Lake Tahoe is an interesting place to visit in California. The place receives many visitors every year for there are many things to see and enjoy. It is known to be a very serene place with nice waters and surrounded by snow-capped mountains and pine forests. The lake takes a topaz color that comes from its long depth of 1,640 feet.

Lake Tahoe’s waters consist mainly of melted ice. The lake is right at the border of Nevada and California. It stretches around 22 miles across north and south and 12 miles on the opposite side. Here are things to do when visiting the lake.

10 Tour The Emerald Bay State Park

Emerald Bay State Park is just very close to the lake on the western shore. It is a park surrounded by forest with hills created from glacier-carved granite. Visiting the park is one of the interesting things one can do at the lake. There is even a castle at the lake that serves greatly as a vacation home. Another place to visit is Vikingsholm in the park which is a good hike and has great views of the lake. The campsite at the park offers a food opportunity for campers.

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9 Donner Memorial State Park

It is a park that was created to honor some of the darkest days of America. At the park, one of the things to see is a stone pedestal in the commemoration of the Donner Party. Here, there is also an Emigrant trail museum worth visiting that is also meant to celebrate emigrants and the struggles of American pioneering. There is a stone marker that is worthwhile to visit as it stands a proud 22 feet tall.

8 The Gondola At Heavenly

Here is a chance to ride on a snowboard and climb up the mountain using cable cars. This is a place near the lake that offers interesting activities. By taking the cable cars, one can see the whole of Lake Tahoe below. The cable cars climb up to 4,000 feet from the lake. In total, it becomes 6,500 feet above sea level. On top of the mountain, one can choose to snowboard, enjoy the views, and hike.

7 Parasailing

Parasailing at Lake Tahoe is a popular activity enjoyed by many who visit it. With the lake having very clear waves, the experience is like no other. It offers a chance to even float more than 500 feet above the lake. The experience is a must-try. There are always very powerful boats that can carry up to 2 people at a time on the parasailing adventure. When on the ride, a visitor can view the stunning landscapes, buildings, and treetops.

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6 Skiing Below Mt. Tallac

This place is heaven for country skiing. Many visitors like the place for Ski activities, especially during the winter. Right on the shore of the lake, one can take part in skiing. It is a chance to move thousands of feet down to the lake. A popular camp here is Camp Richardson where one can take part in Skiing. There are also guides to help people who are beginners in the sport.

5 Harrah’s Casino

Harrah's Casino is found on the Nevada side of the lake and it is a vibrant must-visit destination. It is the best way of combining nature and modern life. The Casino is lively, and the perfect place to be at night. For the overs of slot machines and table games, this is heaven. It is a popular casino with even nightclubs and a venue for concerts. After a long day in the lake, having dinner at the casino and playing a few games will be worth it. It is a true nightlife experience.

4 Kings Beach State Recreation Center

Kings Beach State Recreation Center is an interesting place to be on the shore of Lake Tahoe. The center covers an area of 979 feet and it is a great escape to relax and enjoy from the lake. It is a pristine beach worth visiting especially for families and kids. The sand here is relaxing and the waters are warm. Visiting the center offers a variety of waterfront activities, especially for kids. It is a good picnic area with amenities like parking and getting BBQs easily.

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3 Ride On The MS Dixie II

One of the most popular things around the lake is the Big Blue. One can enjoy moving around the lake and seeing all attractive things such as the Vikingsholm Castle, Emerald Bay, and Fannette Island by taking the MS Dixie II. It is an interesting vessel worth using while at the lake.

2 Ridge Rider Mountain Coaster

The ridge rider mountain coaster is another interesting thing to check and take part in while at Lake Tahoe. It is a gravity-driven coaster that was opened in 2016 and has gained a lot of popularity ever since. The coaster is located on top of the lake on the mountains and the views down below are breathtaking. When using the coaster, the ride goes over rock formations, descends to more than 300 feet, and back again through extreme paths. This is a great option for people who enjoy adrenaline and kids.

1 Hike On South Lake Tahoe

This is a region with some of the best trails to hike. It is full of natural attractions and very beautiful. The place is worth visiting and the views are amazing. The cascade falls train will offer hikers enough adventure.

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