There are too many reasons why travelers should visit Colorado, from its wispy, towering mountains to the warm, welcoming locals. In the north, the colorful state of Colorado lies Estes Park, a town just a stone's throw away from the Rocky Mountain National and the Roosevelt National Parks.

Estes Park is home to the Historic Stanley Estes Park Hotel, a 40,000 square foot property with historical hotel rooms that overlooks Rock Mountain, National Park. Countless tourists flock to this hotel every year to enjoy its quaint and historic vibes while basking in the fresh Estes Park air. However, visitors staying at this iconic landmark will also be happy to know that beyond the hotel doors, Estes Park offers tourists an array of activities, all season long!

So whether you're visiting this Northern Colorado town during the crisp Autumn season or during the cooler winter months, check out some of these cool activities you can do at Estes Park!

8 Visit You Need Pie To Get Your Pie Fix!

Craving for some good quality pie? You Need Pie serves up their award-winning pies to patrons flocking to their Estes Park bakery. From creamy custards to fruity fillings, You Need Pie serves up the best pies in Colorado. Sink your teeth into some apple tart pie or enjoy any of their milkshake form! Since 2013, You Need Pie also serves up All-American fare in their diner, where customers can indulge in their homemade Diner Hash Brown Bake.

7 Soak In Some Mountain Views And Sip Some Coffee Brew

Coffee On The Rocks boasts that their cafe has "Great Coffee & Beautiful Scenery". Located on Moraine Avenue, visitors can peacefully sip some coffee and enjoy the peaceful sounds of the flowing Big Thompson River nearby. The cafe also sells corn feed for $1.00 to feed the nearby ducks and geese! Aside from coffee, Coffee On The Rocks serves up tea, alcoholic drinks, and light meals and snacks.

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6 Go Horseback Riding

Travelers looking for a unique way to explore the Roosevelt National Park at a leisurely pace can go on a horseback riding tour, from which packages are available for 1-hour rides to whole-day excursions. Tour companies like Sk Horses or Sombrero Stables have extensive experience in riding and offer tours fit for individuals or groups of all ages! Take a horseback ride tour to explore the lush forests of the park or spot some local wildlife along your journey, like coyotes, elk, or deer (just keep a safe distance).

5 Unwind With Some Local Wine (And Craft Beer!)

With exploring the breathtaking mountains and getting in touch with local wildlife, visitors working up a thirst should get their hands on some craft beer in Estes Park! Check out the Estes Park Brewery to try their Stinger Wild Honey Wheat, made from local Colorado clover honey. For something a little more sophisticated, visit Snowy Peaks Winery to sample some wine made from locally-grown Colorado grapes. Otherwise, downtown Estes Park is home to over 300 shops, selling a variety of specialty stores that sell a melange of goods, from international delights to local goodies. Ever wanted to buy cheap leather goods, like wallets or handbags? Thirty Below Leather is a must-visit for the budget traveler looking for genuine leather products...for less than $30 USD!

4 Get An Adrenaline Rush From Whitewater Rafting

Roosevelt National Forest's Cache La Poudre River-a famous site for flyfishing and kayaking-is a bloodline for locals in Northern Colorado, being their source of water. With its jagged peaks and dramatic cliffs, no wonder it's recognized as a premium spot for whitewater rafting! In fact, Mountain Whitewater is the only tour company in the area to possess exclusive access to whitewater rafting activities at the Cache La Poudre River. Tourists looking for an adrenaline rush should try their hand at whitewater rafting; lucky adrenaline junkies may be able to spot some wildlife during their rafting (especially black bears and eagles)!

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3 Test Your Endurance And Go Climbing (Or Mountaineering)

Home of the majestic Colorado Rockies, Estes Park offers individual or group mountain climbing experiences, even for small children! Travelers who are new to climbing can take introductory lessons with The Colorado Mountain School, which has been teaching visitors to climb since 1981. Other companies, such as the Kent Mountain Adventure Centre, also have decades of teaching experience with a variety of climbers.

2 Take A Scenic Drive

One of the best things to do is just hop inside a rental car and take a Sunday drive around Colorado's Estes Park, any day of the week. Visitors can drive on Colorado's Highway 7 (known as the Peak to Peak Scenic Byway) to soak in gorgeous sights of Lily Lake, Mount Peeker, Longs Peak, or Twin Sisters. You can even get a glimpse of the Rocky Mountain National Park! Visitors can also drive along Highway 36 on Moraine Avenue to pay a visit to the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center to get more information on local excursions. No matter where you decide to drive, Estes Park will provide you with endless, breathtaking views of local wildlife, mighty mountains, and vast landscapes!

1 Tour The Rocky Mountain National Park

Being a popular nature preserve for both tourists and locals alike, the Rocky Mountain National Park attracts over 3 million visitors a year! With over 100 peaks making up the Estes Valleys, some of these rugged mountains are part of North America's Continental Divide. Take a peaceful stroll in this National Park, enjoying the breathtaking views of the snow-covered mountains and some random encounters with local wildlife (just keep a safe distance!) like beavers, elk, and mule deers. Travelers keen on exploring the scenic landscape with a car can drive along the famed Trail Ridge and Old Fall River Roads. Enjoy this famous National Park for a day for $25 USD, or enjoy it all for a week, with weekly passes costing $35 USD!

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