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Famous for its spiritual charm and "pink moment," Downtown Ojai is a laid-back town full of surprises. Whether it's a weekend getaway with family or couples looking for a romantic escape, Downtown Ojai is a hub of fun activities and places to visit. The town boasts scenic trails, rich culture, luxurious resorts, and a dramatic backdrop of the Topa Topa Mountains.

Each season brings out a new side of Downtown Ojai, and the icing on the cake is that tourists don't have to break the bank to have fun at this beautiful destination. Looking for a unique experience away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles? Here's what to do while in Downtown Ojai.


Things To Do In Downtown Ojai

Downtown Ojai is a perfect destination for any traveler looking to slow down and enjoy the small moments in life. First-timers will love the place, as they will discover unique places to spend their time, whether on an extended vacation or just a day's trip. Here are exciting ways to explore what Downtown Ojai has to offer.

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Visit Meditation Mount

An excellent way to start the day in Downtown Ojai is by getting spiritual at Meditation Mount. The spot is a beautiful place to calm down and reflect, especially for visitors looking for a deeper experience in yoga, meditation, and spiritual enlightenment. In addition, hiking can come in handy for visitors feeling adventurous, as a 30-minute natural trail awaits at the base of the mountain. Hikers will likely bump into Downtown Ojai wildlife along the short but exciting trail.

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Upon reaching the meditation spot at the top, tourists can learn how to meditate and nourish the soul as they enjoy the sunrise views of the surrounding wilderness, including tranquil pond waters and the beautiful Topa Topa Mountains that change color with the sunrises and sunsets. In Downtown Ojai, the magical moment when the sunrise gives Ojai Valley a lavender tone is known as the "pink moment." And this explains why this place is an excellent spot to watch the sunrise.

  • Price: $10 per person

Booking online in advance is recommended as visits are planned on a pre-registration basis.

Sunset Horseback Riding

Experiencing Downtown Ojai on horseback is an excellent way to spend a late afternoon. Downtown Ojai's terrain and horseback riding are a match made in heaven as the rugged countryside lets riders have a wonderful cowboy experience. At Oso Ranch, beginners can enjoy a private customized ride in line with their riding ability. At the same time, experienced riders can plod through the golden grasslands, rocky canyons, or the Enchanted Mountains. Horseback riding is an unforgettable experience in Oso Ranch, thanks to the spectacular views riders take in throughout the journey. What's more, there is a picnic area where riders are welcome to enjoy a post-ride meal in the sunset.

Another great spot for horseback riding is the Ojai Valley Bike Trail. The nine-mile trail is located on West Ventura outskirts and is always buzzing with activity. Besides horse riding, the trail features wooden fencing that separates the horse riding dirt trail from a paved path that serves as a trail for biking, jogging, and taking pets for a walk.

Go To Ojai Valley Museum Of History And Art

Culture lovers are bound to have an awe-inspiring moment at Ojai Valley Museum. Ojai's cultural journey begins at the museum, where visitors marvel at the array of galleries and art classes. Next, history buffs can dive deep into Ojai's rich history as the museum features a semi-permanent exhibit detailing the slow evolution of Ojai Valley. Other highlights include a large painting by Jessie Arms Botke, The Sespe Wilderness diorama, and a Chumash Interpretive Garden in the museum's compound.

  • Hours Open: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • Admission Fee: $5 per adult

The museum entry fee is free every third Friday of the month

Where To Stay In Downtown Ojai

After a long day of adventurous tours around town, there is nothing as fulfilling as finding a good spot to unwind. From downtown Airbnbs to splurge-worthy inns and resorts, Downtown Ojai is a comfort haven. The town's attractive accommodation is reinforced by the neighborhood's laid-back vibe and friendly locals who make visitors feel at home.

Few places can beat snuggling in a posh suite at Ojai Valley Inn. The restaurant is a good destination for lone travelers, romantic couples, and group visits. Ojai Valley Inn has a lot to love for its guests, featuring comfy Spanish-Style Suites with sweeping views of the nearby mountains. The resort has been pampering its guests since 1923, thanks to an award-winning spa and three massive pools. Golf enthusiasts can play a round of golf as they enjoy a glass of beer or signature cocktails served from Indigo Pool Bar.

  • Price: $779 per night

How To Get To Downtown Ojai

Downtown Ojai is located Northwest of Los Angeles and east of Santa Barbara. There are many ways to navigate Downtown Ojai, depending on the mode of transport.

  • By Train: Travelers can catch a train ride at Union Station, Bob Hope Airport Train Station, Chatworth, and Glendale Station. Amtrak Train is the most popular railway service in the area, delivering quality services beyond travelers' expectations.
  • By Car: When leaving Central Los Angeles, take the 101North route up to Ventura, then switch to exit 70B for the 33 North heading to Ojai. Traveling by car takes about an hour and a half.

There is much to discover in this special town. Most fun activities in Downtown Ojai are almost free of charge. Visitors should at least try to catch a sunset here, with the Topa Topa Mountain's reflection being the highlight of every day in Downtown Ojai.