Montana has a reputation for being a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. A plethora of activities await beach lovers in this unique state, from winter sports to sea sports, riding, hiking, and much more. People enjoy taking a picturesque journey through the Rockies, or one of the country's longest nation border lengths. Montana is the fourth largest state in the United States, and because of its low population density, it attracts wildlife and birdwatchers all year. It is unquestionably a dream vacation spot for many all year long. Here's what to do in Montana, depending on which month one visits the state.

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12 December: Skiing At The Whitefish Mountain Resort


Where would be the best place to spend a twisted Christmas vacation? The Whitefish Mountain Resort in Montana. Whitefish, located in northwest Montana and accessible by Amtrak, is one of Montana's most popular winter destinations. The slopes of Whitefish Mountain Resort, which are right outside the backdoor, provide a lot of winter fun. The hills offer spectacular views of Glacier National Park and the nearby Flathead National Forest on clear days. Besides, there are a variety of restaurants and shops among the mountain's hotel attractions. The resort also has comfortable lodging options, such as slope-side condos and four-bedroom villas to guarantee warm holiday memories.

11 January: Skiing In West Glacier

There is nothing better than skiing in the winter wonderland, West Glacier, one of Montana's nicest small towns, and a cross-country skiing hotspot in the winter. This festive village offers easy access to the national park's snow-covered roads as well as the nearby national forest's best cross-country ski slopes. Other interesting trails in the area are located in The Rendezvous Ski Terrain, considered the hub of winter celebrations, including nearly 35 kilometers of trails near West Glacier.

10 February: Spending Some Warm Moments In Missoula

The best way to spend the long-awaited February V's night is at Missoula. Missoulians stay warm and cozy in the winter thanks to their creative energy. The city is brimming with cultural attractions throughout the whole year, and winter is no exception. When it comes to evening entertainment, with weekly movies at the Roxy Theater and live storytelling events at the historic Wilma Theater, Missoula can guarantee some romantic times in the air. The city also has a vibrant live music scene that belies its small size.

9 March: Soaking In Chico Hot Springs

As spring is drawing nearer by that time of the year, there isn't better than welcoming it in Chico Hot Springs while kissing goodbye to the last trails of winter. Nothing feels warmer than a steaming cup of hot water in one of Montana's hot springs while relaxing and escaping every day's routine. Chico Hot Springs, for instance, located in Paradise Valley near Pray, Montana, is one such well-known attraction. This renowned attraction offers far more than a dip in one of its two open-air pools. The resort has a variety of lodging alternatives, but it is mostly known for its dining room, offering some of Montana's finest dining experiences.

8 April: Biking In Glacier National Park

Spring is the time to make the best out of mother nature and enjoy some seasonal vibes. There is nothing better than taking a bike ride in one of Montana's best parks, Glacier National Park. The renowned beautiful Going-to-the-Sun Road is a must-do bike ride, especially in the spring when you can enjoy it before it opens to automobile traffic. Visitors and explorers can take their biking experience to the next level by renting an eBike from Glacier Guides.

  • Recommended : The Apgar Bike Path in the park is ideal for families with small children.

7 May: Enjoying The Cherry Blossom Around Flathead Lake

Montana has some of the most tasteful cherries in the whole world, and the state became famous for its exquisite Flathead cherries. Flathead Lake is beautiful at any time of year, but it becomes even more attractive when it's ringed with cherry blossoms. The cherry trees are in full bloom early to mid-May, and the lake is bordered by orchards. It undoubtedly offers the most stunning orchard panorama and is worth the visit!

6 June: Hiking Granite Peak

The weather is getting warmer but light enough to enjoy the best hiking trips by that time of the year. Montana has some of the most beautiful mountains, and the views from the summit of one of these towering beauties are truly breathtaking. In the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, Granite Peak is a must-see for expert hikers. At 12,807 feet above sea level, Montana's highest natural peak is regarded as one of the most difficult climbs. But people should not be worried as there is a trail for everyone in Montana, and beginner hikers can enjoy various short trails in the area.

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5 July: Getting On The Water

Cooling off in the blazing sun is effortless with Montana's calm mountain lakes and long, wide rivers. Water sports such as boating, sailing, and jet skiing are popular on larger lakes like Hebgen, Flathead, and Whitefish Lakes. Smaller lakes, such as Hyalite Reservoir, are better for activities like paddling, canoeing, and kayaking.

  • Tip: For an upgraded relaxing experience, visitors can rent inner tubes and float the Madison or Flathead Rivers for a chilling experience.

4 August: Picking Some Blueberries

Apart from conventional water activities, picking some blueberries and trying the heavenly taste is a must. As a matter of fact, villagers in Montana consider their tiny sour berries as pure gold and incorporate them in nearly all their produce. Everything from taffy to hand soap and ice cream made with the luscious treat is available. Depending on the weather, they are usually ready in late July or early August.

3 September: Visiting the National Bison Range

The last days of summer are the best to enjoy some excursions, and there is no better activity than exploring the National Bison Range. Located at the base of the Mission Mountains, the range offers beautiful views and wildlife viewing. The animal sanctuary is the perfect destination to spend a memorable day with the kids.

2 October: Visiting the Museum of the Rockies

The perfect destination for kids and the whole family during the weekend is the Museum of Rockies. Located in Bozeman, Montana, one of America's coolest cities, this museum is a must-see. It is part of the Smithsonian Institute, and it is well-known for its dinosaur exhibits. Eggs, skeletons, and realistic reconstructions of numerous species are among the displayed items. The collection also houses the world's largest Tyrannosaurus skull and "Bike Mike," a T-Rex skeleton.

1 November: Visiting Castle Ghost Town

To stay within the spooky vibes of Halloween, Castle Ghost Town is a must-visit. Montana is home to several cities that were founded and then shuttered due to the late-nineteenth-century silver rush. Castle is one of those cities that became an important attraction in the region today. For instance, this city had a school, a jail, several stores, 14 saloons, and seven brothels during its peak. It was, without a doubt, a riotous town.

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