Rovaniemi is located in Finland's far north, on the brink of the Arctic Circle, and is well-known worldwide as the rumored hometown of Santa Claus.

It is the center of Lapland, and the enormous natural grandeur of the surrounding landscapes, the unique and albeit remote traditions of the residents will draw most travelers to this distant and underpopulated part of Europe.

It is a veritable winter wonderland with layers of snow, husky sleds gliding across the ice, the northern lights in the backdrop, and the local obsession with Santa Claus and Christmas.


What To Do When Looking For Some Adventure In Lapland

Ride On A Sleigh

Almost every tourist to Rovaniemi and Lapland goes on a reindeer sleigh tour at least once. When visitors are here, go for a relaxing reindeer sleigh riding or a memorable farm visit to learn about reindeer life. Native reindeer herders in Lapland spend the entire year with their reindeer, and the reindeer are their primary source of income.

Summers is also a good time to visit a reindeer ranch. Visitors can do many things with reindeer, including exploring aurora borealis with them and feeding them.

Dog Sledding Is Also An Option

In Lapland, dog sledding is unquestionably one of the most popular modes of transportation! Visitors can befriend husky dogs and enjoy dog sledding all year in Rovaniemi. Sled skiing is also a lot of fun.

According to individual preferences and schedules, a winter dog sleigh ride might last anything from a few minutes to many hours. Visitors can experience a husky tour, relax with a Husky Therapy session, or learn about the lives of the musher. Sled dog ranches can be visited during the summer to learn about the lifestyle of a sled dog.

Want To Explore Faster, Try Snowmobiling

Snowmobiling is a famous pastime in Finland, and it's also the most convenient mode of transportation in the remote parts of Lapland. Snowmobile excursions range from short introductory rides to long-distance expeditions lasting several hours. There is something for everyone's skill level and preference.

Rovaniemi is among the few locations worldwide where visitors may go on an electric snowmobile tour if they want less noise and a more environmentally-friendly choice. It is a quiet and emission-free option to see Lapland's natural wonders.

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How About Ice Climbing?

In Lapland, tourists can get some elevation and attempt ice climbing. Visitors will be acquainted with the intriguing world of ice climbing and will have an excellent opportunity to familiarise themselves with this ice by embarking on an ice climbing trip in Rovaniemi. Climbing programs according to the client's degree of expertise and ability. Tajukangas will have a campfire, hot cocoa, and the appropriate climbing equipment, such as ready-to-use climbing ropes. The climbing teacher will explain the risks and then take one person at a time to scale properly on the top rope, abseiling and instructing the climber on proper technique.

Hiking Is For Summers In Lapland

Rovaniemi is a great spot to go trekking and learn about Finland's natural history. During summers, when many people go on hiking getaways, Finland's nature blooms — Rovaniemi boasts various easy-access trekking areas for all abilities.

Könkäiden Trail

The Könkäiden route takes visitors through a diversity of Lappish scenery. The trail is not only well-equipped, but it is also quite famous as a day hiking site for Rovaniemi residents. On the walk, hikers will come across numerous lean-tos, a wilderness lodge, an observation deck, and barns.

Auttiköngäs Trail

Auttiköngäs is a well-known taiga woodland with a long history. The Auttiköngäs nature route meanders through some of Finland's most beautiful old forests. The trail includes an observation deck, from which tourists may observe a wave of evergreens. Auttiköngäs is a great place to go for a day hike all year. There is a café in the summers, however, it is best to wear snowshoes in winters.

Wait Wait, There Is Plenty To See, Rather Than Do, As Well

The Santa Claus Village

Santa Claus' Official Homeland is Rovaniemi in Lapland, Finland, where visitors may celebrate Christmas year-round in Santa Claus Village, located on the Arctic Circle. In many respects, Santa's Village is the ideal location to absorb the enchantment and benevolence of Christmas. It is a place where visitors can hear jingles and have a good time. Tourists can go to Santa's Post Office, visit Santa's house and meet him, sample native Finnish cuisine, and shop for limitless gifts and Christmassy goods. It is great entertainment and a great way to celebrate the holidays.

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See The Northern Lights

Rovaniemi has become one of the best sites in the world to see the stunning northern lights in winters when the skies are black and the days are brief. The Aurora Borealis can be seen in Rovaniemi from late August to mid-April. Visitors can even take a Santa Claus Northern Lights adventure from the town or the town center, but visitors can also go on organized tours into the countryside to find the most amazing viewing places.

Explore Arktikum Science Museum

The Arktikum Science Museum is one of Rovaniemi's most fascinating museums and cultural sites. Arktikum concentrates on the past and customs of the people who live in the Arctic Circle, and it delves into extensive detail about the natural forces they face and the distinct culture that has resulted. The museum is located in a one-of-a-kind glass structure that is a sight to behold.

Rovaniemi, with its warm Christmassy feelings, conforms to its status as Santa Claus' homeland. A wonderful destination for a family vacation, whether to enjoy Christmas at any time of year or to take advantage of the many activities available.

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