Not so many countries in the world have the unique qualities that Norway has. Besides its rugged mountains and stunning rivers, the Nordic country is famous for its large number of fjords. It is also one of the few places on earth with the most pronounced northern lights and most intense midnight sun and Polar nights. Travelers often have a lot in mind to do in a special country such as Norway but may get disappointed when they find out that the season might not be the perfect time to do those things.

Don’t get it wrong - there are plenty of things to do at any time in Norway plus some activities can even be done all year but with this list, travelers will have a good idea of the specific things they can do during the different months of the year without interruption from weather or any other seasonal inconvenience. In another sense, this list will reveal why visiting Norway during all the seasons is a must thing to do. In other words, you can’t cross Norway off that bucket list yet if you only visited during one season. Sorry!

9 January

Like many parts of the earth, the first month of the year is the coldest winter month. In many parts of Norway during this time, the days are very short and the nights are dark and long but this is also a great time to see the Northern lights in all their enchanting colors and the beautiful twilight which illuminates the sky. Whale watching is also an exciting thing to do in January although the creatures might be gone completely in mid-January. Interestingly, in Norway, things are cheaper and the crowds are lesser in January which means lower cost to taste some delicious Scandinavian dishes, book hotels, and ski resorts, and also get the cheapest flights as well.

8 February

In February, Norway is still in the winter season and getting closer to spring and things to do this month are similar to those in January. It might sound boring but for some travelers (like Cecilia), this means more opportunities to catch the northern lights before they get swallowed by that big ball of boiling gases. As the snow keeps pilling, February is also a great time to enjoy some winter activities at a ski resort.

7 March

Say hello to the sun as it returns to light up this sun-starved Scandinavian country. March is a time of joy and many things during this month revolve around the arrival of the majestic sun in many parts of Norway. Festivals are held and while people rejoice for the coming of the sunlight, others can start checking out the mountains. It is still winter in March and this makes the month a great time to engage in some winter activities and see the northern lights. Don’t forget to watch out for the melting ice and snow and also don’t think that the water temperature is warm enough to go swimming.

6 April

There is not much to do at the beginning of the spring season except to watch as nature comes back to life here in Norway. After enjoying the final activities of the winter season, adventurers can now resume exploration of the mountains and fields. The Easter holiday also comes with plenty of events to keep visitors busy during this month as the year moves closer to the favorite time of the year for many in Norway.

5 May

May marks the peak of the rejuvenating spring season and with many people already dreaming about fishing, this is the perfect time to let down the hook or net. Norway has an excellent fishing atmosphere and even though fishing can be done during other months of the year, the month of May offers an effortless fishing experience. The blossom in Norway during this month is also an exciting thing to pursue. With the thundering waterfalls, the flourishing fields, and flowers, this is a great time to engage in some outdoor activities to witness the scenery. As the rivers also rise to their fullest, this is also a great time to float through some beautiful fjords and enjoy all that grandeur.

4 June, July, and August

The beloved summer season is the time when travelers become eager to get out of their homes and workplaces and spend more time outdoors. The weather is conducive, people are happier, the sun shines brighter and stays shinning all day for weeks – an atmospheric characteristic which has earned Norway the title - the land of the midnight sun. Dust those boots and bags and get ready to explore because pretty much all the exciting outdoor activities can be done during these months, all day long (even at midnight). From visiting National parks to fishing and hiking to biking, surfing, and railway rides, just get ready and go do it! It is hot as well so when it feels convenient, head over to a beach to take a refreshing swim and then hit the road to enjoy an amazing road trip across the mountainous landscape of Norway. Found a space with scenic views? Get out some camping material and camp there. Next, remember that the fjords are more appealing during these months and the cruises are at their peak patronage so better not get left out of that atmosphere of fun.

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3 September and October

With fewer summer crowds in September, it’s time to say hi to the fall season in Norway. The summer colors are great but during fall, the colors are gorgeous (and romantic). First of all, this is still a great time to do all the amazing outdoor activities like hiking, biking, scenic rides, and cruising the fjords but without the crowds and also without the midnight sun. The Oslo Marathon and the Bergen Food festival also take place in September and those are more things to run after. The weather is milder and the charming red and orange colors of the leaves even make it more appealing to linger outdoors. Just make sure to always carry a camera and leather jacket because the weather in September is unpredictable.

In October, the colors are still charming but it’s the final rush to enjoy those thrilling outdoor activities before the chill sets in so good luck.

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2 November

With the daylight getting shorter and the temperature getting cooler in November, it is still a great time to enjoy some outdoor activities but for a limited amount of time because staying indoors will already begin to feel more appealing by this time of the year. The fall colors are still visible so it’s still beautiful to go outdoors but do all that before the final days of the month when Polar Night arrives.

1 December

Welcome to the beginning of the winter season. December in Norway is everything inconvenient for the most part – cold and dark because of Polar night. In places like Svalbard, it is completely dark all day long and even though you can’t see some wildlife or go fishing there are still lots of things to enjoy because it’s the Christmas season. The polar night even makes the celebration of Christmas in Norway a unique experience. Imagine celebrating Christmas and having only the northern lights illuminating the sky – feels thrilling. Also, the Norwegians (knowing this is the darkest time of the year) set up their environment extravagantly to make their Christmas celebration incredibly unique, and to be truthful, all that magical atmosphere makes it appealing to ditch daylight Christmas and experience this nighttime Norwegian Christmas.

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