Salt Lake is a very popular city in the United States. Just as the name suggests, the city is a major tourist destination due to its scenic lake and mountain views. However, what many do not realize is that there are many things to see and explore when visiting Salt Lake City. The city has many attractions and it receives many visitors all year round.

As a result, when visiting Salt Lake City, the lake does not have to be the only place to visit and enjoy. We've done the research so that readers know where to go and what to do. Here are the top 10 things to do in Salt Lake City that do not involve lakeside tours.

10 Explore Temple Square

Temple Square is a popular region worth exploring when in Salt Lake City. Temple Square is made up of three gigantic structures that make the temple. The plaza takes up 10 acres. There are several attractions to see related to the temple, which serves as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For people who like religious tourist destinations, there are intriguing things to see and learn about its history.

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9 Liberty Park Tour

For someone looking for a simplistic and calm place to walk and relax in the city, Liberty Park is worth considering. It is a park that covers more than 80 acres, offering amazing outdoor activities. Here, visitors have a chance to take rides, visit concession stands, bike, visit ponds, playgrounds, picnic areas, volleyball courts, and other areas to sit and relax. As a result, it is a great place for couples and families. Although the prices for getting the tour keep varying, on average it is $159.

8 Enjoy The Natural History Museum Of Utah

A visit to the Natural History Museum of Utah is a chance to experience the coolest place in the whole of the city. The museum is a place that offers a variety of educational information and exhibits of both the past and the present. With the museum having more than 10 exhibits, there is plenty to see. The Natural History Museum of Utah focuses on science, history, and culture – offering an interesting combination of experiences. Here, visitors can also see the First Peoples Exhibit.

7 Listen To Tabernacle Choir At Temple Square

Temple Square is an interesting venue to tour in Salt Lake. Here, visitors will get a chance to experience the best choir in the city, and it is truly amazing. The harmonies and melodies of the Tabernacle choir are worth every second. It is not a requirement for someone to be religious in order to visit this venue. There are many songs and performances worth experiencing for all visitors. The Tabernacle Choir is popular in the region and performs mostly on Sundays. Some of the most popular songs include “It Will Be Well With My Soul” and “How Great Thou Art”.

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6 Tour Of Wasatch Brewery

This part of Utah is home to the best breweries and distilleries one will find in the whole State of Utah. While in the city, a tour of Wasatch Brewery is an interesting opportunity to learn exactly how they make their drinks. Tourists may also get a chance to visit the High West Distillery. In this distillery, there are a variety of things to enjoy – including an open shop and a look at how their whole process is carried out.

5 See The Brigham Young Monument

The Brigham Young Monument is one of the few significant structures within the city. It is a 200-foot statue that was made as a symbol of the man that colonized the region of Salt Lake around the mid-19th century. However, the Brigham Young Monument carries a lot of religious influence from the area. The monument was erected for the sake of Bringham Young who was the pioneer colonizer and president of the LDS church. He also led Mormon pioneers in 1847 into Utah territory.

4 Skiing At Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort

A visit to Salt Lake City would not be complete without visiting this attractive resort. Snowbird Ski & Summer resort is home to a number of cultural and historic attractions. Skiing is the main attraction to many visitors. However, there are many other activities that offer visitors an interesting experience such as fishing, zip-lining, hiking, and biking. With the resort covering an area of more than 2,500 acres, there is so much to experience. The skiing area is magical, and visitors can get guides and equipment to use.

3 Big Cottonwood Canyon

The Big Cottonwood Canyon is not far from the city, as it is just a 30-minute drive to the southeast side. It is found in Uinta-Wasatch-Cache national forest. The canyon has two ski resorts that are also worth checking out. When visiting the Canyon, there are a variety of things to do – including mountain biking, rock climbing, and hiking. The area provides breathtaking views of the surroundings, making it a good spot for visitors. Driving through the terrains is also quite enjoyable.

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2 Tour Hogle Zoo

For someone interested in seeing more than 800 animals, then the Hogle Zoo is a good place to visit in Salt Lake City. The zoo has animals such as rhinos, giraffes, gorillas – among many others. It is a zoo that has been around for a long time. Even an African elephant was born there in 2009. The zoo also offers a chance to see animals such as lions, zebras, and ostriches. Since the zoo is easily accessible, it is a good place for visitors to tour.

1 Utah Museum Of Fine Arts

This museum offers a chance to witness the most amazing collection of fine arts. At the Utah Museum of Fine Art, there is a collection of art ranging from ancient to mid, to contemporary art that is quite attractive. During just a 2 hour tour of the museum, visitors will be able to experience a lot. The Utah Museum of Fine Arts provides artwork on a rotating basis. The museum also has more than 17,000 pieces of artwork making it the largest in the city.

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