San Antonio is the most visited city in Texas, and there are many reasons for that, including its unique sights and the exclusive activities it offers to its visitors. Moreover, visiting San Antonio during the weekend can be enough to witness the city's fantastic museums and historical sights and enjoy the most popular and exciting things to do. San Antonio is also home to excellent sightseeing spots in Texas and some of the most exceptional historic sites in the state. For instance, people enjoy taking a walk or cruise along the River Walk, exploring the Alamo and other historic missions in the city.


Additionally, caving and golfing are activities people visiting San Antonio can do in nearby Hill Country. Moreover, it is a must to witness the city's famous Fiesta. Here's a guide to help people enjoy the most of their weekend in San Antonio.

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Here's How To Spend The First Day During A Trip To San Antonio In Texas

History and modern culture are what people should start by exploring during their first day in San Antonio in Texas. Most of the attractions to witness can be seen by walking without needing a car. However, a vehicle might be essential only to reach the Alamo and go for dinner. In the heart of San Antonio's most popular places to visit is located one of the city's five missions, the Alamo. This building, the most famous in San Antonio, must be visited in the morning. People will enjoy snapping the most breathtaking shots of the front facade, behold the beauty of the splendid garden behind the building, and step inside the church.

  • Cost: It is possible to visit the interior of the Alamo for free. The site is easy to explore and is not very large. This is why it doesn't need a long time to see.

Next, people enjoy strolling down the picturesque Riverwalk, one of the city's most popular places. This is where people can witness limestone bridges, beautiful restaurants, and whimsical, colorful boats. While the Riverwalk is filled with tourists, it is still one of the important places to visit when spending a weekend in San Antonio.

  • Recommended: Walking along the Riverwalk in San Antonio is better than taking a boat tour.

The San Fernando Cathedral is another iconic landmark to visit in San Antonio. It is the oldest still-standing church in Texas and was founded in 1731. This cathedral does not need a long time to visit, just like the Alamo. Still, it is a must-see when spending a couple of days in San Antonio.

Additional Things To Do During The First Day In San Antonio

People visiting San Antonio have to explore the largest Mexican market in the United States, known as the Historic Market Square. This is the perfect place for shopping for souvenirs, eating, and taking the most beautiful photos of the area. Right next to Historic Market Square, people can head to La Villita, where they can shop for fantastic souvenirs and learn more about the fascinating history of San Antonio.

  • History: La Villita was the first neighborhood in San Antonio, where it consisted of small buildings that housed the Spanish soldiers who staffed the Alamo when it served as a mission. Today, La Villita has been turned into a photogenic and beautiful art community, featuring various galleries and exceptional shopping.

People can explore the most beautiful views in San Antonio from the top of one of the most unique buildings in the city, the Tower of the Americas. The building stretches 750 feet high and was built for the 1968 World Fair. Moreover, it is worth seeing the fantastic views of San Antonio's skyline from atop this building while relaxing and cooling off in the air-conditioned spaces of the Tower of the Americas.

Another area worth exploring in San Antonio is the King William Historic District, one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city.

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A Guide To Spending The Second Day Of The Weekend In San Antonio

The second day of the weekend in San Antonio must be preserved for visiting the city's iconic missions and museums. This is why people must wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes while bringing plenty of water and sun protection with them. Visitors to San Antonio must start their day by hitting the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, home to four missions.

  • Recommended: Visitors to San Antonio can hit the missions connected to each other via the hiking and biking trail. However, people should drive between the missions if the weather is too hot. The four missions are Mission San José, Mission Concepciòn, Mission San Juan Capistrano, and Mission Espada.

Other attractions worth exploring in San Antonio include the city's varied museums, and it's a must to stop by one of them when visiting the area. The best museums in the city include the San Antonio Museum of Art, the Witte Museum, Briscoe Western Art Museum, McNay Art Museum, and more.

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