candy Factory and is one of the park’s most talked-about shops, especially among peanut lovers. The Brown family amazes guests with their admirable skills as they prepare their signature fudges and brittles. Later, visitors can sample the yummy treats that come in different flavors. Undoubtedly, everyone is guaranteed to find what appeases their appetite.

With multi-talented craftspeople, scrumptious meals, thrilling rides, and breathtaking attractions, Silver Dollar City is worth every adventurer’s penny. The destination has always lived up to its hype and even surpassed the expectation of many. These activities are just the tip of the iceberg, so visitors can explore more during their next visit.