The Loire Valley, also referred to as the Garden of France, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with fairy-tale palaces, gorgeous gardens, lovely towns, and outstanding wine. It's easy to see why French aristocracy chose the Loire Valley over Paris once upon a time- the rolling landscape and fertile land, perfect for making cheeses, growing fruits, and cultivating grapes for Sancerre or Pouilly-Fumé, offered an excellent context for castles, quaint villages, and broad pastoral bliss. It's like something out of a fairy tale.


What To Explore In The Region

The Loire Valley is brimming with things to see and do. There are around 300 castles in the area, with some of the more prominent ones telling significant historical episodes.

The valley's vineyards ensure high-quality wine tours and samplings. The region's 15 or so wineries enjoy passing along their knowledge down the generations.

Go On A Castle Tour

Castle Of Chambord

Francis transformed this hunting mansion into an emblem of his dominance as earlier as 1519. The famed double-revolution stairway, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, is the focal point of the magnificent châteaux. Inside, there are 60 rooms with a great collection of 4500 artworks.

Château de Chenonceau

Chenonceau's exquisite galleries stretch the Cher and house a valuable art collection, making it one of the most exquisitely stunning Renaissance châteaux.

The castle was treasured by the mistresses who ruled here, such as Diane of Poitiers, Louise de Lorraine, and Louise Dupin, who added their own stamp to the building's design, furnishings, and grounds.

Le Château Royal d’Amboise And Clos-Lucé

This medieval stronghold above the Loire was home to both Charles VIII and François 1st. The first gave it a Gothic feel, while the second gave it an Italian touch by welcoming Leonardo da Vinci, who is resting here, to become the artist-in-residence.

The castle was then joined to the Château Clos-Lucé, a neighboring leisure mansion, where the Italian prodigy resided for three years before passing away, leaving behind his studio, drawings, prototypes, and inventions.

Visit The Chartres Cathedral

Chartres Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage location, is considered the pinnacle of French Gothic architecture, with magnificent carvings and stained-glass panels dating from the 1200s.

The Sancta Camisa, a significant holy treasure presumed to be a garment donned by the Virgin Mary on the evening of Christ's birth, is housed in Chartres Cathedral.

Take A Wine Tasting Tour

The Loire Valley has hundreds of wineries dotting the landscape, making a visit nearly obligatory. Tourists will be able to sample a variety of underappreciated French wines, from Muscadet to Sancerre.

Chateau La Cassemichere near Nantes and The Maison des Sancerre Exhibit of Wine in Sancerre are just a few of the noteworthy wineries.

An escorted tour of the vineyards, a walk of the wine cellar, and wine sampling are all included in most winery excursions.

  • Charges for guided tours in Chateau La Cassemichere near Nantes- € 5- € 15
  • Charges for guided tours in The Maison des Sancerre Exhibit of Wine in Sancerre- € 8 for adults.

Take A Hot Balloon Ride

Admiring the gorgeous castles from above, notably in a hot air balloon, is a one-of-a-kind experience in the Loire Valley.

Throughout a sunset or sunrise balloon journey through the Loire Valley, travelers may marvel at the stunning sceneries and experience the Loire Valley streams and towns all shine.

It is an adventure that will make visitors' journey to the Loire Valley extremely memorable.

Chagres for the ride are:

  • On weekdays: € 189 per person.
  • On weekends: € 229 per person.
  • For children: € 139 on weekdays and € 154 on weekends.

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When To Go

  • The months between April to June, and September to October, are the ideal times to travel to the Loire Valley, primarily because they are less crowded than the summer season.
  • The Loire Valley's weather remains favorable during the summertime, with moderate rainfall and warm temperatures.

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Top Places To Stay

Château de Briançon

Château de Briançon is a 17th-century castle with a lawn, a patio, and a complimentary internet connection.

The hotel features rooms with cable televisions and oak floors. Ensuite bathrooms feature a bath or shower and are distinctively furnished.

Visitors are welcome to have breakfast at Château de Briançon every morning.

Brame de Sologne

Brame de Sologne features a pub, a lawn, a terrace, and complimentary internet access. The motel provides room service and baggage storage. Family accommodations are available at the motel.

Air-conditioned bedrooms with a workstation, a teapot, a secure storage box, a cable television, and an en suite bathroom with a bath will be available to guests. A kitchen with a refrigerator and a cooktop is included in some units. Accommodations at the hotel come with bedsheets and toiletries.

The hotel provides traditional and buffets breakfast choices every morning.

Hôtel Le Haut des Lys

A large backyard with a hot bath and a shared patio is available at Hôtel Le Haut des Lys.

All rooms include garden views, a cable television, and a refrigerator, with climate control, a patio, or a sauna available on request. A hairdryer is provided in the en suite bathroom.

On request, breakfast is served every morning at Le Haut des Lys.

In the pub, visitors can unwind with a beverage. Complimentary internet access is available throughout the property, with free car parking, and baggage storage.

Getting To The Valley

Via Air

  • Nearest Airport: TUF (Tours St Symphorien Airport) - 88.3 Km
  • Visitors can hire a taxi which takes around an hour to reach the town.

Via Train

  • Nearest Railway Station: Château-Renault Train station - 68.6 Km
  • Visitors can hire a taxi which takes around 44 minutes to reach the town.

From Chambord's majestic castle to the Loire Valley's wineries, if ever there was a magical region, this was it. Exploring exquisite old châteaux and stunning modern lawns, sampling wine in the midst of vineyards, and savoring some excellent meals are all options for visitors. The Loire Valley is a must-see destination for history buffs and travelers alike.

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