Sedona is famous not only for its vast touristic spots but also as a popular getaway from daily life's grind. It offers eye-catching sceneries that inspire life-transforming experiences. The most amazing part of traveling to Sedona is that friends and family have unmissable fun on a budget. This city has it all, from lodges and eateries to outdoor sports amenities, art galleries, and museums!

Seventy-two hours may not be enough to exhaust everything the city and its outskirts have to offer. Therefore, it is advisable to have a clear plan or list of places to visit. Read on to get an insight into what to do, eat, and see in a 72 hours trip to Sedona.


Here's What To See In Sedona

The following are spectacular things to see in Sedona:

Natural Attractions

Guests who prefer offsetting their detour with the more engaging activities may visit the State Parks first. Palatki Heritage Site harbors some of the oldest cliff dwellings, which people at one time surprisingly called home. It's probably the most interesting attraction in Sedona. A trek down Palatki leads to Rock State Park, famous for its thrilling 30-foot tall natural water slide, surrounded by cool water pools and beautiful sunbathing spots. The Red Rock State Park is another perfect spot for hiking, biking, and picnicking. Photographers enjoy capturing its beautiful rocky landscape, covered in countless plant species.

Oak Creek Canyon, a scenic river gorge with the most picturesque arrays made of colorful rocks provides a rewarding tourist destination. Here, visitors go swimming in the cool, tranquil waters, and if lucky, they can catch a fish for lunch. It also provides an opportunity for hiking in its lush trails, picnicking, and wildlife watching.

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Tlaquepaque Arts And Crafts Village

Any artist should create time in their 72 hours trip to visit the Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village. Its beauty starts at its gates as it is endowed with decorative stone arches, pebbled footpaths, and mosaic fountains. Inside its over fifty art shops, the most antique hand-made jewels are on display. Different cultures, designer traditional wear, leather items, and countless souvenirs are also available.

Historical And Cultural Sites

Sedona has a diverse culture and history that transforms with changing times. Most of the city's history is well documented or stored in not less than ten historical Museums. One of the must-visit museums is the Arizona Museum of Natural History. More than 300 bones of extinct animals like Mammoths and dinosaurs are well-preserved and exhibited. In addition, Sedona Heritage Museum showcases traces of the lifestyle of farmers and cowboys who once inhabited its lands over 200 years ago.

Just forty-five minutes away from Sedona stands the World's First Prototype Arcology. An amazing stop to gain inspiration for futuristic architecture. Daily live demonstrations of ceramic apse and bronze foundry, workshops, and gift shops are always open to guests.

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The Best Things To Do In Sedona

Horse Riding

Adrenaline junkies can try out horseback rides. Despite the first few minutes of being rough, it gets fun as the rider gets acquainted with the horse. Visitors enjoy a seventy-mile ride to Mingus Mountain as they marvel at the mountain's beautiful view from Wild Western Horseback Adventures Ranch. It is a rewarding adventure for both adults and children.


Buddha Beach offers the most spectacular, natural spot swimming experience in Sedona. This water hole is on Sedona's less rocky and more vegetative side, making it more photogenic and serene. Tourists who choose to go swimming at the Slide Rock State Park also enjoy a time of their life. It offers more water activities, like the risky 30-foot rock slide down its red rocks. People also appreciate the challenging hike down or up the rocks.

Visit A Spiritual Palace

Religious tourists count Sedona as a spiritual epicenter with a perfect environment for meditation and self-exploration. Sedona Vortexes receive overwhelming guests seeking to gain spiritual synergy. It is believed that there is a mystical, magical force that enriches Sedona and its surroundings that constantly heals its lands and people. Therefore, Sedona Vortex is a great religious destination for believers.

Here's What To Eat In Sedona

Wine And Dine

Typically, tourists enjoy the best restaurants in Sedona that offer meals authentic to the geographical area. Mexican cuisines, fresh and dried seafood, freshly made pasta and bread, pear chops, and elk ribs, just to mention a few main dishes. Vegans are not left out since several hotels offer pure fresh fruit and vegetable menus like veggie pizza, Arborio rice, and bean soups.

Sedona overflows with wineries and tasting rooms, and it offers a palate to meet every guest's needs. It has fertile, well-drained soils, and a warm climate that boosts non-climacteric fruit farming. This climatic advantage makes winemaking exceptional in Sedona. Tourists who like to admire vineyards and drink wine can take a tour to the Verd Valley for a spectacular wine tasting experience.

Sedona is a mind-blowing destination where anyone may visit for a family reconnection, couples adventure, or a romantic getaway. Its beautiful and unique sceneries make it a worthwhile detour. This city is the perfect destination for tourists on a budget or those looking for a luxurious vacation.