Louisiana is one of the most interesting states for tourists and travelers, both locally and from out of state. Here, there are many unique things and places to see, so it makes it difficult for someone new to narrow down on exactly what to choose. However, one of the most popular cities one can check is New Orleans.

New Orleans is located on the Mississippi River and it is an interesting city for first-time visitors. However, one may find it difficult to know where to go and what to do especially when visiting for a short period – like three days. Here is a three-day itinerary worth following.

10 Explore French Quarter

There are a few things to consider doing on the first day of the tour of New Orleans. The French Quarter is a nice and popular place to start the tour. The place is well-identified for its beautiful balconies and parties on the streets. Since the French Quarter is a huge place, there are many things to do and places to explore. One should try as much as possible and explore different sections such as Jackson Square.

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9 Tour The Mississippi River

The Mississippi River is the most popular river in the city and the area at large. As a result, it is an ideal place for a guest to visit and relax. With the Washington Artillery park available, a visitor will get a chance to explore the river even by cross using cable cars. Walking along the banks of this popular river is a good way to get the breeze and take a look at life in New Orleans. This is a cool, and silent place to relax.

8 Café Du Monde

Café Du Monde is the most popular café when it comes to Beignets. Any visitor in the city should try the café and the experience will be one of a lifetime. Many visitors in the city have never tasted beignets and this café offers the perfect opportunity to try them. It is a café that is usually open 24/7, so one can visit at any time of the day they may want to. The recipe is also amazing and the prices are friendly. Visiting with friends makes the experience even better.

7 Tour The French Market

For the second day of the tour of New Orleans, the French market is a good place to visit. It is the right place for someone who wants to do shopping on a budget, and at the same time get a feel of the local life. It is one of the oldest markets not only in New Orleans but the whole of the United States. The market is full of history and is very friendly since there are many stalls to buy from and the commodities are very affordable.

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6 St. Roch Market For Lunch

After a long day of exploring various parts of the city, taking lunch at St. Roch Market is a good option. It is one of the most famous food halls one will find in the city. For someone who is a foodie, this is the best place to visit. St. Roch Market is most popular because they offer special kinds of food. One of them is Haitian, with options for meat lovers and vegetarians. Visitors can find any type of international food to try here, though, including Asian cuisine and Mediterranean. The options are endless.

5 Saint Louis Cathedral

For the real exploration of the history of the United States and New Orleans itself, the next destination should be Saint Louis Cathedral. This is the oldest cathedral in the whole of the country. The beauty of the cathedral is breathtaking. The main thing that makes this cathedral so beautiful is its architecture. It takes up ancient unique architectural designs that one cannot stop staring at whenever they visit, and there is so much to learn about the magnificent structure and its history. It is also a perfect place to take pictures for those who are seeking Insta-worthy spots.

Visiting the Carousel bar is an interesting activity for many reasons. One of them is that the bar is found along Royal Street. Royal Street gets its name as a result of the kind of lifestyle found there and luxury hotels. The Carousel Bar is one of the most popular bars one will come across in the city. It offers high-quality, luxury services and it is a perfect place for night dinners or dates. This is also another ideal place to take photos.

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3 Voodoo Museum

It is one of its kind in the region and it is worth visiting. This is because it brings a unique experience that one is not used to. The Voodoo Museum is one place where a visitor will get a chance to learn so much about the Voodoo culture. It is a culture and practice that dates back to the slavery days, making it interesting to learn about. Additionally, the museum tells so much about this West African culture, its food, practices, and even touches on the region's early history.

2 Cemetery Tour

A cemetery tour is one of those activities that puts someone on edge. It is a unique experience and people consider it a tour of the city of the dead. Nevertheless, it is popular for people to believe the most famous souls of the city are buried there.

1 Explore Bourbon Street

For someone looking for a chance to explore the local life, especially during the night and to party, then Bourbon Street is the place to go. It is one street with it all, including clubs, cheap street food, rock, jazz, rap music, people freestyling, and so much more.

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