It is true that Grindelwald is the most beautiful village in Switzerland but the town of Appenzell, set in a very charming region of undulating hills, is also no less. The area is well-known for its local cultures and beliefs, including the customary autumnal fall of the cattle, the folk songs and country dancing, and the trekking excursions in the Alpstein area. This stunning region of Switzerland is the epitome of rural romance. In patches of woods, farms are surrounded by high grassy fields. Visitors could easily believe that they have come to the joyous location on earth as they gaze out at the gorgeous scenery scattered with munching Braunvieh cattle. While absorbing the culture and heritage of the area, Appenzell provides visitors with a wide range of activities. Let's discover how to discover the city.


Experience The Town Of Appenzell

Start With The Appenzell Museum

The Appenzell Museum, situated in the heart of the town entryway, features a regional history exhibit for the county of Appenzell Innerrhoden. The museum's primary interests are folklore, hand needlework, artwork, and travel. The museum displays hand needlework, a common way for women to make money or supplement their families income. This museum would help visitors learn a new culture while traveling.

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Do Some Hiking

Appenzell, located in gorgeous mountains, has various walking trails with breathtaking landscapes to enjoy.

The Three Lakes Trail

Fälensee, Sämtisersee, and Seealpsee are three magnificent lakes that can be seen on this trek. The route departs from the Wasserauen railway station and proceeds toward Seealpsee along the Schwendebach creek. The lake shimmers in the sun as mountains, jagged peaks, and lush forests dominate the background. Hikers will pass through serene croplands and alpine hamlets as they make their difficult ascent through the hill.

The Saxer Lucke Trail

Among the most spectacular views of the Alpstein area's geological treasures may be seen along this Appenzell trek. The trail offers a variety of experiences as walkers pass lovely wildflowers, jagged hills, and clear-sky views of Säntis Peak. Tourists will cross the Staubern Alpine Hut located on the hillside just before arriving in Saxer Lücke.

Hikers will experience a sense of being on the pinnacle from Saxer Lücke's summit as massive hills tower over them and stunning cliffs fall underneath their boots.

Strolling Around The Town Center

Among Switzerland's charming and vibrant towns, Appenzell has exquisite, picturesque areas that are unmistakably inspired by Swiss culture. Although modest, the town center is really appealing. The first things that catch the eye are the timber houses' brightly painted exteriors and arching roofs. The fairytale hamlet welcomes everyone with quaint roads and a variety of tiny shops and stores that are perfect for strolling and shopping. Tourists cannot resist feeling joyful as they stroll through the town center, filled with vivid colors and upbeat designs.

Visit The Parish Church Of St. Mauritius

The parish church of Roman Catholic in Appenzell is called St. Mauritius. Baroque, Gothic, and Neo-Classical architectural styles are all combined in it. Perhaps its most notable feature is the Gothic bell tower, known for its artwork of Saint Maurice. Inside, the ornate altars, breathtaking frescoes, and sheer craftsmanship will enchant tourists.

Go Cheese Tasting At The Cheese Dairy

The strong and spicy cheese from Appenzeller is well-known for it. The superiority of the milk and the herbaceous brine composition, which consists of various herbs, tubers, leaves, and flowers, are fundamental for the cheese's distinctive flavor. Fresh milk from highland cattle that only consume grass, fodder, and maize crops is used to make the cheese.

Stein's Appenzeller Show Cheese Dairy in Switzerland is a fantastic location to learn about the Appenzeller cheese production procedure. Every production stage is open to visitors, who may also understand how cheesemaking and culture are intertwined. The showroom is attached to a store and a dining establishment. Visitors can try a cheese board and their white wine and fruit vodka fondue.

Explore The Appenzell Art Museum

Among the many unique museums in Switzerland, this museum structure is a monographic gallery devoted to the work of Appenzell painters Carl August Liner and Carl Walter Liner, his son. Meanwhile, the chambers are structured to support modern art displays and rotating exhibitions of the father and son's respective bodies of work. They are not intended to hold specific artworks by any of these two artists. As a result, the chambers are more generic than particular. They are serene, uncomplicated areas that don't try to overshadow or outdo the artwork. They are sparsely detailed, with brilliant walls and polished flooring, and are lit by daylight that enters through windows positioned in the gabled ceiling above.

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Lodge In Appenzell

Hotel Lowen

A restaurant providing Swiss delicacies, secluded lecture rooms, and nine historic Appenzeller suites with classic wall paintings are all available at Hotel Lowen. The hotel makes a great starting place for trekkers and is suitable for smaller groups and lone tourists.

Hotel Appenzell

The exquisite restaurant in the Cafe Hotel Appenzell provides homemade desserts and local specialties and has a deck. There is complimentary internet access and television in every room. Every room also has a minibar, a landline, and a shower in the ensuite bathroom.

Hotel Hecht Appenzell

The Hotel Hecht Appenzell provides guests with tastefully redesigned accommodations and complimentary WiFi. Each of the well-decorated rooms comes with a television and an ensuite bathroom. Daily morning, a traditional Appenzeller breakfast buffet is provided.

The small village of Appenzell is plenty of interesting things to discover and is definitely one of the places you can visit in Switzerland on a budget. In this adorable tiny town, visitors would undoubtedly have a relaxing vacation.