Located in the northern part of Italy is the region of Lombardy. The capital of Lombardy in Milan and is a paradise for finance, fashion, and numerous top-notch stores as well as restaurants. Lombardy houses one of the legendary Leonardo Da Vinci's works, specifically; "The Last Supper." Lombardy is known for its industrialization as it is one of the main producers of iron and steel, vehicles, and all sorts of trucks. Aside from all its industrialization and banking excellence, Lombardy is a beautiful place itself and is a must-visit for anyone lost on places to visit. Below we will explore Lombardy and everything worth seeing and doing.


What To See And Do

You are now in Lombardy and thinking about what to do. Well, you're in luck as there is plenty of fun activities and tours that will guide you through everything worth seeing and doing in Lombardy. Let's discuss a few.

A Milan Tour

As stated earlier, Milan is the capital city of Lombardy. Milan has some of the best tours and things to see. If you are in Milan and need some help as you explore. This tour is the best for you. This tour is the ultimate introduction to the city as it guides you through all the relevant and most prominent areas and sites. The tour features a confirmed entry to see the beauty of Da Vinci's art "The Last Supper." In this tour, visitors will be led by a tour guide who speaks English.

Visitors get special treatment as they get to Milan Duomo without waiting by simply skipping the line to this famous cathedral. The tour comes to a temporary stop at some point which allows visitors to take in the beauty of the Medival Sforza Castle.

Unfortunately, visitors are not allowed in but it's a great sight in itself. When through with that, visitors will head straight for the Brera district, precisely the cobbled streets. This place is easily the soul of the social and cultural life in Milan. While stopped, the guide gives commentary about some of the famous thinkers and artists who lived nearby. To be straightforward, the peak of this tour is "The Last Supper" by Leonardo Da Vinci. This work of art is considered a true gem and is maintained properly.

However, this can only be seen by some group at a time, making tickets not so easy to get due to the pieces’ popularity. But as a tourist, you do not have to worry about getting the tickets because they are included in this tour package along with cards that enable you to skip any line thus giving visitors a stress-free and enjoyable experience in Milan. After this Milan tour, you would without a doubt see Milan in a different light.

Need To Know

  • For a full refund, visitors are to cancel their tour 24 hours before the date
  • Mobile tickets are accepted
  • The duration of the tour is an average of 3 hours
  • Skip the line tickets are available
  • Accompanied by a live tour guide
  • Covid-19 guidelines are to be followed at all times
  • The cost of this tour sits at a comfortable $93.31 per head

The above tour experience features most of the prominent sites and things worth seeing in Milan. You could call it the ultimate Lombardy experience in its capital city.

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Lake Iseo

Located in the northern part of Brescia is lake Iseo. This lake is the fourth largest lake in Lombardy. It is not so popular outside Lombardy thus the inflow of tourists tilts to the minimum. That being said, lake Iseo is home to the biggest inland lake island throughout Europe which is the Monte Isola and is definitely worth the visit.

If you are looking for some peace and quiet away from the bustling town outside then this is a place for you. Visitors can go on day trips where they can drive around the lake and even take a detour to see other unique sites such as Bergamo.

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A visit to Lombardy without at least a glance at Crema would be incomplete. Crema is a well-known architectural landmark and also a small town. This town was the setting used to film the 2017 movie Call Me By Your Name. The film features some of the most charming parts of Crema along with its beautiful countryside.

The town's architecture is so beautiful due to the fact that Crema remained autonomous during the time the Duchy of Milan was occupied by Spain thus enabling Crema to build continuously, making Crema home to some of the most beautiful buildings from that time with the inclusion of multiple grand palazzi. Crema also houses a large gothic-style cathedral right at its center.

Lombardy is one of the many regions in Italy with beautiful views and places. However, Lombardy stands out as unique amongst some other places thanks to its people who are very cheerful thus making a visit there feel like home.

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