Besides its architectural charm and rich culture, the beautiful city of Barcelona is one of the most sport-loving cities in the world. It is also home to one of the most outstanding football teams in the world - FC Barcelona. But besides its sporting side, Barcelona also features lots of interesting museums, unique art displays, and historic attractions and while there are things to enjoy all year round, these are the specific things to enjoy during the different times and seasons of the year.

9 December

December is the slow tourism season in Barcelona but this period is far from boring in this city as locals get into the festive mood. Things to do during this period mainly revolve around the Christmas celebration but visitors can also enjoy some exploration at the museums and parks spread out across the city. Travelers will enjoy a fun time browsing through the Christmas markets, fishing in the Mediterranean, tasting delicious Barcelona dishes, and exploring the city’s architecture as it is lighted with beautiful Christmas lights. With lesser crowds, bookings and tickets are cheaper as well. It rarely snows in Barcelona in December but those hungry for some winter activities can head over to the Plaza Catalunya or FC Barcelona Ice rink to enjoy some exciting slides.

8 January

January is the coldest month of the year in Barcelona with daily temperatures averaging 560F according to WeatherSpark. This still feels like summer for those coming from parts of the world such as - Canada or Russia. While it may not be ideal to swim on the beach, it is the perfect time to enjoy a fun time at The Three Kings Day - an event held in January to commemorate the three kings who brought gifts to baby Jesus. January also offers the best deals for a crowdless exploration of the Barcelona Cathedral, and the parks and museums spread across the city.

7 February

Besides the romance-filled atmosphere of Barcelona in February, this month is characterized by lots of singing and dancing as the Barcelona carnival takes place during this time of the year. This makes February a great time for those looking to explore the culture of Barcelona and also get to watch lots of Flamenco dance performances. The weather is conducive and slightly similar to January but warmer and brighter as sunlight sees a gradual increase.

6 March

The beginning of Spring marks the gradual arrival of the peak season and also the end of the slow season in Barcelona. With increased daylight hours and warmer temperatures, this is a good time to enjoy some outdoor activities before the crowd pours in. To begin, head over to a beach to swim and surf, then proceed to attend a sporting event at Camp Nou before heading to a park or museum to browse through some good stuff before the whole place gets packed with eager tourists.

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5 April

With Barcelona in full bloom, the daylight and temperature now increase with each passing day. Starting the month is the exciting easter celebration which is often accompanied by concerts, lots of eating, and fun parades. When it is all over, proceed to the Mediterranean and sail under the beautiful sunny skies while waiting for April 23 to celebrate the Day of Sant Jordi - a love-inspired event that is similar to Valentine's.

4 May

The beaches are more enticing in May due to the warm temperature the month presents. With Barcelona almost knee-deep in the peak season, May is a good time to party in a club or watch La Liga. Enjoy an effortless and successful fishing experience in the waters of Barcelona then proceed to explore the city’s stunning architecture, take train tours, or jump on the Montjuic cable car ride to see the picturesque landscape of Barcelona.

3 June, July, August

The summer season is the peak season for tourism in Barcelona. June is the hottest month and it just makes sense to go to the beach to quench all that heat and watch people on the crowded beaches. With July being the driest month, outdoor activities will be enjoyed with less rainfall. In addition, it's non-stop dancing in Barcelona in summer as the city’s largest music festivals are usually held at this time. Primavera Sound, International Jazz Festival, Sónar, and Cruïlla are some of the most epic ones not to miss.

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2 September

In September, the crowds are gone and the days are beginning to get shorter in Barcelona. This is a great time to enjoy all the summer activities without the crowds before the slow season of the year arrives. There are many other festivals held in September but it's worth noting that La Mercè - Barcelona’s largest annual festival is held in September. The beaches are usually less crowded at this point but still retain their summer appeal since the days are still hot.

1 October, November

In Autumn, the atmosphere in Barcelona is laid-back but there are still events to attend in the relaxing fall vibes. The days are cooler, wetter, and shorter and while this may not be such a great time to go to a beach, it is conducive enough to visit some attractions browse through the local market for some fresh food, and also relax in the vineyards enjoying wine as this is the harvest season in Barcelona.

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